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Dear God: I Have a Small Favor To Ask


Dear God: I Have a Small Favor To Ask

Peter Dreier

Dear God:

I’m usually not one for prayer, but I have a special favor to ask.


Like George told us :

“If you read History, God is one of the leading CAUSES of Death, has been for Centuries.
Hindus, Muslims, Jews, Christians, all taking turns killing each other because God told them it was a Good Idea.”


Oh yeah, amusement. Great article and thank you Mr. Dreier.


But bad theology, and Dreier knows it. I don’t appreciate God being mocked this way.

Better to implore the Southern Baptist Convention to bring their disciplinary levers down on Jeffress. They have enough trouble with Jimmy Carter leaving them over their misogyny and other Evangelicals walking away and criticizing. They’re losing the coming generations, and Jeffress is part of the reason.


Dear Peter: this was a piece of pure crap and you should be ashamed of writing such meaningless snarky piffle.


I agree…I am beginning to wonder if these so =called Christians are actually
acting out their orders from Satan to pretend to be Christian,
in order to turn people further away from Christ and spirituality…
I myself am not religious at all, but I was raised Catholic and these "Christians"
are the exact opposite of what I was taught and still believe Christianity really is (which of course is hardly practiced by humans at all —
— love your neighbor, stranger, etc.


All I know is this: if this “Pastor” represents true Christianity and really speaks for God, then I’m switching to “Atheist” right away. But then again, I don;t believe that this self-anointed “man with a direct line to God” is anything but a self-enriching con artist, like Joel Osteen, AKA Reverend “Wealth through faith”


I try to be nice and polite in comments, but my reaction to your first sentence is a) I don’t think Mr Dreier cares about theology, good, bad or indifferent and b) he is not so much mocking God as poking fun at those who apparently think that an appeal to God has some chance of being successful.


PROFITS for PROPHETS! — the one guiding principle of ALL organized religions.   God didn’t create Man, Man created God.  Crooked men have created false gods since the beginning of “civilization”, and they have profited mightily therefrom.


A Facebook acquaintance of mine (on the timeline of a deeply caring pastor) has suggested we refer to such as “Christianists” and keep the label of Christian for others.


Satire has its place. And, many articles/authors have respectfully focused on or invoked God and Jesus Christ in that vein as an acceptable means of criticizing subjects, areas, or others. Yet, clearly, the “Distinguished” Peter Dreier is not averse to addressing God in blatantly mocking and wholly derogatory manners/terms:

“I know you’re very busy, so let me remind you what he said.”

“This will wipe out your kingdom on earth, which I assume you don’t want to happen.”

“You’re God, so I assume you know how to find out where Jeffress lives.”

Aside from the fact of Pastor Jeffress being revealed as completely blind, while leading many so far astray that they would accept a Nuclear Holocaust (based on premeditated lies relating to a worldwide propaganda campaign of further and further Regime Changes, no matter what the cost), thus deserving of absolute ridicule, this method of achieving that goal is sacredly offensive.

As a result: “You’re God, so” I pray that you will take actions which will make it undeniable to Peter Dreier that you do not appreciate his mockingly using your name in such maligning fashions. Further, to the Holy Trinity as One, I pray: After you, at least, “[scare] the shit out of him,” may he then come to understand your ultimate magnitudes – and learn true respect of the Highest orders.

Finally, beyond Dreier’s violations, here are two videos which were partly inspired by purely evil chapters and times – and in no way meant to be funny:

Changing Seasons: Ring Them Bells

On The Eve Of The Great Decline


Jeffress is Lucifer and DJT, his pal, is Satan…and both were supposedly cast out of heaven for disobeying/plotting against god. So, praying to god to intercede will do no good as he long ago washed his hands of these demons, who have roamed the planet since being knuckle-draggers raping/pillaging/plundering their way through eons. (Intelligent design merde) and learning nothing along their diabolical paths beyond finding more ways to punish mankind.


Some people have thin skin when it comes to sarcasm.
If you can’t stand sarcasm, then stick with seriousness, and just ignore the sarcasm, because it might make you think more out of the box.

But most people who love seriousness also tend to love the inside of the box, or so it seems to me, but I may be dead wrong on that.

Sorry, I have thin skin for seriousness and those who cannot appreciate a little humor now and then.

Here, you can read about the scientifically found benefits of sarcasm:



The God I follow hasn’t washed their hands of anyone.