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Dear FCC: We See Through Your Plan to Roll Back Real Net Neutrality


Dear FCC: We See Through Your Plan to Roll Back Real Net Neutrality

Corynne McSherry

Pretty much everyone says they are in favor of net neutrality–the idea that service providers shouldn’t engage in data discrimination, but should instead remain neutral in how they treat the content that flows over their networks. But actions speak louder than words, and today’s action by the FCC speaks volumes. After weeks of hand-waving and an aggressive misinformation campaign by major telecom companies, the FCC has taken the first concrete step toward dismantling the net neutrality protections it adopted two years ago.


The Democratic Party didn’t fight hard enough to establish net neutrality, otherwise it wouldn’t be so easy to overturn. They treat net neutrality the way they treat Bernie Sanders (and similar candidates): with primary voter disenfranchisment, and other dirty tricks they can trump up. They are merely Republican lite, and do the bidding of the 1%.


The FCC does not own the internet any more than the SEC owns Wall Street. State Legislatures are taxing the internet, 29, but they do not own the internet and class action lawsuits would stop it. Democrats are not the problem for the FCC wanting to control the internet. We fought for net neutrality for the last eight years. Net neutrality does not win because it does not have Comcast paying fat, corporate lemmings to suck bribes down their gullets at cocktail parties in Manhattan. So where is your populist party?


We are told that we a have a 2 party system with 2 parties, But both parties take bribes from the same big money sources. So the big money dictates the outcome,


This Pai person isn’t going to change without forceful pressure being put on him. The only question is how to do it. Complaining won’t faze him nor will letter writing and protesting. He needs to face some sort of real threat to either his bank account, his freedom to walk around in public without an orange jumpsuit, or something similar.


By all means we should sign petitions, and demonstrate against the FCC. But in the final analysis, Comcast will get its pound of flesh, and prioritize access to content based on payments. But there is a proven way to circumvent the new rules.

A small town in Massachusetts has successfully operated a jurisdictional wide free WIFI for some time now. These community operated WIFI reduce Comcast to a bunch of dumb wires and switches, linking city to city, hardly the high tech guys they would like us to think they are. Comcast can still try to charge content providers, but as big customers, we can call them out with a stronger voice. Thar’s strength in togetherness.

Go ahead, set up a community WIFI system: it would be fun to do, the cost is manageable, and everyone will be happy for the free service. It is the best way to fight a rear guard action, until we take back the government at the national level.