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'Dear Humanity, We Have a Systems Problem': New Project Aims to Promote Deep Solutions, Radical Transformation


'Dear Humanity, We Have a Systems Problem': New Project Aims to Promote Deep Solutions, Radical Transformation

Jon Queally, staff writer

"It's time to talk about what's next."

"It is time for Americans to think boldly about what is required to deal with the systemic difficulties facing the United States. It is time to explore genuine alternatives and new models—'the next system.' It is time to debate what it will take to move our country to a very different place, one where outcomes that are truly sustainable, equitable, and democratic are commonplace."


Yes, let the conversation begin but back it up with action such as total non cooperation. It worked for Gandhi so let us consider it now globally. When truly committed activists such as Danny Glover endorse this call for RADICAL transformation we should take notice.


I’m up for some dialogue and action or non-action where appropriate…


The abusers in the power propaganda systems have always manipulated perspectives and the terms to express them from the top - down. Inevitably, they become caricatures of themselves and their modes of activity - which is one of the reasons we have had a healthy legacy of cartoonists. I feel an immense gratitude for the generations of humorists whose courage and energy have always mined these revelatory spaces to open them for serious and real conversations among human beings. Our capacity to rediscover the hidden, the marginalized, the excluded, to document, love, resist, create and imagine are strengths that should never be underestimated and always nurtured. Bring it on!


Where are the specifics? Is that initial statement all they got? Do they have a magic wand to wave to make it all happen? Sounds to me like just another scheme to gather email addresses and phone numbers that later will be sold for a tidy profit…


What we must do to save the planet. In the final analysis, we are the ones who support the energy industry and it is our standard of living that will need to change. So picture how this will effect you. Reorganize cities, building taller residences with a smaller footprint (the end of suburbia); institute a carbon tax; end our love affair with the automobile— promote car pooling subsidize and expand mass transit, walk and bike more; expand bike paths;, and have shareable (zip) cars, ban gasahol; turn off the air conditioner and dial the thermostat down in winter; rein in the militaries for defense only and outlaw war; ban night baseball; ban electric outdoor signs; shift from long distance truck to rail transport; ride more trains and buses, fewer planes; promote conference calls and web cams; promote zero population growth with free condoms and family planning world-wide; many more people would become vegetarians or vegans; phase out the cattle industry; discontinue bottled water; discontinue aluminum cans with and without carbonation; maximize reusable bags and products; minimize or ban disposables (Pampers, Ikea furniture); limit endless gadgets; end yearly auto model changes; limit all the advertising, junk mail, most retail, etc.; eliminate “fast junk food”; go to “slow food”; replace “fast fashion” with “slow fashion”; bring back mending, alterations and local tailors; completely redesign production of appliances, electronics, house wares, furniture, etc to be as durable and long-lived as possible; bring back appliance repairmen and such; design and build smaller housing to last for centuries and to be as energy efficient as possible, to be reconfigurable, and shareable; recycle maximally, especially aluminum cans; maximize solar and wind power; drive and accelerate more slowly; practice regenerative agriculture; reverse deforestation, plant more trees; climb more stairs; restrict spray cans;; eat and farm organic; use manual tools instead of power tools, use rakes rather than leaf blowers; push rather than power small mowers; replace lawns with vegetable gardens; compost as much as possible; more stairs, fewer elevators; promote subsidies for renewal energy


While the ‘Next System Project’ does a fairly reasonable overall
job of generalized conceptualization regarding the need for a new
system of a “Democracy Collaborative”, and provides some
very broad-brush description of the wide areas of current “issues”
and ‘symptom problems’ of our “ailing social order” ---- it
makes no “adequate diagnosis” of the extant systems order,
of the “the deep systemic challenges – economic, political,
and social”, nor does this article actually NAME that dangerous,
deadly, and currently ENTRENCHED “deep system” that would
have to be recognized, understood, accurately diagnosed, organized
against, publicly ‘called-out’, “exposed”, confronted, and
ultimately non-violently removed to make way for the “Next

The existing system in the way and actively blocking any progress
toward a “New System of Collaborative Democracy” is EMPIRE
—which nobody in the video nor text of this article ever mentioned,
nor even dared to whisper its NAME.

I thought I should, unlike those in this article. mention that
this is all a matter of “adequately diagnosing” and deeply
understanding that America is an Empire, since nobody seems to have
either the brains or the guts to mention that EMPIRE is the current
system that will have to be overcome.

This is what Professors Bauman and Berman make clear:

As Zygmunt Bauman hauntingly puts it, “In the case of an ailing
social order, the absence of an adequate diagnosis…is a crucial,
perhaps decisive, part of the disease.”13

Berman, Morris (2011-02-07). Dark Ages America: The Final Phase of
Empire (p. 22). Norton. Kindle Edition.

An Empire is — what an Empire does!

And the Disguised Global Capitalist Empire that is only
‘posing’ as our former country does exactly what a Global Empire

So IF the majority of Americans are smart enough to understand the
immutable truth that you should judge “not what someone ‘says’,
but what their ‘actions’ reveal as the truth”, then we
the people of the U.S. should clearly understand that
when faux-Emperor/president Obama merely ‘says’ “We’re Not
there for Empire” (which he precisely ‘said’ while his ‘action’
was bombing Libya) then we, the non-stupid, majority of Americans
should be smart enough to KNOW BY HIS ACTIONS that this country is a
deceitful, lying, murderous, looting, greedy, vicious, war-starting,
illegal, immoral, and precisely typical EMPIRE — because all the
actual ‘actions’ of this thing that calls itself America has been
‘acting’ exactly like a friggin Empire for decades, while it only
‘says’ (claims, lies, and deceives others) that it is any kind of a
normal ‘functional democracy’, or an ‘exceptional’ country, and even
the ‘essential country’, when it actually, consistently, and through
all supposed electoral changes every four years of supposed
leadership between the neocon lying ‘R’ Vichy party and the slighter
better lying neoliberal-con ‘D’ Vichy party keeps doing and ACTING
the exact same way as a lying fucking Global EMPIRE ACTS.

Judge us — judge the U.S. — not by what both lying disguised
Vichy parties (and the ruling corporate, financial, militarist,
media/propaganda, extra-legal ruling Empire sectors) ‘SAY’, but by
what that Disguised Global Capitalist EMPIRE DOES!

An Empire IS what an Empire DOES (period)

Liberty, democracy, justice, and equality
Violent (Vichy disguised)

Alan MacDonald

BTW, Faux-Emperor/presidential puppet, Obama’s “Audacity
of Empire” in ‘saying’ “We’re not there for Empire” while
actually in the ‘act’ of bombing the people of Libya is just ONE of the
THOUSANDS of ‘Acts of EMPIRE’ that this friggin Disguised Global
Capitalist Empire has done in the last half century to show by its
‘actions’ what it really is, as opposed to what it ‘says’ it is.

Anyone who claims to be a progressive in America better very
quickly and very soon wake the ____-up to the FACT that its ACTIONS
prove America to be the HQ of this Disguised Global Capitalist

Job #1 for anyone who wants to change the existing ‘deep
system’ is to stop screwing around calling it the ‘deep system’, and
call this damn thing what it really is — EMPIRE!


you say empire, i add fascism. potato, potato …


Great article and some good comments. Yep, the 2 major parties are not ever ever going to be a part of the solution.

But there seems to be a reluctance to state what the basic approach needs to be.

It’s called democratic socialism - meaning everyone, from all segments, comes together and each has an equal voice - no corporate entities or Super PACs allowed.

And Socialist Alternative, in solidarity with the Green Party, is leading the way.

Let’s Roll!


This is definitely a good start. getting a dialogue on this level an topic is a much needed first step It is astounding how many people do not actually understand what the problem is let alone how to address such a systemic and hidden crisis. so many don’t even know this situation even exists.


You have nailed it. These people have rolled out a media strategy and are populating their “new project” across the progressive media but when you look at the fine print, this looks like a couple of older liberal guys with a bunch of low cost interns who want to talk about communities creating new wealth, NOT about dismantling what Matt Taibbi calls “Griftopia” – the merger of politics in the form of a two-party tyranny with crime in the form of banks, the military-industrial complex, and the other two big to fail, too big to jail bigs (Matt’s second book, The Divide, covers the legal travesty in the USA).

I tried to get Occupy to focus on electoral reform in 2011 (the 6 minute video went viral after it hit the front page of Reddit (YouTube Steele Occupy Electoral Reform), but they were undermined and lost steam. I ran for President briefly in 2012 (We the People Reform Coalition), you can see the ideas and my lessons learned there, and here is where I resonate with you:

Every single presidential candidate at the time including Ron Paul and I also included Dennis Kucinich, heard from me, asking them to join together to demand the Electoral Reform Act of 2012. All – including Jill Stein of the Greens and Gary Johnson of the Libertarians – refused to engage. Today as I look around at what passes for a progressive press I see a bunch of light weight moral and intellectual pretenders who cannot muster a real solution among them.

I have a real solution, called Open Power, but I cannot get anyone to pay attention precisely because the progressive press – and good people like Dennis Kucinich – are terrified of biting the hand of the Democratic Party, the devil they know. Everything you all need to know to get started on a real solution that restores integrity to our electoral process can be seen at Tiny URL (forward slash) OpenPower. The Kindle made #1 in Civics and I am giving away free ePub versions since I made the mistake of going exclusive with Kindle on this one.

Anyone want to talk? I know how to WIN THIS, and win it big, in 2015, in time to elect an Independent President, a Green Vice President, a Libertarian and Constitution Cabinet – and money is not an issue – 80 million cultural creatives (Paul Ray’s term) plus 110 people at or near the poverty line, I guarantee we can raise a billion dollars (think $10 per angry citizen).

What is broken in this country is not just the two-party tyranny, but the progressive press.

Am seeking speaking invitations. Will be at Smith College in MA on the 13th, that is free and open to the public. I would like to set New England and the Pacific Northwest on fire. Now.


Well, you sound real… I can not really go to Ma… no money and a teenager… but…keep it up …don’t stop… I have joined the green party as of Jan… this year… actually, some times I really think we will not be one country in the not too distant future… I just can’t see it… how that will go down and pan out… well, I kind a hate to think about it… if there is a way to lop off the top …here in the US… well, what about the top in the European countries…??? they won’t like it if we mess with there friends here… ?..


Thank you! Former Marine Corps infantry officer, former spy, #1 Amazon reviewer for non-fiction reading in 98 categories, CEO of a boutique Open Source Intelligence company for 20 years. Yes, I am real. And if you want to see the Cabinet I would appoint in support of Angus King and Jill Stein, go to the OpenPower tinyurl, see first item in the index, Open Power: Electoral Reform Short Brief (4 Slides).

I don’t want money – I want 125 million disenfranchised citizen realize they can take the power back – non-violently, NOW – in 2015.


PS I cannot put in links as a new user but I am very easy to find, my bio is usually number two after a really crummy Wikipedia bio. Mine has profiles of me by Alvin Toffler and others, and links to all my production. Have brain will travel seek speaking invitations.


This sounds good too… we need all heads together…


Like like like…


Interesting point. Non action was the first thing I thought of. The crony capitalistic system that is ushering in another feudal society, only this time on a global basis, is the first thing that needs nipped in the bud.
Imagine what would happen if every body that owed a private financial corporation money decided that tomorrow, they will stop paying their debts? Not just for a day, or a week. Forever. Then the people can establish their own nonprofit state run banking system again.
That is just step one.


You’ve got that right prairedog.

Unless the D and R voting issue you mention is addressed, and soon, by the organizers, I too hold out little hope for the project’s success.

This same voting problem has been solved by many South American countries, and a study of their methods should be a top priority for the organizers.

thenextsystem.org has my best wishes, and I might like to be part of it - if I’m convinced that their plan is realistic.

An authentic progressive movement is much needed and long overdue.


All progressives can find much to applaud in this article. The Next Systems Project presents many laudable ideas, but they do it in a completely ahistoric and idealistic way. They are far from the first group to want to see change in society. As far back as the Levellers, Gracchus Babeuf, and the utopian socialists, people have issued manifestos that sought to end inequality and class societies. US history is replete with similar examples.
The only way that we will replace capitalism with something better is to organize, organize, organize. We need to get gown in the trenches and fight for every improvement we can get, be it a $15 minimum wage, a lower military budget, a single-payer health insurance system, or an environmental policy that ends our dependence on fossil fuels. We need to unite as a class, and as a multi-national people, young and old, gay and straight. In the 1930s the slogan was "Black and white unite and fight. The statement can be updated, but it still works. We need to take every approach.
We need to work with progressive Democrats (yeah, yeah, I know the Democrats are a party of Big Business, but they are the political home today of working people, women, people of color, and others. We can’t rule out any possibility that we can stop the bleeding that is destroying our country.) We need to build the people’s palace one brick at a time. We have to learn to crawl before we walk, walk before we can run. Skipping the hard work and suffering the defeats that will inevitably come, will doom us to failure. The stakes are too high. We need unity, clarity, and a positive outlook. I shudder to think what the alternative might be.


Unfortunately, the ‘MONEY IN POLITICS’ corruption is going to play its hand until the bitter end. Do you think voting is going to change anything? How about some good protests against the 1%?

No, there are no band aids to fix this gaping wound of a failed system. Want to create a workable and fair society to live in?

First and foremost, destroy the self-serving one that is presently in place.

Oops… not so easy to do, since HOMELAND SECURITY has been heavily militarized against any possible domestic uprisings.

(take out spaces):

http:/ /theconservativetreehouse. com/2013/03/04/the-buildup-continues-dept-of-homeland-security-purchases-2700-mraps-mine-resistant-armor-protected-vehicles-for-domestic-use/