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Dear Gov. Snyder: You Have to Go to Jail


Dear Gov. Snyder: You Have to Go to Jail

Michael Moore

Dear Governor Snyder:

Thanks to you, sir, and the premeditated actions of your administrators, you have effectively poisoned, not just some, but apparently ALL of the children in my hometown of Flint, Michigan.

And for that, you have to go to jail.


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Signed it. Born and raised in Detroit.


Signed it, too. Michael, where have you been?


I just heard a story about a prosecutor in Chicago who hid evidence in a police shooting-so he quit his job?Why isn't this guy facing criminal charges?Politicians are taking bribes everyday in the form of campaign donations and no one cares? This guy Snyder knowingly poisoned the people of a whole city and where is the justice? We live in a criminal police state!


"We live in a criminal police state!"

Yes we do. The corruption seems only to have deepened and intensified during my life.

It's very hard for me to see how we can unwind this vast criminality - so deeply embedded in the corporate and state structures that form the framework of our communities, our work, our social life - before the whole unhealthy mess collapses into violent disorder.

On the other hand, one never knows just where healthy growth is going to take root. Perhaps a true popular uprising in Michigan against this particularly obvious ugliness, will not just nail THESE criminals, but lead to a general cleansing of public life and popular consciousness...

So, i sign Moore's petition.

Maybe i'm just stupid, but against all evidence of my decades so far, i keep trying to figure out how to get traction, to build healthy social momentum, against the rampant culture of corruption in the USA...


He should have been set adrift for basically condemning Detroit to death anyway. Yeah, we overuse the term "psychopath" in politics. But I think in Snyder's case, there isn't an ounce of hyperbole. This dude is pure menace.


I sort of agree with "webwalk," a lot of people care, not nearly enough, but no one in the left liberal progressive thought spectrum can figure out how to "get traction, to build healthy social momentum". The commenter contributors to this site and others like it (such as Truthdig) can't agree on which problem should be addressed first because there is no answer to that. Everything that's wrong, inequality and poverty, corruptions of all kinds including that of all aspects of the environment, warlike behaviors -- all of it has to change. For that to stand a chance many people who are in primary "decider" roles would have to publicly come out as having been wrong.

Calls for us all to "rise up and hit the streets" (Chris Hedges' writings come to mind) aren't very specific about what that would look like, how going about that might come to pass. The angry frustration is understandable. But lucid explications of the corruption such as appear here don't seem to reach beyond the kvetching at the choir stage. The outrage we feel has not yet become sufficiently contagious.

Obviously people in positions of authority and will not act in the people's interests even if they are able to speak convincingly about the need to and their willingness and desire to do so, but once in there succumb and become part of the problem while still claiming to be part of the solution. I admit only that don't know how to be part of the solution in a for real way.


Thank you Michael, the title of your piece says it all.


No, your definitely not stupid!


I signed the petition because the precedent(s)/evidence of anti-democratic, not to mention institutionalized pathological antisocial practices and consequences must not be permitted even the (well paid PR) perception of acceptability and in fact definitely merit being placed under full transparent investigation as crimes and the articulation of the foundations for prosecution.

We as human beings are facing the ongoing corrosion from a vast history and legacy of pervasive extractive policy decisions that claim impunity in a circular reasoning construct that can only swirl down the drain - as evidenced in its most recent double-down cynically called "Citizens United" and its clawing death grip called TTIP (et al). As for the Supreme Court decision, the organizing to strike down Citizens United would also seem to be appropriate to support here.

Now imagine this coupled with the policies in TTIP et al and tell me this construct does not constitute the institutionalization of a "death wish". The fact that Snyder's response is to retain PR handlers (that should perhaps also be viewed as developing 'arguments' that constitute a form of criminal perjury) while having to be forced by scientists and community members to recognize the science, indicates the scale of the scorn for life, legitimacy and necessity of human communities for generating the creative approaches to solve the problems the form of system creates.

Prayers to everyone in Flint that this scourge be turned into precedent for regeneration, sustainability, justice, clear, strong minds, hearts and actions.


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Good post. Poignant and tragic.


You are not alone.


Or perhaps the culmination of the death cult that has ruled for a very long time but without the power it now has to destroy everything.


Thank you Michael for your clear thinking and direct action, whether in film or with words. We need you to keep reminding us of what matters and that there are steps we can take - perhaps a citizen's arrest is in order?


Sentence Snyder to drink the water from Flint Michigan taps for the next ten years. If he refuses, force it down his fucking throat. There are probably plenty of folks left over from the Bush presidency who know how to force water down an unwilling throat who may be looking for productive work. An eye for an eye is not harsh enough for Snyder's crime. Let him experience what he has done to the good people of Flint.


Michael Moore is a true American patriot.


Atta boy, Mike; give 'em Hell like you always do. May we all give someone Hell and there's lots to go around here in Florida, that's for sure!!!


Snyder should be criminally charged with 8000 counts of child endangerment and sentenced to a minimum of one year on each charge, to be served consecutively! He'll be eligible for to apply for parole after serving one third of his sentence..,. 2667 years. Yeah, I know I'm being lenient, but a "life sentence without chance of parole is too draconian. Right?