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Dear God, Please Just Say No To Gov. Bobby Jindal


Dear God, Please Just Say No To Gov. Bobby Jindal

Bill Quigley


Somehow I do not think Jindal will appeal to the backwoods Tea Bag believers regardless of how his handlers spin Jindal’s rhetoric. I suspect that so many Repugs that have thrown their hat into the presidential circus ring are only doing it for the money raised for their individual campaigns. Yes, there are laws that were created to rein in and direct spending but the enforcers seem to turn blind eyes to same or simply ignore it. They should all be gathered into one large boxcar with cages like those of circus trains of yore and tickets sold to watch them do battle amongst themselves. There is not one complete competent thinking brain or caring heart when putting them all together. They appear to be and sound like creatures in Dante’s Inferno…on whatever level.



Huckabee is going to blow a head gasket over this. The God Delusion Thumpers are the Huckster’s private flock that he’s been fleecing for years! “I was here first!”, hisses Mike as he thumps his King James version on the presidential debate podium.

“I, and I alone am communicating with the Big SkyGawd.”
“I wants to be the decider!”

Oh God. I just now realized that the next Chimp-in-Charge has to be a Holy Crusader to prove non-secular religious wackos can kill more tribal goat-herders than Obomber already does. It’s kind of a contest between them.

“See? All you faithful? God give me a bigger body count!”

We are screwed. War or War. Those are the only choices coming down the pipe of Fake Democracy in 2016…


Let’s see if I got this straight. Louisiana, with arguably one of the largest petro-chemical footprints of the fifty states has a $1.6b deficit?

I think I get it.


Natural law, whatever you believe that means, should indicate to you that in any human population at any time in history there will be a certain percentage of individuals that do not fall within the statistical norm of any aspect of humanity you care to inspect. Not by choice, but by chance. The “normal” distribution covers the entire data set and not just the 67% percentile. Nobody is going to force religious ministers to administer rights if they oppose.

You are NOT unique by the way.