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Dear Democrats: Shut it down


Dear Democrats: Shut it down

Elizabeth Bruenig
These aren’t ordinary policy squabbles; they constitute a choice between America as a humane nation with democratic principles and America as a negligent sovereign with a dim future.
"But it isn’t just the premise of democracy or the possibility of 2018 advantage that demands relentless commitment to these three causes. It’s ordinary morality." (Photo:Molly Adams/flickr/cc)


Morally and ethically there is no choice but to shut it down.

Considering the votes in Congress over the last few daze there are very few Democrat’s with a big D left. That leaves the chances of a shut-down slim to none which too bad for America.

I looked into how my democrat rep. voted concerning the NSA. I unsubscribed from his emails. He didn’t protect me so how can I support him? The same should be applied to the shut-down. Who and what do you want to support?


A gov’t shutdown might be a good opportunity to practice for our desperately needed and too-long delayed general strike.

If you know anybody who would suffer from interruption of services (no SS/SSI/VA checks, no paychecks to “non-essential” personnel, clinics closed, etc.), now would be the time to organize support networks.


The Democrats can ignore Reality and vote for ignorance. Obama kept the wars going and kept Climate Change right on schedule for massive destruction. I truly hope that the Democrats wake up and see the changes borrowing down on all of us. We won’t be able to avoid the suffering but we can lighten it’s pain (somewhat). It’s time to wake up to reality!!!


A shutdown would affect the most vulnerable while Congress continues to get paid.
No thanks.


“The biggest impact tends to be on people who work for the government [and] are nonessential employees,”

Who is non-essential? The park ranger who tries to make sure some drunk $#%@ with a gun isn’t shooting condors, or a congressman with the goal of seeing how much loot he can grab from the treasury before the (grand ol’) party is over?

Is the job of bombing hospitals in Afghanistan (if there are any left) considered essential?

“Non-essential”–do we really need a president who brags to North Korea about the size of his button, or deports people because they aren’t white?

By all means, get rid of all non-essential government employees.


I am not sure who the intended audience for this was. It wasn’t to the Democratic Party, because everyone of them knows that they will do whatever is in their and their masters perceived best interest. They care nothing about the people and could care less if a million people go without pay for the duration. Both sides can spin it any way they want, and the lame stream media will report it as if it was a valid argument.

It comes down to which side can steal the most for their billionaires. Everything else are merely smoke and mirrors to divide us and pit us against each other, by race, religion, gender etc… This is exactly when believing in the lesser evil will doom us all to hell. There is no democrat/republican…the moment you think there is, is the moment they own you. There is only rich corporate fascists and their familiars…and everyone else.

In fact forget about the budget altogether…this happens all the time, they always in the end find an equitable way to divide the plunder…It will be ugly, but it always is ugly.


Once again we have a middle class pundit calling for a government shutdown, totally disregarding the profound consequences for working people, the working poor and people in abject poverty AND many DACA people and their families. Just a few of the things that would be interrupted and/or thrown into absolute chaos:

Social Security, Snap, CHIPS, disaster relief (such as it is), federal salaries, federal cash-flow to states, the little bit that U.S. regulatory agencies actually do, tax refunds and the tax system in general, etc. And hundreds of millions of people would be forced to borrow even more personally to get by.

The call for a shut-down from Dems and “progressives” is ABSOLUTELY IRRESPONSIBLE - even though they will attribute it to the Rethugs.

This also fits into the right-wing narrative that government is the enemy, when in fact, there is not a nation-state in human history that has not had a government.

This yet another example of the corruption and weakness of so-called progressives in the U.S. who have neither the guts nor the interests to get out and do the nitty-gritty of actually organizing and using power against capitalism and for democratic socialism.

Makes me sick.


Exactly. And the military and other National Security State employees are always deemed “essential.”


A general strike is different than a govt. shut down and the strikers determine who and who isn’t essential. Striking medical workers, for example, are always accused of abandoning their patients, when they in fact make arrangements.

Striking school teachers, on the other hand, seldom make arrangements to set up alternative schools, etc. Historically, strikers (almost) always take their own into consideration.

It’s part of living responsibly. A government shutdown is irresponsible



Whether the gov’t shuts down or not is beyond my power to change. I merely suggested that IF it does, it can be taken as an opportunity to build mutual aid networks, without which a general strike will fail.


I agree in that we should be working on mutual aid networks all the time. A “crisis management” approach assumes that there are relatively long periods of “normality.” In the U.S. Global Empire/National Security State there is no such thing.


The Democrats are paid not to wake up.

And why should they change when they can take voters–possibly like you–for granted?

Here’s a suggestion: If you really want to wake the Ds up, stop playing their game of bait and switch.


Polling was consistent before, during, and after the last shutdown in 2013: The public blamed the Republicans every step of the way.

The very next year, they won a second mid-term wave election in a row.

Just sayin.’


“Dear Democrats: Shut It Down…”

May as well write “Dear Santa” or “Dear Easter Bunny”!!!


“I truly hope that the Democrats wake up and see the changes borrowing down on all of us.”

STILL waiting on the Damnocrats to help us?

“It’s time to wake up to reality!!!”

EXACTLY!!! The Damnocrats are a FRAUD!!!


The sold out are not going to wake up. They are bought and know the destruction they are helping and they don’t care. Shut it down. Tear it down. Ban sociopaths. We have a gene test for it. We can use our constitution as a document to start over with.


Drop the c in democrats. I used to be one but alas I demexited in the last election because they aren’t going to solve anything. They are the problem every bit as much as the repubs.


My spelling: D-A-M-NO-C-R-A-T-S!


Works for me!