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Dear Global Progressives Who Wanted Bernie Sanders to Drop Out and Support Clinton


Dear Global Progressives Who Wanted Bernie Sanders to Drop Out and Support Clinton

Christian Christensen

I’m American. I live outside of the US. Believe me when I say that I feel your pain and fear at the prospect of a Trump presidency. Over the past few weeks, I’ve seen an increasing groundswell in my social media feeds of non-US progressives calling for Bernie Sanders to do the right thing, drop out of the race, and support Hillary Clinton. Staying in the race until the convention, the conventional wisdom goes, will only split the Democratic party and ultimately benefit Trump. So…Sanders should do his duty to both party and country and capitulate.


Yes, there have been so many election irregularities across the nation and so much untimely early announcements about the anointing of Hillary Clinton that Sanders, as an honorable person, has no other option. Also I think it is important to ignore the army of Hillary trolls that are bashing Sanders. They have been quite active the last two weeks. The writer may even be responding to them and their famiiiar arguments. We all need to follow up with Greg Palaast's investigation of election fraud in California!


I've voted 3rd party in every presidential election since 1980 except two. I despise a Clinton candidacy, but I'll vote for her this time. I feel it's important not to reward the Trump supporters with a Trump presidency. One more term for a center-right Democrat and then get a true progressive in the White House in 2020 and more true progressives in Congress and at state and local positions. This time I need to discourage the blatantly hateful, racist, ignorant Trump supporters from gaining more of a foothold than they already have.



https://youtu.be/JBmcz6Z1cHk Take the time to watch this very short clip and ask what threat did they use to shut Bernie up.


The Hillary trolls have been out in force bashing not only Sanders but Sanders supporters, in the Comments sections of some other web sites I use (not this one). Their comments tend to be heavy on the nasty and snark, but fact free, and their purpose seems to be simply to suppress opposing opinion. Gives you a feel for what Clinton Administration might be like.

But should Clinton become president, these people (at least the sincere ones among them) are in for a very rude awakening when they see what she really is about.


"What the Clinton Administration MIGHT be like" ??

Although we question what a Trump Administration might look like, we know exactly what a Clinton Administration WILL look like..

Just as the Party and the media continue to falsely accuse Nader of causing Gore to lose Florida, the Party and media will forever blame Sanders if Clinton loses in November, irrespective of whether Sanders' base votes for Clinton or not.


As one young Maryland voter interviewed by NPR yesterday said " I WILL vote for Clinton, but only while I pinch my nostrils, hold a barf bag and hope I don't have a seizure".

Part of the coalition of the coerced ?


In the face of overwhelming corruption, media bias (to put it mildly), DNC pre-selection, primary electoral frauds in states where they could pull it off,


......and nothing, nada, bupkis, niente, zip, zero from the Red Queen supporting or even respecting the popular issues championed by Bernie - only waffling, equivocation, smarmy deceit or deflecting and not answering questions on critical issues raised and supported by Bernie and the millions who support him! Clinton's past history of frauds, servitude to the 1%, pandering servitude to Israel, and criminal actions at home and abroad make her in no way an acceptable choice!
Drop out? I don't think so - Bernie is showing enormous courage in the face of great pressure, and no doubt threats, to abandon his/our fight and get in line with the selected new boss, same as the old boss!
And screw all you political whores, shills, naysayers, and agents for the 1% sowing fear and defeatism or actively working for business as usual!

We, and Bernard Sanders, are building something beyond your construct of greed, war, usury and corruption......the betrayals by the DNC and "leading Dems" erases any pledge given in good faith by Sanders - he should consider himself free to follow his conscience - his supporters should also grant him his own judgment for himself and Jane and all of us who support him.


Supporting the lesser evil will NEVER result in good.
If one attempts to do less evil, it is always within the sphere of evil. there is no bridge that connects evil and good.One must become educated as to what is good and evil and or have a spontaneous insight provided by the mysterious force of grace to be able to move from one field to the other. Once one realizes what is good through their own subjective realization, then an immediate identification and allegiance to the field of good and wholeness must take place. To pass up this opportunity is to trivialize all that life rests in.
Evil is nothing more than separation. Separation from wholeness.


He has decisively and conclusively lost the popular vote and the pledged delegate vote and the super-delegates. His campaign was becoming increasingly hateful and bombastic and verging on violence. Some of his followers seemed poised and prepared to use violence as a political tool against people they believe less pure and perfect than themselves. Sanders was at a crossroads, either supporting positive change in United States or burning down the nation. He appears to have chosen the path of positivity. He has capitulated. It is over. Thank God.


On the money Sirios!


The media is now saying that Obama's endorsement is the signal for Sanders to stop HIS campaign and hit the campaign trail to promote Clinton.

If Sanders complies, he will repeat Kucinich's leap to irrelevance.


Another Clinton/1% mouthpiece-shill who joined C-D 25 minutes ago......raising the "violence" flag shows your true intentions and who you serve! Save your lies, deceit, and distortions......


The media did such a good job of spreading rumors about the violence that never happened in Vegas that more Murkins believe Sanders rallies have been violent than believe Trump rallies have been violent.

Sanders addressed no more than 15% of Clinton's baggage, hardly bombastic and hateful. Trump will address 100% of Clinton's baggage, perhaps in a bombastic and hateful manner. Considering that Clinton has more baggage than any other candidate in the 2016 race (although Trump comes close) there is no need for a bombastic or hateful delivery, the facts speak for themselves. .


I won't vote for HRC even though I live in PA, a swing state. Our only hope and it's
slim one, is that Clinton is indicted soon and Bernie is the default nominee. Yesterday's White House meeting between the O'Bomber and AG Lynch does not bode well for this outcome as tremendous pressure in being brought to bear on the DOJ and FBI to deep six the charges.


I think Bernie's silence after the Harry Reid meeting was the only way for him to respond. Let's see what he says at the People's Summit next week. I understand he's been invited and I'd be surprised if he doesn't attend.

The last we heard from Bernie was in Santa Monica on election night when he vowed to "take our fight for social, economic, racial and environmental justice to Philadelphia!"

ps: As of today, just 56% of the vote in California has been counted and there are still at least 2.6 million untallied late mail-in ballots. At last count, he was 438K behind and I'll bet the farm that the majority of the remaining uncounted ballots are his. Barring shamanigans from the DNC--a huge IF I realize--he will win California.

pps: Let's not forget the FBI investigation of the secret server. Hyper sensitive government documents kept on an unsecured private server? That's a huge deal, in fact a felony.


She is the candidate of the Confederacy, starting when she won the Ft. Sumpter primary. John Lewis and other older Civil Rights leaders herded Afro Americans to Hillary in unprecentended numbers, that was sheepdogging, Bernie isn't sheepdogging anyone. She really lost Illinois, (What are you going to do now Jesse Jackson?)it looks like there is a good possibility the DNC fixed California, Arizona's primary was an internatonal disgrace. Puerto Rico's election is in the same column as the others--iffy, coin tosses in Iowa, Harry Reid fixed it so casino and hotel workers had time off to vote for Hillary, statistically unbelievable discrepancies between exit polls and the actual vote, and much more. In light of all this, someone has the temerity to post on this site that Clinton's was a decisive "win," ---not on this planet.

Hillary is not an option.


"I despise a Clinton candidacy, but I'll vote for her this time".
Two wrongs don't make a right.


It's sad to see even progressive writers regurgitate the mainstream media's fearmongering about Trump. We need a cold, dispassionate analysis from the left, because Clinton is as unacceptable as any Republican. The Dems, through their media sycophants, will tell you that we have to vote for Clinton the warmonger in order to stop Trump. But, just what might Trump accomplish domestically? Not much if a Dem congress is in power and the people's movement remains strong. Remember, Bush tried to limit social security but the Dems stopped him (and then Obama offered it up to the Republicans – let that be a lesson). So, between the congress and the people, we can limit Trump's effect on domestic issues. Foreign policy is another story, and that should be the primary concern in this election. Hillary will surely escalate wars in the Middle East, and with Russia and possibly China. She will have neocons and Netanyahu as her main advisors. Thousands, possibly millions more will die or become homeless. No one will be able to stop her. Trump, on the other hand, has stated that he will talk to Putin, extract us from NATO, and reject the neocon policy of regime change intervention. Now, based on just what we know to date, Trump's foreign policy seems infinitely better than Clinton's. It's time we acknowledged a major fault line running through the Democratic Party: There are progressives and there are pro-war liberals. The pro-war liberals control the Party and will lead us into more endless, illegal wars. Progressives need their own party. If Bernie won't do it, we must. Dump your fear, dump the Dems, and vote Green.