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Dear Mark Zuckerberg: Let’s Have a Heart to Heart


Dear Mark Zuckerberg: Let’s Have a Heart to Heart

Jessie Spector

Dear Mark Zuckerberg,

I can tell from your letter to your daughter (congrats, btw!) and decision to give away 99% of your Facebook stock that you want to do good things with your money. I’m the Executive Director at Resource Generation (RG), where we organize young people with wealth like yourself to work towards the equitable distribution of wealth, land and power. So, we’re on the same team.


How can taxes end wealth inequality if tax revenues go to politicians to spend however their Big Money "donors" wish?


It's nice to see someone finally point out the brilliant display of hypocrisy. I was disappointed while watching Democracy Now to see Zuckerbergs "philanthropy" brought up in passing, without any mention of the fact that the guy has donated all these stocks to himself and therefore maintains majority control of the company and still owns all the stocks. And everyone is pissing their pants in excitement over how wonderful this guy is and see look how the system works because the rich are all so nice!


I wish I was rich ( and young!) I'd join in an instant. Resource Generation sounds like a step in the right direction to slow and reverse the sickening polarization of America.


In many cases the "donors wish" is corporate welfare that lands the tax revenues in the laps of the corporations that pay little or no tax.