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Dear John Cleese: Why Was My White, Nordic Immigrant Family Never Accused of Making England Less English?

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/06/01/dear-john-cleese-why-was-my-white-nordic-immigrant-family-never-accused-making

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Dear author Christian Christensen:
sigh— so many negative reactions come about merely from skin color, clothing styles language or religion------I try to remind people that family traditions are an individual thing for each family and that history makes new ones traditions all the time
. As a white person, I do try to remind people, and I think I’ve done it here too------that the color twhite as in white light—really contains ALL colors . The next time someone speaks to you in a negative way… hopefully, it’s a sunny day, and a hose is nearby--------and you can invite them to make rainbows of ALL the colors by grabbing that hose and by standing with your back to the sun-----you can make rainbows until the moon comes up. : )


Excellent !!

Addressing the Issue that never gets addressed.

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Can I be even more parochial,

Did all the Irish and Scots and Welsh newcomers make London less English?

Did the Northerners and West Country (Where Cleese originated from) and Midlanders dilute the Cockney heritage of London

Nobody ever seems to ask Anglo-Saxons where the Saxons came from, or the origin of “porc” in “pork-pie” hat.

Where are the Picts these days?

Grooving with the homies according to Pink Floyd.

Perhaps John Cleese should reflect on the damage that England did by shitting their culture all over the world, with the final shart producing the hellscape that is today’s Middle East.


Because there is an Islamaphobia industry. Think tanks, PR and massive dissemination in corporate media. “You’ve got to be carefully taught…”


Hypocrisy has no boundaries.

Because you didn’t immigrate en masse? How is this even a question?

I can’t believe this hasn’t been figured out yet. Indigenous = intrinsic or becomes intrinsic with affinity. Migrant or immigrant is acquired affinity or not.

How ironic. A century ago, the English aristos bragged about the sun never setting on the empire, and about the white man’s burden.

Have we heard Cleese or anyone else complaining about how the English went into other countries and destroyed their cultures?

(Sorry Ron_Genise, I missed your comment.)

Hi saskatchistani ; Oh that is so weird that you mentioned the Picts. I was reading about them the other day, and it’s hard to find much as they seem to be absorbed into the Scots and the Welsh and Irish … BUT they have lots of art carving still remaining on large rock forms. I don’t think anyone as figured out the meanings yet but I read that they did have kings.
Cultures do get absorbed all the time—sometimes it’s hard to figure out the Angles and the Saxons plus the Scotts and the Welsh and the Cornish, and even the Celts seem to be in the German area too. I wonder how many naive cultures have disappeared around the world, before we ever learn of them?

I think it’s because Europeans have relatively recent common ancestry, and therefore are similar enough to assimilate into other European cultures, whereas Arabs have very dissimilar traits and behaviors that make them incompatible at the current proportions. We can handle a few, but at a certain threshold a country starts to lose its distinctness and character. Combine this with the bad behavior of many of the newcomers (see the Rotherham child molestation gang, among others) and the media and political establishment efforts to suppress awareness and criticism of the problems of mass third world immigration, and it’s a recipe for disaster. Britain has become an Orwellian police state in which criminals are free to do as they please, while upstanding citizens who point out the fact that their civilization is crumbling are harassed and put in jail. I’d say the sun has finally set on the British empire, and the ruling class and their lackeys are determined to destroy any remaining shred of national pride or cohesion that might lead to the erosion of EU domination and the reversal of the demographic annihilation of all European peoples.


Of course it’s about race, even if the estimable John Cleese is reluctant to admit it. Almost everything is about race.

What Cleese and all of us need to recognize is that there is nothing wrong with kinship-based (that is, race-based) societies.They are the kind of societies that all people naturally build when men with guns don’t stop them.