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Dear Democrats, Stop Substituting the So-Called "Possible" for What's Morally Necessary

Dear Democrats, Stop Substituting the So-Called "Possible" for What's Morally Necessary

John Atcheson

In a recent column in the New York Times, David Leonhardt cites a Kaiser survey on Medicare for all, and concludes that supporting it would be an "unforced error" for Democrats.


The meek shall not inherit the earth, rather they are abandoning it to the fate imposed by the exploiters. Bold, visionary leadership is needed. Damn the polls, full progress ahead!


For the umpteenth time, the role of the d-party is to subvert any and all progressive legislation.

They are bought and paid for by the oligarch class – stop voting for them even when they give you bullshit like RomneyCare, welfare reform, a Catfood Commission, endless war, and Republican Lite policy in an endless stream.


Until Americans take to the streets and have mass general strikes to shut down the economy, nothing will change. Recently India had the largest mass labor strike in history, 200 million people striking for a couple of days, and virtually nothing in the U.S. media, including most so-called progressive sites.
Also, notice that Tulsi Gabbard is not included in most photos or mentioned in most articles about Democratic candidates, including this article. Her strong message against intervention in Venezuelan affairs has resulted in her either being ignored or attacked by members of both political parties and the media.


Nailed it!

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Great picture Common Sense. Five of the 8 people shown have not even declared their candidacy. Showing Bloomberg, Brown and Beto while dismissing Kirsten Gillibrand, Tulsi Gabbard and Pete Buttigieg who are actually in the race? Are you going corporate and taking your cue from the MSM? Shame, shame, shame.


Sherrod Brown, a genuine progressive …

Huh? Wait a minute, here. The same Sherrod Brown who not only won’t support Medicare for All, but who also voted the obscene military spending via the NADAA for both 2018 and 2019? That’s “genuinely progressive”? And we’re supposed to appeal to what’s morally necessary with Democrats like this?

Yeah, right.


We were living in AZ a while back when people in the state who were there illegally or knew a friend or family member were not here legally skipped work for a day. It was wild. The entire state was practically shut down.
You are so right - A general strike, if you could get people motivated and bought in, could be an amazing tool to change our trajectory…

While we are encouraged to believe a mass public appearance would benefit us, I doubt it. Recall please from your history books, the lockouts, and the police using violence striking coal miners. There is no gain to be found there.
Congress knows its actions are not democratic nor permissible under law and indeed are a violation against common decency, as is the decades long wars we wage overseas.
I suggest we vacate the interstates. What a picture that would be for Congress. Here is your constituency. As long as we continue to drive and shop, there is no impetus to change.

National Improved Medicare for All polls VERY well. The latest polls show it polling at about 70% with democrat voters polling at 80% plus and GOP voters polling at 45%. It isn’t hard to get on the Medicare for All band wagon if you work for the people. They are not running from National Improved Medicare for All because of poor polling. They are running from it because it will mean the end of the private for profit health care system that is killing us and their funders are having none of it.

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More a wolf in sheep’s clothing like the other fakers.

Remember, voters, abandon candidates that display even a whiff of corporate half measure as a solution to the nation’s health care crisis.

I have already moved Sherrod Brown and Kamala Harris to the no feck’n way column.

Maybe they have been snowed by the huge success the Daily Kos made of the last election by supporting a Neoliberal corporate tool that actually said in a debate “That isn’t gonna happen.” in reference to fifteen bucks an hour. This having only 2/3 of the buying power of the wages of the mid sixties.
Want four more years of Donald Trump? Nominate another neolib, it’s a shoe in.

Why isn’t Tulsi Gabbard included in this picture?

Again, we have an author who imagines a world where the DNC is concerned at all with polling, morality, or global sustainability. News flash: They don’t. They care about maintaining an image of all of the above while in fact sustaining only their own place in the power structure of Big Money. Hope this helps clear things up for these delusional authors (providing they are not actually willfully part of the grand deception).