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'Dear Humanity, We Have a Systems Problem': New Project Aims to Promote Deep Solutions, Radical Transformation


There are solutions out there who challenge the real system that doesn’t work… It’s the system of “Activism” that is inefficient because ridden by self interests. NGOs and alternative media constantly ignore or don’t approach project that could change the stsrem for real because the real solution is more transparency, and that would imply that many NGO would have to shut down their operations. Only high profile, pre screened alternative solutions are allowed in the debate, mostly offered by former NGOs or progressive lobbyists.


There are alternative solutions, but those imply sheding a beam of transparency and accountability on the whole system of Activism which is the only counterweight to the sick system. The system of power is protected by gatekeepers, often exactly those who claim to speak on your behalf. The revolution is a revolution of accountability and there is no need for street protests and violence.


What is broken in the US is the debate. Your clear exclusive ,self interested approach and inability to collaborate and consider dialog to other unconventional approaches to fix the system, some can do it globally, is the problem. You can’t even manage to create and define what WE means in the US, forget to answer that question globally.


That’s totally a matter of perspectives. You seem to be focused at the deep system of capitalism that is controlling everything and the Empire that seem both impossible to challenge. I look at the system of prevailing “activism” which is failing activists. That’s the one that needs reforms. Intellectual corruption, worse than the more prevalent form inside govs and corps. is when so called “progressives” hide behind the appearance of change to promote yet another futile coalition.


We have plenty of proposals for our entire redemption. They have been pestering us since the first Shaman put on the first animated act.

With whom are these academics collaborating? Or is this yet another exercise in climbing the academic ladder to a stellar academic appointment as a star professor who does little more than shower the people with shiney rhetoric?

There are many of us talking about what is now as well as what is next. Join the conversations. See transitionus dot org and resilience dot org and post carbon institute dot org and learn to become a leader of great deliberations. And learn to hold the merely chattering classes at bay until they decide to join civilizations most creative powers. Of decay into compost from their idle chatterings.


Last night I dreamed that I looked into the glass front door of a Wal-mart and I saw a body. I called a security guard, we went in and the body turned out to be a large pile of papers spread out on the floor. Oh, now the inside of the building looked like a huge church. Anyway, I went back and re-filed the papers with the government, but in a couple of days the papers had been altered and murdered for a second time in a row.

Your homework assignment is the documentary film, “Who Killed the Electric Car?” An entire electric car technology had been developed in front of the general public in California, everyone could see that it was a beautiful technology, and then the entire technology was killed and made to completely disappear for about ten years.

I have this feeling that all sorts of state, regional and local politicians are afraid of going out on a limb and actually developing disruptive renewable energy technologies, creating huge numbers of great local jobs and putting the fossil fuel industry out of business, because the Koch brothers will then donate a million dollars to each politician’s next opponent and then the politician will become unemployed.

Folks, I know that the movement might resent being called a bunch of saps, but based on the electric car experience you have to grant that the movement could be easy pickings for their opposition when several (yes that’s a hint!) new renewable technologies come along. My best advice to any environmental reporter is to keep your eye on the scale concerning new, disruptive technologies and how governments actually react to them.


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I really hate to criticize this; since I like the gist of it.

But it’s kinda Vague.

What is the proposal? Sign a paper? That’s it? No calling out the One Percent: RRR who are taking us all over the cliff? (Rothschilds, Rockefellers, Royals).

No General Strike?

No Boycott of everything the Bankster Empire makes and sells?

This is typical Hollywood Happy Talk. If you are going to get people motivated, you’ve got to be specific like Thomas Paine was in his epic “Common Sense” pamphlet or Samuel Adams fiery attacks from the pulpit against the Intolerable Acts of the Crown. People are already thinking the Emperor has no clothes on. Now it’s time someone came out and said it in clear language.

Will it take a small child to do it?


Be ashamed of yourself. You could not even go look at the link. WE is everybody without exception. Grow up.


I would like to try very hard to bring you along to a perspective that is as mature in years and diversity of experience as you are going to find.

01 Holistic analytics, true cost economics, and open source everything engineering is what I do. No one else on the planet that I know of, certainly not in the English language, does all three.

02 Electoral Reform in the USA is my focus. I think at four levels of analysis: strategic, operational, tactical, and technical. The two-party tyranny – and the progressive and conservative media that blindly support each of the two-party wings (one bird, two wings, same crap) – is broken at all levels. It is dysfunctional, patholoigically so.

03 The incapacitating delusion among Democratics as well as their media mavens is that if they can only win against the Republicans, in this two-party context, everything will be better. That is completely false at all levels of analysis. Indeed the Democrats co-conspire with the Republicans to beat down Independents. Senator Pat Roberts (R-KS) would have LOST his last election if Democratic Vice President Joe Biden had not rushed to save him by going on the airwaves to “welcome” the Independent into the Democratic caucus if elected – this was the kiss of death and one of the nastiest things I have seen recently — utterly without principle.

04 The Independents have no center. IndependentVoting.org is a Bloomberg front and from where I sit Jackie Salit and her cohorts are doing nothing of substance for Independents, just keeping a donation stream going to keep themselves employed. We need an Independent NETWORK, not a Party, that can help Independents challenge for seats at all levels, and it needs to be said upfront that Independents, if elected will NOT caucuse with either Democrats or Republicans.

04 The small parties, among which the Libetarians are the largest, the Greens most diverse in their altewrnative constructive thinking, the Constitution most focused on restoring the rule of law, and Working Families (not an accredited party) are a mess. They are all so incoherent I wonder sometime if they are part of a grand CIA conspiracy to keep all the little people occupied with meaningless chatter.

If you will review the eight points at TINY URL /OpenPower (I am not allowed to add links) I will gladly respond to your questions and comments. This is deeply serious stuff that could rempower EVERYBODY and restore integrity to our country, non-violently and immediately.


Total non-cooperation worked as a form of resistance to the British empire, within the historical context. Today, the U.S. is the empire. Any country that does not cooperate with the U.S. gets a forced diet of drones, bombs, and torture. Can we consider that?


"Los Angeles: A History of the Future" is the first attempt to systematically describe how a major metropolis can be rebuilt toward balance with nature, addressing longrange food, water, fuel, housing, health care, tranport. paulglover.org/lahofbook.html


I object. There is no unity in progressives, democrats, independents, “activists”. There are thousands of people who use the term “What WE need to do” I don’t see cohesion in the 99%, only fragmentation and too much politicizing the solutions with plans that forget that the majority of people are apathetic, non participant:

“Apathy is humanity’s biggest problem” Jane Goodall –
“Participation, is what’s going to save the human race” Steve Seeger –
"'The greatest mistake of the movement (referred to the Civil Rights Movement by MalcomX and can be referred to OWS in the same way) has been trying to organize organize a sleeping people around specific goals … You have to wake the people up first, then you’ll get action.” –

There are tens of millions of people disengaged, apathetic, cynic, without internet privileges.

The system that needs a reform is the 99% and since that percentage refers to all humans, and I don’t see how the plan on getting the attention of a cynic works…the apathetic society, or a world of activism that is pulled by 1.5NGOs, which by itself is by far not a qualification for loyalty to the people or to the mission it claims to pursue. (0ver 9% of Americans are dependent on salaries from NGOs)


Wwwoooowww doggies… now you’re talking, cause anything else is just a tease…


the global capitalist empire may collapse, and if it doe we will have lots of fun building our new democratic society. but nobody gas yet demonstrated a real way of knocking it down. they have all the money, power and weapons. it should also be noted that concentration of wealth at the top keeps getting worse as we watch.
the authors did begin by saying we must “crack the media silence” but that does not appear possible. yes we need to crack the media propaganda machine the empire runs, because until we do that, nobody will know anything is happening.
this country has always had smart articulate people who could explain the system and what’s wrong with it, and also envision in broads strokes what a livable future would look like. but they could only be heard by a tiny segment of the population. nothing much has changed. our fellow citizens not only watch fox news, they believe it and trust it more than all other news.
I really want a social revolution, and always have. i’m 87 years old now
and the prospects have never looked bleaker. and the empire is now rolling into Ukraine and Yemen…


The hardest thing about the comments to this endeavor is the constant…
“Vote for Me and I’ll set you Free” “I have the Answer which no one else Has”

People, all the things we hate about our Opponents are quite Visible in Everyone’s Mirror.


I have been aware of Gus Speth’s work and career for many years … going back to the time when he became the UNDP Administrator. I know the names of many of the people who are signed on to engage with TheNextSystem initiative.

However, given the number of people with brains who are signing on to this initiative, why is it that I predict that it will achieve very little. The answer is simple. The problem identified is systemic dysfunction, while the solution proposed is anything but a systemic solution, and critically, the matter of development and deployment of effective metrics is missing.

I was a young corporate person early in my career. My job(s) were to help the company earn more profit. A simple goal in a fairly complex environment involving corporate resources, market potentials, state of know how, government regulations, all sorts of people with difference skill sets, etc.etc. In this quite complex situation I would always be working with quantified data … quantified data about everything that we thought might matter … and these data were made available to everyone who was making decisions that would impact performance. Bottom line, the outcome from this methodology was extremely rapid turnaround and profit improvement.

Fast forward I started to do consulting through the World Bank, the UN system (including UNDP) and deployed my numbers approach to the extent these institutions make it possible. The right numbers in the hands of the right people and performance does improve … and wrong numbers are equally effective in getting the wrong results.

In our broader socio-enviro-economic system we use numbers, but they are largely not the right numbers that will result in social good, but merely the numbers … wrong numbers … that do nothing for social and environmental good but only facilitate money profit performance and wealth accumulation / wealth concentration.

Peter Drucker used the phrase ‘you only manage what you measure’. I argue this is true. But also there is the idea that if you change the way the game is scored, you change the way the game is played.

Robert Kennedy in 1968 called for doing better than GDP growth as a measure of our socio-enviro-economic system performance … and I concur. But what will be a better measure. Some might argue that the ‘market’ sorts this out, but this is patently not true in a world where most markets are dominated by a few huge players to the detriment of everyone else. The Enron debacle also comes to mind … and others.

Scientists are measuring in amazing ways … but there is no translation of their numbers into some common metrics that can be used easily all the time … and economists it seems to me have dropped the ball because they are using complex algorithms from the past to compute the present and the future … with a level of precision that is extremely low, assumptions that are rarely talked about and in the end there is zero accountability for performance anywhere is the system.

I want to see metrics that are multi-dimensional, multi-perspective, based on concepts like double entry in accounting where state and flow are clearly separated (this used to be true, but less so now with quite unprincipled law based accounting), where there are numbers for quality of life and environmental issues that are as rigorous as the numbers there are for profit, stock prices and GDP growth.

The Next System initiative cannot succeed unless is it combined with some serious work on the development and deployment of a coherent system of metrics about everything that matters.


These are good guys yet good people are biased toward yacking. Still, as long as they’re going to yack, the greatest service these good guys could perform would be to raise awareness of geonomics. The systemic flaw is we don’t know what’s yours, mine, and ours. Geonomics corrects that. Once we get to keep our individual earnings, untaxed, and get to share our common wealth, via dues and dividends, then that lets us prosper, naturally, in ways that conserve resources automatically. This revenue shift has been proven in practice and definitely merits a widespread conversation. More at Progress.org.


Basically what you say is right on. The problem is not what needs to be done. This we already know. It’s getting the will to risk the consequences of radical change, because there WILL be substantial consequences in attempting revolution. How many of us are willing to go to jail for breaking the laws that are stacked against us?

It is easy to talk about this and that, but when it comes to where the rubber hits the road, not too many are willing to risk their necks, and I can’t blame them. Still, without that risk, real change will not come, and the “establishment” knows it. So, the question remains, are things bad enough at this point that most of us are willing to risk it all for that change? Personally, I don’t think so, but if we continue down the slope into third world status, it may happen.


Amid all the the ubiquitous progressive whining criticism of problems everywhere, it is refreshing to see an article and a group focusing on solutions, making a positive difference, and the future. The list of participant/supporters is impressive, including Noam Chomsky and Phyllis Bennis. I’ve signed up for their webinar which is Wed, May 20, 2015 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM PDT. Having read their first report, I will check out the first webinar. That said, their vision reminds me of the 1961 Port Huron Statement, co-authored by Tom Hayden and friends—lofty words, but completely vague on any sort of pathway to implement the vision, much like World Social Forums. I’ll know they are serious when they propose a set of constitutional amendments, and a popular way to propose and get them ratified by a majority or double-majority of the American voting citizenry. The actual governmental system runs off our flawed constitutional blueprint, and has yielded to the corporate-militarist coup of the plutocrats. Short of some way to transform it, this group will be Port Huron revisited and yield nothing of significance towards solving the accelerating national and global crises. AND … I’m willing to join and give them a chance to make their pitch at the webinar.