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Dear Fossil Fuels: It’s Over

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/11/04/dear-fossil-fuels-its-over

Although Scotland got twice as much energy as it uses from wind power this year, conservatives are against renewables.

Besides their being scaredy-cats when it comes to any changes whatsoever, a lot of cons have fossil stocks they depend on and don’t want to see their price drop when renewables take over. Many are middle class but they all vote, usually for their pocketbooks.

Having been duly brainwashed about the value and dignity of working for the man, they might put up some resistance to getting free money as an UBI, or higher wages. But we can’t underestimate the power of money to sway people. That evidence is overwhelming, particularly in conservative circles.

We need a Wealth Cap, or at least a Wealth Tax that spreads the wealth around equally to the public, instead of to politicians.

So really, all government has to do to win them over to renewables is to provide high enough wages or UBI’s and infrastructure jobs guarantees to sway even the most traditional conservative voter.

Add lots of flags, colorful uniforms, free golf, happy hours, church bingo, badass electric trucks and e-Nascar sponsors for the younger conservative set and Big Fossil will be buried back where it came from.


I look on fossil fuels the same way I look at heroin or oxycontin. Fine in very tiny amounts to solve a short term problem, highly addictive if used for long periods. The user then will do anything to anyone to get their next fix. Been there with Vicodin. Withdrawal is tough but needful. Perhaps we need a 12 step program for countries to get them off their fossil fuel addiction…

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No you don’t understand at all why humanity cannot just walk away from fossil fuels: Any nation that does will be helpless if any nation that doesn’t chooses to attack it militarily. That is to say, fossil fuels are essential to modern warfare, and renewable energy is absolutely no substitute. More than this: even the Pentagon cannot afford the long-term infrastructure investments needed to render increasingly hard-to-get oil as cheap and abundant as it is today. They need all of us to stay hooked on oil and hence contributing to their cause, and the politicians know this even if the vast majority of people do not (including apparently the author of this article). Read “Oil, Power and War: A Dark History” by Matthieu Auzanneau for a history of how we arrive in this terrible situation.

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Meanwhile they are jumping all over the ARAMCO public offering…


Dear Conventional Agriculture: It’s Over.


The sooner we replace oil with substitutes for uses where substitutes do as good a job or better, the more oil we have conserved for uses that only oil will work or it will work best, & the longer we have them in reserve.

Appears the OldMan is correct in his assessment of humanities addiction to fossil fuels.

Thank you! But you forgot to mention the subsidies (I mean WELFARE) that they receive on the backs of the masses! Just think of the other things that WE can afford to do - once they’re cut off from the teet of taxpayer money!!!