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Dear Joe Biden: Are You Kidding Me?

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/11/19/dear-joe-biden-are-you-kidding-me




“Are you kidding me ?”

The real question:
What part of Delaware has always been the most corporate friendly state in the US doesn’t Brockovich understand ?


Those naughty Democrats. There they go again.


Well, given we have a president who called election board members in Michigan last night to apparently get them to rescind their certification votes and is meeting with legislators to install alternate electors tomorrow, I think this is low on the list of worries at the moment. I hoped Trump’s shenanigans were a grift, but this looks much more like a real threat to our democracy. And the Republican Party is (some quietly) all for it.




This election, to progressives, was indeed about choosing our opposition, as this will make clear.


Status quo Joe right on the money.

It’s a laugh I mean the guy at the top might change every four years but the greed and onslaught of life ob this planet keeps going g on and on .

It’s not a change of government that would work it’s a change in conciousness.


I disagree. My read is that Trump has zero chance of delaying the Jan 20 12 pm end of office. He won’t have success on flipping any state (though I’d hate be responsible for losing over 1k votes in GA - not enough to have Trump win, but embarrassing nevertheless - and who cares what GA does anyway - Trump would have to flip more than this state which had the closest margin).

But the die is being cast in terms of who is going into the Biden administration. If we don’t scream now, there is no other time that is going to work better. I value Erin’s take on this particular person and overall, it looks like the environmental side of Biden’s team is already looking bad. I’m also quite worried on issues of war (if Flournoy is picked) and Wall Street. The last item is interesting to me, because CNN came out with an article (~https://www.cnn.com/2020/11/18/business/biden-wall-street-transition-elizabeth-warren/index.html) claiming that Biden had some aggressive people on his team which would be a departure from Obama if it turns out to be true.

I certainly want the magnifying lens on Biden, not Trump


Why waste time on KC2669? Is it not obvious that that poster is a shill for the DNC – at least since 2016 when I first noticed the poster’s consistently sophistic anti-Bernie posts?


If afraid not, thats not how it works. We’re far more regulated than many other countries, so we’re being pushed down to their level. Otherwise the whole world would have to get better, imagine how expensive that would be.

No, it works the other way around, ending up at the least common denominator for everybody, but they would all have to agree on that first, which wont happen I suspect, for reasons that you can probably guess. I don’t know much about the environmental issues, but its similar with services, We promised them market access but they still have not been able to take what they consider themselves to be owed, based on their insanely low costs of their services. This is because of regulation thats kept it back. ;. They are afraid we would use things that, to them represent their main advantages to shut them out of our market. So they are claiming, with some justification, that the GATS prohibits numerical quotas of any kind limiting business growth. Including our allegedly high minimum wages. If their workers coninue to be paid by the parent company and are temporary, even if here for a few years, they argue we have no business requiring they pay whatever it is (which is higher than they have ever been paid before) Similarly, they argue its FTA-illegal for us to limit visas. I am certain lots of other similar examples exist in other areas. FTAs are intended to provoke these disputes and drive regulation downward. The intent is for the whole world to find some level that they can agree on. Foreign firms are encouraged to claim entitlement to changes in our laws under these agreements. Because its treaties doing this, once we’re in one, politicians wan shrug and say its out of my hands now.

For example, India is claiming right now that our visa laws are discriminatory against their temping firms


Corporations “are people” now. That was a huge mistake that goes back to the 19th century, it was based on a fraud from the very beginning, a court clerk inserted what amounts to his own interpretation of the courts decision. .


If Biden’s goal is only be “slightly better” than Trump, then we have hitched our wagon to the wrong horse. With the picks for his transition team being mostly old third way operatives, he isn’t exactly making us brim with confidence.
The lesser of two evils is still evil.
I voted for Joe Biden, and all I got was Joe Biden.

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Because of how the trade commitments we’ve signed on to work, each change has to be deregulation. So basically, as I understand it, thats a one way street. So dont expect Biden or Trump for that matter, its basically the same set of circumstances, with perhaps even a greater chance of Biden conforming to these deals than Trump. Trump portrays himself that way and there is no denying he’s delayed a very important decision that could result in a lot of job losses, but there really is no way to tell what Trump would have done in his second term had he had won., I really don’t think it would be better in any area, both are 100% servants of the corporate state.

IN a post just a few minutes ago I tried to explain why this one way “race to the bottom” is being pushed on the country without our knowledge. (We remain unaware that anything has changed, leading to a huge amount of politician dishonesty) It is being done, in order to effectively consolidate the gains of the last two and a half decades for the oligarchy, previous to that the skilled professional workers of the string middle class in the US, Western Europe, and a few other countries that eschewed the Asian model were moving up rapidly. because those workers were needed.

That has all changed. its basically being done so no country can use regulatory reasons to remain an isolated pocket of higher regulations, keeping out the others because of things that inhibit commerce. Most of the things we’ve come to be used to could possibly be seen as obstacles in the coming job crunch, which will trigger a race to the bottom in one field after another. Especially wages and working conditions. This represents a huge windfall for the “job creators” as wages become more competitive and more like one another. Its going to be very hard on US workers, perhaps the hardest of any country. But eventually everybody will be much more harmonized, in our case, many will likely be displaced by other service providers. It’s hard to say how this will work out because workers wages will be squeezed a lot. Thats been the intent from the beginning and one can read the very very rosy, I personally think they are incredibly over optimistic predictions of huge savings to be had from ending our alleged throwing of trillions of dollars a year away by paying higher wages than we could or they say, should. They go back decades, which is how long this plan has been percolating and gradually, being implemented. Yes, the owners of transnational businesses (mostly) would save lots of money while their competitors, the smaller businesses will be forced out, because they have to pay higher wages. Similarly, the transational firms because they remain free from many of the cpstsn and obligations of domestic firms, will be in a more profitable position, also they will have access to a captive workforce while operating here, one that doesnt have the freedom to negotiate better wages of conditions, basically they may have to take it the way it is at the start, or leave the country. This is why a lot of people compare the guest worker schemes to indentured servitude or some even call it “modern slavery” and they are right.

The ILO (international labor organization) has written extensively on this conflict, betweenj decent work and these schemes, and the way they threaten to capture migration - and intra corporate work, their web site is ILO dot org.

There is a lot to be said to dumping these dals and returning to the way it was before. Those allegedly too high wages don’t vanish down a black hole as some would portray it as, they support working families at a decent level and get spent on goods and generate more profits.

The money stays in circulation and isn’t concentrated as wealth is being today. Some is spent on remittances by migrating workers, who under the old system were paid in many cases dramatically better. Ceryainly, the governments of the countries they left does not have control over that money or whom gets it, in many cases its going to the wrong people, they think, and its spent on them and their families - often back in a home country where before they lived or still remain in grinding poverty. Under GATS Mode Four, those jobs are often captured by foreign countries most profitable firms and the ability to broker jobs ends up becoming a prize of their corrupt patronage systems. Recently in the US a scandal has emerged where its become cler that rich people were paying for their children to be admitted to top colleges. Its been a scandal because these students were literally buying their way in. At the same time, millionf of other young Americans struggle to even afford to go to college and often leave long before they want to because they just cannot afford it. Students who want to pursue desperately needed courses of study cant, because trade agreements have deliberately made it more difficult for them in order to put jobs into play as international trade. This is a very dangerous and short sighted game that being played and its nuts that people dont realize how likely itis to end up badly.

For one thing, its displacing the talented and deserving in order to artificially elevate a group which has a high chance of not being what they claim to be. Also its taking money out of portions of the economy that - because of the velocity of money are more productive. Additionally its disincentivizing talent and work and the effects of doing things like frustratingtthe dreams of an entire generation when they graduate and say, where is the job I deserve, they will find that there arent any. Even if they graduate with STEM degree, they will find that getting a permanent is very very difficult. Considering the debts they must repay, they are at a tremendous disadvantage compared to foreign work forces of body shop firms who may even be effectively paying to work. Is this their future?

This is one situation where our so called “Washington Consensus” is behaving in a delusional manner that the American “common man” or woman would immediately recognize was unlikely to work out the way they think it is.

The Harvard economist Dani Rodrik has written on this disconnect extensively, his work is very accessible and bears reading.


I have given up on trying to have any kind of dialog with a few posters here, but normally it takes a lot for me cut someone off. We’ve definitely had some disagreements that were unresolved, but also I’ve gotten some interesting links and plenty of agreement too (e.g. @KC2669 is pro M4A, is anti-war on issues I’ve seen, etc.). I’m very interested in persuading centrists to come over to certain progressive planks like M4A, so I will always engage someone who is mostly civil (I’ve flown off the handle a few times myself) and may have a better read on centrists than I do.


Trump is not making a legal argument, he is making a political argument to legislators—I lose unless you seat alternate electors. Trump called county officials to get their votes changed and is speaking with Michigan legislators tomorrow. This is not normal at all and election watchers who were formerly saying “let the process play out” are growing alarmed. Frankly, it’s read the room time and people that live in key states may need to pick up their phones to call their representatives.

Of course I agree that some choices are better than others, but Trump is making a serious effort—something I was skeptical of—to upend the election. If anything, I think some progressives look a little out of whack given what’s happening. Plus, I feel like we’ve seen enough angry Twitter clickbait stuff lately and I’m not sure it does anything more than rile people up. Biden isn’t a social media guy, he didn’t win the election with it.


“As picks for President-elect Joe Biden’s Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) transition team were announced, I felt concerned and disheartened about[ a chemical industry insider being on the list. Are you kidding me?”

Oh Erin, Please. With all you been through and done, you really cannot be surprised by what was totally predictable.


Did anyone really think Biden would steer a different course than Trump?

The lesser of two evils is still an evil.


Dara, I think we likely both want the same outcome, but every time I see people referrinjg to "Medicare For All I wince because of a trap thats been laid for the unwary. Would it be asking too m,uch foryou to use the term “Single Payer” because of this trap. You onlyn need to read the first part, the first paragraph of the Annex on Financial Services, part of the GATS to see why it bothers me. If you read it you’ll see that expanding the scope of Medicare to any more people (people who arent retired) will strip it of its ability to be Medicare - although undoubtedly it will keep that name, which is also the name used by the Canadian system which has avoided the trap.

I attempt to explain this issue in exhaustive detail on ky web site - the URL is in my profile.

Somebody needs to get Biden to commit to getting out of GATS - starting the process of the GATS Article XXI procedure literally hs first day in office because without doing that we’re going to lose Medicare and likely also Social Security if we do what our ideology says we want to do. Nomatter what our alleged consensus in Washington, which is returning to power may want internally, this is a very very very bad way to pay back the American people for voting for them, this trick. Are we in agreement on that?

Its a trick, do you understand why, if you dont,its explained at length on my site. People need to speak to a very shortlist of experts - NOT THE ONES WHO THE VARIOUS GUILTY ONES MIGHT RECOMMEND.

Note I am not a lawyer but I have read a huge amountn on this and I know this subject far better than most of the people who seem to think they know it here in the US with only a few exceptions, and they all are being silent.

This is speculation but its the only thing that makes this whole mess this whole SCAM add up.

If you want verification of what I’m saying a number of authoritative sources will show that what I mam saying is true. Don’t believe our politicians or political parties because they have a huge vested interest in hiding what they have been doing which constitutes a huge crime.

Lots of people have died but lots of money has been made keeping things the way they have. Its so wrong because its rigged to remain broken, + maybe a million or more people have died before their time. This is a crime with no statute of limitations. I think, also because of its medical implications its another one its experimenting on humans without informed consent.

The only way out is to dump these treaties not create more and worse versions of them (like TISA) Because its a trap and huge cots are triggered by violating the rules (by signing a treaty like GATS that mandates deregulation and then deliberately breaking its rules by re-regulating without buying our freedom first. Its like waving a red flag in front of a bull, they will have to punish us making it impossible for us to fix healthcare, instead we’ll have to give up even more jobs than the ones in the committed sectors, which are already a lot.)

The extensive writings that I’ve collected from organizations like the WTO explain this. Since we made them the authoritative body, we cant just wave a finger and fix it, we have to go through this procedure to withdraw our commitments, which is like a divorce, or probate.


That we can call Joe Dough “the lesser evil” only evinces the deep dish depravity of The Deathly Duffer

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