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Dear Ellen: The Problem With George W. Bush Is Not His Beliefs—It’s His War Crimes

That ‘PL’oser’ as you typed is going to IMPEACH TRAITOR tRump. Put THAT in your pipe and choke on it.

Maybe YOU should re-read David Carson’s comment. I don’t know about your dancin’ but you ARE a FOOL.

P’Loser is finally being forced to allow the responsible people in her party to do what should’ve been done MONTHS ago — before a few thousand Kurds were sacrificed by Putin’s Puppet and America’s standing in the world reduced to rubble.   P’Loser is NOT a leader, she is a dead weight sinking the DamnocRats down to the same level as the 'PoopLickens (some of whom finally seem to be waking up to the reality of what their support for Tweetle-Dumb has done to the country over these past 1,000 days).  I just hope that it’s not too late, which – thanks to P’Loser’s “leadership” – it well may be.