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Dear Ellen: The Problem With George W. Bush Is Not His Beliefs—It’s His War Crimes

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/10/09/dear-ellen-problem-george-w-bush-not-his-beliefs-its-his-war-crimes


I never had a high regard for Ellen - she seems like most of the talking heads on TV like Oprah or any number of other hosts. She’s no Phil Donahue who used his forum to actually argue for a true moral foreign policy stance.

But on the general stance of who you choose to be friends with, what I want to know is whether Michelle or Ellen have any limits - would they be friends with Henry Kissinger (as Hillary is)? Is there any limit at all? If there is a limit, does she think about whether George Bush exceeded the limit (he sure did for me)?

I understand the idea of not writing off voters - many who voted for Bush or Trump could be converted to Sanders voters. But writing off Bush and Trump and many others? - I have no problem with that and I find Ellen’s arguments to the contrary to be worthless.


Cheney and his puppet Dubya caused so much irrepairable harm in the US and abroad that there is no excuse for dignifying their legacy as these celebrities are doing.

Comparing any previous GOP operative with Trump simply confirms the boiling frog strategy that the DC political establishment has succeeded with for decades.

These celebs will likely be legitimizing Trump as soon as his goosestepping jackbooted successor ascends the throne.


Next up for Ellen:

A soccer game with Bolsonaro (hey, Jair, you owe me 6 reais for the churrasco)
A boxing card with Duterte (hey, Rodrigo, you owe me 6 pesos for the kwek-kwek)
Camel racing with Mohammed bin Salman (hey, Mo, you owe me 6 riyals for the kabsah)

It’s the mass murder, Ellen.


Every U.S. president since FDR should have been tried for War Crimes and Crimes Against Humanity because U.S. foreign policy since 1945 has been a bloodbath, murdering more than 20 million people, most of them civilians. Dubya is among the most depraved and ruthless, but he’s far from alone.

“If the Nuremberg laws were applied, then every post-war [WW II] American president would have been hanged.” - Noam Chomsky


A righteous rebuke, but I’m assuming DeGeneres has palled around with the Obamas and the Clintons as well, and isn’t that also worthy of condemnation, even if their murder and misery indexes might not quite rival Dear Leader’s?

I suppose you could ask their victims to compare and contrast.


And more than a few before FDR. Like, say, Andy Jackson. McKinley and his splendid little war. Monroe, who declared the Americas belonged only to the US Empire. Garfield. Grant. And the other Great White Fathers who stole land and broke treaties with Indigenous peoples. Bottom line-this county has always committed war crimes for its corporate masters.


" Greed, god, guns, guts and no moral boundaries built this Empire for white people "…who cares about her sexual orientation, anyway.
It’s her spiritual orientation that’s FUBAR.


Hi dara: I agree with you. Bush is a lair , incredibly stupid, and a war criminal. He destroyed the Middle East and murdered and/ or deformed so many babies and children and entire families.
He was in the Texas Air National Guard: apparently he just decided not to attend any more------and no negative consequences occurred.
With him, the office of the presidency became even more of a joke----although I’m sure that the military people thrived and grew rich from Bush’s World Wide Death Games. : (


Aaron Maté just re-tweeted this. It’s a video satire of Ellen’s pathetic PR. The first time I watched it, I didn’t even see the background.


Share this Jimmy Dore segment about Ellen, the friend of war criminals…


Trump is giving him competition.


She didn’t endorse him for president and she didn’t vote for him. I suppose thought, she did vote for the war criminal Obama and apparently that is okay.

I’m not so sure Bush’s war crimes are so much worse than the Obama/Clinton crimes. The nation destruction and body count is pretty high for both.


I wrote of him in Common Dreams, The Irish Times, and elsewhere as a “dry drunk.” My reasoning was that his post-alcoholic thinking was screwed up, in that he pulled us into Iraq to complete the war that his father was criticized for not finishing. Thereby he could prove he was better than his father and compensate for his earlier failings. At the same time he could win his father’s respect. So hundreds of thousands were killed and the death toll still goes on because of the terrorism that Bush unleashed. What he has done to America and the world is unfathomable.


Ellen is part of the problem. She is raking in millions of dollars by downplaying the war crimes of all U.S. presidents. She supports corporate America (did you see her casual promotion of the new iPhone?) and knows quite well who signs her paycheques. She reminds me of those fake liberals like Rachel Maddow who leads us to believe that if you don’t like Republicans, then you’re automatically a Democrat. BS!


Unlike Bush who has taken a back-seat in politics these days, his collaborator in crime, equally culpable and complicit, Tony Bliar, has been touring the world giving his views to think-tanks. He had a job as Middle East negotiator which he totally failed at. He is given access to the world’s media to propound his opinions.

Why is Tony Bliar still getting paid for being wrong?


Thank you, thank you, thank you, Mehdi Hasan, for responding with the correct and needed reaction to the Ellen and Bush controversy. 15 minutes of fame in one or two news cycles, indeed… I just burned with fury when reading and seeing the Ellen stance on her bud GB. All the blood and all the pain our nation shed and caused and is still causing–all started for no good reason by Bush the Second. As a citizen, I am ashamed for what was done, and that no one was held to account or probably ever will be. I wish George could be met, after his death, by a panel of those he caused to die and lose families, a culture, and land, so he could come to understand, and perhaps mourn, what he unleashed.


Of course, you are correct. Even before the American Revolution, when George Washington was a British soldier in command of troops, he was known to the Native People as “The Town Destroyer”.

The Declaration of Independence calls the Native People “savages” and they were treated as less than human by the colonists even before the U.S. became a nation.


This just part of that human tendency to idolize the rich or those in power. Nothing more. Ellen Degeneres is unlikely to have a lot of “friends” that are homeless people even though they may be kinder, warmer and more generous than a war criminal like GW Bush while not having the blood of tens of thousands and their hands , but because they are poor, they are deemed “failures”.

This the same sort of idol worship that goes on with a Trump or a Gates, just because they are filthy rich.


Indeed. George Washington and his troops in fact avoided engaging First nations war parties. They tended to fear them and come out second best. Instead they focused on raiding villages when the war party away, burning down the buildings and destroying all the food crops. When these people then died of hunger through the long harsh winters, historians wrote it off as “not being resistant to European diseases”.