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Dear Democrats: We Owe Migrants More Than “Decriminalization”

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/07/30/dear-democrats-we-owe-migrants-more-decriminalization

Thenk you Timothy Wise, I would add one more remedy.

The US government has been a decades-long narcotics trafficker through the CIA and the military;

  1. legalize all drugs and put addicts on medicare for special treatment.

  2. Place meters on corporate drug making machines and open all production records to public scrutiny.

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Migrants arrived to harvest tomatoes, vegetables from Ohio fields and green houses. at many farms, housing was horrible. Barely keep out rain. But the migrants went home to Mexico when harvest completed.

then, mid 1930’s, they were in Ohio, stranded without enough money to travel home. One steel mill hired the men and provided one days work per week, same a everyone else. the plant ran at 12% capacity. We can view this as a humanitarian effort but also the mill needed votes against the union effort.

todays entering peoples are not migrants, as media has warped the term. they are refugees, immigrants, and even displaced persons.

foreigners committing felony crimes here and in their native countries should not be released from local jails as they are in Chicago. Suggest using a distinct prison camp out west in a remote location for low cost incarceration. We may wish to have an adjacent facility to cheaply house the sex offenders. If this seems harsh, just listen to the victims !!

  1. The sputtering US economy may literally be riding on the immigrants backs


Take away this source of revenue, Whiny Bitch President.
Do it.

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There are many ways to approach this with amnesty leading the choices. Would a shortage of workers cause higher pay to recruit?
If not amnesty, what do we require of migrants? A buy in? Go to the end of the line and wait? Deportation? Permanent work visas?
I guess lastly, open borders with or without requirements.
It’s truly a messy thing to sort out.

Well that is not biased at all…

This sentence says it all! “U.S. policies have created the disasters from which they are fleeing.”

I’m 78, traveled the world over, and a Vietnam vet. That statement is more true that most will ever know.

If only our People could escape the clutches of Main Stream Media and see and learn the truth. They would rise up, take to the streets and, like 1/3 of Puerto Rico did in 16 days, put the corrupt fuckwits out on their sorry pampered asses.

Power to the People! Have Americans forgotten what that means?!

U.S. policies have created the disasters from which the immigrants and refugees are fleeing.

" Another study estimated that refugees earned $77 billion and paid $20.9 billion in taxes in 2015 alone."

Seriously, a 26% tax rate? You gotta be kidding.