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Dear Israel, This Is How Apartheid Looks


Dear Israel, This Is How Apartheid Looks

In what critics dubbed "a shameful and racist measure" - yes, another - Israel's so-called defense minister launched a program preventing thousands of Palestinian laborers from riding the same buses as pristine Israelis in order to achieve “better control of the Palestinians" - an action causing such outrage that within hours Netanyahu reversed it. The message here, one more time: "Democracy and occupation cannot co-exist.”


Racism is alive and well in Israel.
What do you call a nation that discriminates against the Semitic people of Palestine?
This is not ironic. It is just criminal.


It is sad to see that at 10:45 AM there have only been 8 views of this piece. The “Blacks Only” waiting room sign really grabbed my attention,


The US successfully excludes around 10% of its population, the uninsurables, from adequate healthcare pretty consistently.

The US also now has separate waiting rooms in hospitals and similar facilities for its wealthy “self-pays” who get superior modern care. (and must be segregated)

The main waiting rooms are for the merely insured.

That is apartheid, isn’t it?


NICE catch!


Did you know now we are now trying to force (our dysfunctional apartheid healthcare/education/water/“market based” ideology) in the form of the “free trade agreements” which reject quant ideas like there might be some human right to healthcare/education/water - etc. irreversibly onto other countries as well? On a global scale.

Hence my moniker. TISA and GATS are two “free trade agreements” one, the WTO “General Agreement on Trade in Services”, is already in place and has been since the 1990s, and its the reason our health care system is so dysfunctional now, the other, TISA (“Trade in Services Agreement”) has been in negotiations since 2006 in Geneva, under the aegis of a US led WTO-related group “Real Good Friends of Services” - formerly “Friends of Services” and since the US is the main advocate of it, its likely to be rapidly finished if the Fast track/TPA is passed, the vote is today.

Its going to create a money based apartheid in a lot of places, reversing a lot of progress made on public services during the 20th century.


Israel offers a full bag of violations of international law: Apartheid. colonialism, blockade, collective punishment, assassinations, mass arrests. massive bombing, in short a slow-motion genocide and disappearing of the offending indigenous population.


Houston just raised it’s rates on toll roads saying that it will change behaviors. What it will do is generate more revenue for the legal monopoly and render the poor to slow traffic and the rich to fast traffic. By the way, the leader of the toll road authority makes more money a year than the mayor of Houston and the County Judge the two highest elected positions in Houston. One this is discrimination and two this is the result of privatization. Keep giving the public trust to the rich.


One might be forgiven for wondering if Hitler was an Israeli. Of course, as we all know, he was an Austrian.


Arabs come from Arabia. Jews come from Judea. Learn your history. The Arabs are the colonizers. The Arabs are like white Europeans claiming they’re native Americans and that the Navajo refusing to live on reservations are colonizers. Yes, I know, you will say that Jews are white Europeans, but that is ignorant and wrong.


Exactly where is “Arabia” located? Ashkenazi Jews are most likely from the Caucasus. My daughter’s Israeli ex-husband’s family came to Palestine from Morocco. His current wife is of similar extraction, but she was removed from her birth parent’s care at an early age that she might be raised Ashkenazi rather than perpetuate the less desirable “Arab” culture.

We all originate from the Olduvai gorge in Tanzania.

It deserves mention that according to the Israeli Supreme Court, there is no such nationality as Israeli.


So the Zionists were right in forcing the Palestinians to “emigrate” from their homeland? By that logic, Hitler was right to force German and European Jews to emigrate, for example via the Transfer agreement?! Internatinal law clearly has no meaning for you.


So the Jews coming from Europe by land and sea were just on a roundtrip Judea- Europe-Judea???


You’ve been reading Zionist propaganda again. Try some real history instead.


Who was he?


Arabs are from Arabia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Arabian_Peninsula

Morocco treats its Jews better than every other Muslim nation. That’s why from ~300k Jews, they now have ~2500. THAT is ethnic cleansing.

We are all human, but we Jews have been treated as inhuman for thousands of years. Forgive us for not holding hands and singing Cumbaya as Muslims, Christians, bigots, and leftists continue to talk about how we control the world and must be killed and.or ethnically cleansed once again. How dare the Jews, barred from the vast majority of the middle east, demand a homeland and self-governance. How dare they!

The Israeli Supreme Court verdict is about listed nationality, not citizenship. It’s more like ethnicity. IANAL, but it’s a legal term. You can carry all your baggage you want to the term, but then you’re just misunderstanding on purpose.


Oh, I’ve read Storm Front and Vanguard. I’ve seen the words of David Duke and Edward Said. I know the twisted histories from which you read. I also understand the rage you feel because, to you, the lies are truth. That is sad.


The Jews have been in Israel continuously for thousands of years. Coming home is not colonizing.