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Dear Betsy DeVos, I Will *Never* Report My Students to ICE


Dear Betsy DeVos, I Will *Never* Report My Students to ICE

Steven Singer

Teachers fill a lot of roles in our public schools.

We’re mentors to kids in need.

We’re aides to students struggling with new concepts and skills.

We’re homework-givers, pencil-providers, idea-encouragers, lunch-buyers, scrape-bandagers, hand-holders, hug-givers, good listeners, counselors, caregivers and – yes – sometimes even butt-kickers.


Betsy DeVos, “Who are the “real takers” in the education debate? Those seeking an education, or those seeking to ‘profit’ from it.”


Mrs. Devious and her ilk view education as just another commodity that (to use an age old Amway term) “lubricates the profit machine”.

Is Amway selling education yet ?


All principals should send out notices to parents that their school will not report any child to the ICE police. I would assume this would invite Trump to threaten schools with a reduction in funding in the effort turn the US into a white supremacist nation. Where George Wallace failed Donald Trump might succeed.


Steven Singer, thank you for protecting our young people. If you are legally able, and haven’t already, post this story in you’re class room for all to see. I’m sure you’re students would love to see you’re point of view in print.
Best of luck to you in the fight against the gestapo.


Schools should be declared sanctuaries.


Bravo, Mr. Singer! You are a man of integrity and courage. Long may you teach!


My first take last year was DeVos and Pruitt have the potential to be the most destructive at the fastest rate in areas that will hit zombified middle America and make them sit up. I think a sizable portion of people thought they could sit this one out the way that they did with Reagan. Sorry folks, this time you are on the verge of loosing everything. Your kids won’t even be able to visit the national parks. God, I cannot believe Americans let their country get to this-and REAGAN was the bellwether that it would ultimately happen, hope we are not too late and can climb out of the heating pot before there’s no place to climb.


Dear Mr. Singer:

You have the SAME level of honor and ability to PROTECT THE CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES as some who fought the Nazis in WWll----with a level of honor towards your students that those soldiers had towards the Constitution itself!!! In these times, where you not only have _PUTIN’S LITTLE ORANGE DICUCKING RUSSIAN TRAITOR WHORE NAZI BASTARD trump_** trying to turn the US into an outlet of the Soviet Union (also called “Russia” these days), but you also hit the nail on the head when some dishonorable, ignorant, racist, bootlicking NAZI bitch like DeVos is “SUGESTING” (READ: RECOMMENDING) IS TRYING TO TURN THE SCHOOL SYSTEM INTO IT’S OWN REPORTING AGENCY FOR THOSE WHO ARE FROM OTHER COUNTRIES (didn’t HITLER AND THE NAZIS DO THE SAME THING TO THE JEWS WHO WERE HIDING FROM THEM? REMEBER ANN FRANK?)…this is beyond intolerable; it only shows that the aforementioned ORANGE BASTARD AND HIS FOLLOWERS are nothing more than flaming the fires of hate, bigotry, intolerance, and complete FASCISM, but to even suggest to do this with childeren should make Americans (those that are left believing in the Constitution), ready to put down those who would lead her into the pit of Fascism as if she were the 4th Reich…



The rest of us might follow suit.

It might not be obvious to everyone just what one supports by turning an immigrant into ICE. ICE separates children from parents, and spokespersons attempt to assure the public that this is no big thing because these children will be placed in care. But agencies report to the US Congress that they have “lost” some 1500 immigrant children recently. Lost? At the same time, we do know that for-profit prisons have bribed judges to incarcerate minors. We also know that a thriving industry of imprisoned sex “workers” or slaves operates partly within the United States. A suicide-line specialist relates to me that he talks all day to minor victims of sexual abuse who "call their pimps and madams ‘Daddy’ and ‘Mommy’ because they are the adopting parents. We also know–or should, since it has been so thoroughly documented–that US “intelligence” agencies have been centrally and involved in the traditionally related ventures of drug and arms trafficking, persistently since at least the 1950’s. And of late we have had rafts of emails from centrally involved political figures rife with what law enforcement officers identify as pedophile-related argot. And, were all this not enough, there does exist a market for organs for transplant in surgery, since there are far more sick people who wish to acquire an organ than healthy people who wish to donate one.

I don’t suppose that in this forum there are many who imagine that this is all some amazing irresponsibility of the parents who come to the United States to work. But in case someone has these thoughts, let’s recall that the entities that do these things do not advertise in public, first. But also, let’s note that people who come to the US are principally fleeing actions abroad, and that the US is the principal actor in those actions. So the CIA is the central force in drug trafficking from South and Central America, and the US government feeds arms to at least one side of the narcotics battle through the Mexican government and perhaps elsewhere. When people slip out to the US, they are also caught and rounded up.

It is a not a monolithic system, and one side often does not know what the other is doing. But it all does function as a single system. It’s sure worth not donating children to it.


Right on, right on.


Gary Webb may be gone; but his stories are still very relevant.