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Dear Democrats: Shut it down

Dear Democrats: Shut it down

Elizabeth Bruenig
These aren’t ordinary policy squabbles; they constitute a choice between America as a humane nation with democratic principles and America as a negligent sovereign with a dim future.
"But it isn’t just the premise of democracy or the possibility of 2018 advantage that demands relentless commitment to these three causes. It’s ordinary morality." (Photo:Molly Adams/flickr/cc)

Morally and ethically there is no choice but to shut it down.

Considering the votes in Congress over the last few daze there are very few Democrat’s with a big D left. That leaves the chances of a shut-down slim to none which too bad for America.

I looked into how my democrat rep. voted concerning the NSA. I unsubscribed from his emails. He didn’t protect me so how can I support him? The same should be applied to the shut-down. Who and what do you want to support?


A gov’t shutdown might be a good opportunity to practice for our desperately needed and too-long delayed general strike.

If you know anybody who would suffer from interruption of services (no SS/SSI/VA checks, no paychecks to “non-essential” personnel, clinics closed, etc.), now would be the time to organize support networks.


The Democrats can ignore Reality and vote for ignorance. Obama kept the wars going and kept Climate Change right on schedule for massive destruction. I truly hope that the Democrats wake up and see the changes borrowing down on all of us. We won’t be able to avoid the suffering but we can lighten it’s pain (somewhat). It’s time to wake up to reality!!!


A shutdown would affect the most vulnerable while Congress continues to get paid.
No thanks.


“The biggest impact tends to be on people who work for the government [and] are nonessential employees,”

Who is non-essential? The park ranger who tries to make sure some drunk $#%@ with a gun isn’t shooting condors, or a congressman with the goal of seeing how much loot he can grab from the treasury before the (grand ol’) party is over?

Is the job of bombing hospitals in Afghanistan (if there are any left) considered essential?

“Non-essential”–do we really need a president who brags to North Korea about the size of his button, or deports people because they aren’t white?

By all means, get rid of all non-essential government employees.



Whether the gov’t shuts down or not is beyond my power to change. I merely suggested that IF it does, it can be taken as an opportunity to build mutual aid networks, without which a general strike will fail.


The Democrats are paid not to wake up.

And why should they change when they can take voters–possibly like you–for granted?

Here’s a suggestion: If you really want to wake the Ds up, stop playing their game of bait and switch.


Polling was consistent before, during, and after the last shutdown in 2013: The public blamed the Republicans every step of the way.

The very next year, they won a second mid-term wave election in a row.

Just sayin.’


Don’t you mean “there are very few Democrats (sic) with a SMALL d left?”

The big D represents the Democratic (political) party; the small d represents democracy (political philosophy). Also, 's represents a possessive relation (belonging to); without the ’ (apostrophe) the s represents a plural (more than one).

I don’t mean to offend, but this failure to speak and write coherently–so to read and understand clearly–is one reason the so-called “Republican” party continues to bamboozle so many people. Seriously. Read 1984, or Brave New World, or almost any of the great dystopian novels of the mid-20th century, or Postman’s Amusing Ourselves to Death, or almost anything by Eric Fromm, or historian Timothy Snyder’s great little On Tyranny (current non-fiction), for accounts of how the breakdown of language facilitates the breakdown of cultures, empires, and civilizations.

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“It is necessary to recognize the damage a shutdown could cause in the course of recommending, as I am, that the Democrats prepare to let it happen.”

It is also necessary (which does NOT mean it will happen) to recognize the damage that giving the so-called “Republican” party one more inch would cause. The so-called “Democratic” party has been failing to lead an effective opposition for fifty solid years, since the year I became eligible to vote and the year before I refused induction to fight Johnson’s war in which “poor black men killed poorer yellow men for the financial benefit of rich white men.” Nothing makes the stakes clearer than the infamous “Powell Memo” of 1971, in which white shoe corporate lawyer and soon-to-be Supreme Court Justice Lewis Powell laid out a plan for a silent fascist coup in this country. Read it if you haven’t already and tell me I’m just paranoid.

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Republicans have made it clear they want “to shrink it down to the size where we can drown it in the bathtub” They literally declared war on the government. This was and is treason. They have no regard for government or governance and would love to have a shutdown and sell the scraps to the oligarchs. They are now, by every definition, a CULT, one with a death-wish for democracy.

The government ‘for and by the people’ IS the ONLY institution that holds a country together. As long as people believe the trope that government is bad then they are believing that to have a country is bad. This thinking is what must be reversed.

Democrats have plenty to be blamed for but all the cursing and name-calling at them doesn’t move the country one inch towards a solution. Quite the contrary. It helps disenfranchise even more people, making the political vacuum even bigger into which this cult of con men (and con-women), the Grifters, Oligarchs and Plunderers, aka the leadership of the Republican Party, will finish their corrupt consolidation on power.

The Democratic Party, with a lot of new participation per Bernie Sanders’ instructions, is relatively easy to take over. But it does take patience, a lot of hard work, a lot of learning, a lot of having to deal with the disagreements with each other much less with establishment Democrats.

The biggest problem I find with the Democratic party locally and at the state level, even with a lot of ‘Bernicrats’ having come in is the over emphasizing of identity group politics instead of addressing the country as a whole.

Republicans are teaching us that it is much easier to destroy a country and the trust among its citizens than it is to build a country.

Trust in each other and trust in the resultant governance is the only thing that will carry us through.

Don’t let the cult of cons win.


Thank you for seeing the bigger picture. The arguing, cursing and name-calling will never result in constructive change. It only spreads anger, dissension and cynicism. It makes us sound too much like the rabid right.

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I’m still waiting on a Democrat to step forward to say, “These are our principles and here is the line in the sand we will not cross.” Haven’t heard it from any of them since Jesse Jackson in 1988. The Demoncratic Party should change their name to the Origami Party as all they do is fold, fold, fold.

I did note that Rep. Adam Schiff, the darling of Rachael Maddow, voted to allow the NSA to ignore the 4th amendment and continue peaking into our lives; another PINO, Progressive In Name Only.

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The “democrats” of today are moderate republicans, so tell me what what I mean.

Don’t expect the democrats to do anything as they have no guiding principles. You can’t lead if you don’t have a roadmap.