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Dear Justice Kennedy: Stand Against This Assault On The Constitution



Although all of this Draconian legislation purports to protect the "life of the fetus," what's really going on is the assertion that patriarchy controls and OWNS women's bodies. Period.

Women are allowed no sovereignty over their own bodies for the most part since for many women, conception could come at any time. Rape is one way that status is generated, as is filial incest.

The child that's wanted will be the child that's loved; and the one the State insists that a poor women bear is likely to end up on the receiving end of some kind of abuse. That abuse may be the net result of poverty in spite of the best efforts of a likely already stressed-to-the-max mother.

Those who truly cared about the health of fetuses would not draw a line between a fetus conceived in the U.S. and one conceived in Afghanistan, Iraq, Yemen, Libya, etc.

When a society sends half its allotment of collective monies into the mechanics and mechanisms of making war (on a daily basis), its leaders--be they in politics, religion, media, academe, or business--have ZERO moral authority with which to make demands on women... or control their reproductive destinies.

The priorities that determine policy in our nation are those of a military state. The Nazis made a big deal about abortion, too, as meanwhile, they filled up their death camps with LIVING children.


In the Oresteia trilogy by Aeschylus Clymenestra is murdered by her son Orestes and Orestes put on trial for matricide.

At his trial Orestes claims he murdered his mother because she had murdered his father Agamemnon. Agamemmon had murdered his own daughter and the daughter of Clymenestra as a sacrifice to the Gods for his war on Troy (Iphigenia.)

The conclusion made at the trial (overseen by Athena) was that the daughter Iphigenia was deemed the property of Agamemmon and he could do to his property as he pleased and that the Womb of Clymenestra deemed the property of the male , used to bear his children. Clymenestra had no "right" to avenge her child as the child was not "hers" and Orestes had every right to avenge his father. Apollo claims at this trial that only the male the true parent using the example of Athena herself has having had no mother.

The vote is a tie and Athena breaks the tie ruling in favor of Orestes.

Note that Apollo is seen as "wise and rational" and deemed to represent "Civilization". The Furies were the ones claiming that Orestes guilty of matricide and should pay for his crime. In Greek Mythology they represent the female and are deemed as "violent and primal". (Even as it the men running around killing in their apparently "rational" and "civilized" wars)

Greece at the time allowed men the vote but not women and women had the same status in many ways as the slave. The trial "rationalized" this patriarchy as being the way it must and should be as it was written from the perspective of that same Patriarchy. As with so many other things those in power as some sort of "self evident truth" will take it upon themselves to define and dictate reality always in favor of their own prerogative.

After some 3000 years it seems we still in that same place.