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Dear Fellow Progressives: Please Vote for Biden

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/11/02/dear-fellow-progressives-please-vote-biden


What a load of drivel.

First off Gore caved on the matter of Florida refusing to ensure all votes counted and caving to the Supreme Court.

Next up more DEMOCRATS shifted to Bush in Florida then people that voted Nader. This has been well documented and Ellsberg is fully aware of this.

Added to Gore even lost his home state of Tennessee . Winning Tennessee would have won him the election That can not be blamed on Nader.

Next to the point that having a right wing President in power does nothing to mobilize the left and progressives. Another load of rubbish. Socialism and the call for things like M4A is stronger then ever down in the USA and the BLM movement and other such movements would not have happened under Hilary. The Democratic party ensures these voices are never heard.

Lastly to the War on Iraq. Gore voted FOR it. he was in full support for that war as a Democrat. Gore supported the inspectors going in. He spoke many times about removing Hussein from power. He claimed the war was legal under the UN charter. He argued for war on Iraq in 1991. He backed military intervention in Bosnia and Kosovo. How on earth can anyone conclude this meant he would not have invaded Iraq?

His one and only critique of his war on Iraq was that they should have finished the job in Afghanistan before invading Iraq. I would add too that the CURRENT Democratic party has fully embraced many of those behind that war on Iraq , this including inviting some of the very same people behind that war to speak at their convention. The disconnect here mystifies.

Ellsberg makes it very clear he is a Democrat first and foremost and wants to ensure it the Democrats that take power now and for the forseeable future. He on one hand suggest third parties do not work in spite of the fact that they have never gained the support to make them work while suggesting that the Democrats can be reformed from within , which has not happened as the party is now to the right of Reagan. Barack Obama boasted that he would have been welcome in a Reagan Republican party and Ellsberg is suggesting the people vote Democrat again.

This is not the definition of a person on the left or a progressive. This is the definition of a person who wants to maintain the power of the right.


“We believe the next Bernie-like progressive Democratic candidate with a chance of winning is far more likely to rise after four years of Biden, than after four more years of Trump. (If there’s even a democracy after four more years of Trump!)”

Does not seem like a belief based on historical evidence and historical record in human civilization. The most likely scenario post Biden is a 2nd Trumpian character, worst than the 1st. As Biden is part of the cause of Trumpism. And there is fresh evidence that he has no intention of changing, by interviewing republicans for cabinet positions, by supporting fracking, by offering nothing in his programs, by setting rules that no D senators can hold cabinet positions (think Warren & Sanders), and by outright being a very shallow and empty politician with a history of flat out lying and plagiarizing, and with a record of disregard for democratic principles when declaring things like “Assange is a high-tech terrorist.”


I just feel the need to add. Ellsberg claims that having Biden as President would make it easier for a progressive Candidate to win in 2024?

How did that work with Bill Clinton? Was Obama more progressive? When Obama had his two terms and Hilary nominated over Bernie , was Hilary more progressive then Obama?

Is Joe Biden more progressive then Obama and Clinton and how did he win over Sanders?

Biden does more to cement the power of the right in the Democratic party then to erode it. AOC will play the same role in 2024 that Sanders did in 2016 and 2020 and that to keep ever present the premise that a true progressive will win so that the left keeps voting Democrat.


While the Pentagon Papers unveiled some of the deception in the
corporate states’ totalitarian strangle hold on American institutions;
the Democratic Party’s Russiagate, its corporate media flaying of
Assange, and Biden’s calling him a “high-tech terrorist,” and encouraging
the coup in Ukraine so son Hunter could get a banking position, and his
unfailing support for a permanent war economy; this is the creep you want to be the Democratic Party’s chief?
You’re asking a lot Dan. I did, “hold my nose” (Noam Chomsky), and voted for him, but I’m hoping for divine intervention.



If Joe wants my vote, he can come and get it.


Agreed, sad to see this from Ellsberg and son.


I might agree to the conclusion that Nader’s campaign strategy and quotes given to the press may have suppressed future Green vote totals. But the conclusion that a Bernie-like (I hope we don’t stick with this moniker - I’m looking for someone considerably better than Bernie) nominee for the next election is more likely if Biden wins is laughable. It makes no sense to me and I’ve not heard anyone else make this crazy argument. If Biden loses, a progressive could make the argument that we need to try a progressive against Republicans. If Biden wins and most likely is in no shape to run on 2024 assuming he can make it the whole term, Harris will have a stranglehold on the nomination unfortunately. If your man thought is wanting another progressive shot at the Democratic nominee spot in 2024, Trump winning is obviously the best chance.

Another thing that bugs me about this piece in addition to what you and @SuspiraDeProfundis have said is that it spends a lot of time criticizing Nader and no time criticizing the Democrats for not screaming from the rooftops on how we need RCV in every state (not just the island of sanity in Maine).

Note: anytime I bring up RCV, I’ll mention I put a lot of work into a submittal on RCV-Condorcet for the Views section a week ago but it wasn’t published. If anyone wants it, I can email it to them.


That’s the line that jumped out at me.

He states an opinion, and then gives nothing to support it. Are we supposed to accept it as fact because it comes from him?


It is disturbing that CD won’t publish an article about RCV. I’m not surprised about all the “vote Biden or the world will end” articles. But this is simply a method to make voting more accurate.

I’ve been able to get republicans to see the benefit of RCV. They don’t like having to limit their votes based on “electability” either.


I’m going to have to disagree with Elsberg. He points out that we don’t have ‘Ranked Choice Voting’ yet, nor have we successfully rid ourselves of the electoral college.
The reason for that is quite clear: the Democratic party has succeeded election after election to rein in leftists and give them false hope of ‘change’.

The SHIT hadn’t hit the fan yet. Guess what? The SHIT is finally starting to hit the fan and the ONLY way to force through real changes like ranked-choice voting is to thoroughly get through to the American public how corrupt the two-party system is once and for all.

That won’t happen if Biden wins. The ‘can’ has been kicked so many times, that we’re fed up with waiting.


I “might” agree that Gore would not have led us into the Iraq war but everyone seems to have forgotten one of the main cheerleaders for the Iraq war - Joe Biden

thanks but no thanks, I am not going wake up in a year, find that Biden, like Obama, is still using drones to kill civilians, has started another war in the middle east, is blindly supporting Israel, continuing to support fracking, and has made some grand bargain with the Republicans to reduce social security and medicare benefits - then look in the mirror and say s…t, I voted for him.


Can’t wait for followup columns by authors such as these, talking about concrete strategies to “hold Biden’s feet to the fire”, and to “push him Left”.

Betcha a dollar there won’t be one such article.

It’s tragic, to see the likes of Ellsberg beg us to vote for what he knows are a right-wing war criminal and an authoritarian cop. But it’s not as if these authors have the slightest fantasy about what they’re actually endorsing.


@SuspiraDeProfundis’s point that there is no reason to think the Iraq war wouldn’t have happened with Gore as president is reviewed at ~https://www.counterpunch.org/2016/08/19/liberal-myths-would-al-gore-have-invaded-iraq/

In general, I see no reason to credit the Democratic party with being on the right side of the war issue in general - they are a disaster. I think they are a bit better usually on environmental policy, though they manage to be very flawed. I have no issue with a voter who wants to put environmental issues front and center and thus chooses the obviously better candidate on that issue - Biden. But on war, I don’t see many significant improvements coming if Biden wins unfortunately. If he were to get the Iran deal reinstated right away, before Iran’s election in the spring, maybe he will be a slight improvement.


Someone should clue these lovely folks in: Practically everybody’s already voted already! But we do see plenty of ads aimed at that amazing shrinking election-day voter. They gotta sell ads to someone.


Hmm, how many articles have we seen in Common Dreams being critical of Biden’s record and mental state?

How many times has Howie Hawkins appeared in an article here…or the Green party? I voted for Mr. Hawkins because we are in a climate E M E R G E N C Y and Biden doesn’t think it’s possible to end fossil fuels in 10 years. I believe it’s necessary. So glad to hear sanity from a candidate after watching Jimmy Dore interview Mr. Hawkins.

I hope Trump wins actually. Hopefully, after another administration of his, we’ll have a strong third party/parties emerge, uniting against the DNC and GOP who are more similar than different. I think most people know the DNC and GOP serve their corporate donors, not us.


You and the US Supreme Court too! How fortunate for compliant proles that only SC votes count.

You and others who say this guarantee status quo. Are you happy with status quo???

You must be.

P.S.: Left…: The sociopathic/narcissistic greedy rich love your kind. This lovely middle finger you and some others here give to voting (for Biden).

Shelly Adelson, Charles Koch, Jeff Bezos, these oligarchs s**t on their workers (us), the environment( our world), their customers (also, us). Your good message. Don’t vote. Yeah, we all need Dump and thuggish party unleashed, untethered from all laws and constitution. You and those here that believe as you do will guarantee that. What a help??!!?? that is to our country.

Uv, my line in the sand is m4a, something Biden promises to veto if it arrives on his desk. We must ask ourselves, moreover, why Biden opposes something 88 % of the Democratic base is in favor of when it would guarantee him the presidency. The answer is obviously corruption engendered by the corporate takeover of the Democratic party. Btw, how much regard should we have for a party that would rather lose to Trump than cross its donors by giving its voting base what it wants? Maybe you should stop and consider who your real enemies are.