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Dear Media: Trump’s “Beautiful, Clean Coal” Is Another Lie. Please Hold Him Accountable


Dear Media: Trump’s “Beautiful, Clean Coal” Is Another Lie. Please Hold Him Accountable.

Jeff Biggers

Joined on stage by billionaire coal baron and Gov. Jim Justice, Donald Trump returned to West Virginia last night with another barnstorming lie that should make a Boy Scout cringe: His administration has “ended the war on beautiful, clean coal.”


Corporate media and 'hold accountable" can only be used in the same sentence if we’re talking about breaking up the media conglomerates who promote and reward dishonesty.


Near my house there is this area of springs gushing out of a hillside and down the rock ledges into a creek - coating everything the water touches with a red mineral travertine and immediately rendering the creek red and lifeless from that point on downstream. The springs are sulphuric acid water in which only exotic bacteria can survive - nothing else. The acid water comes from a flooded coal mine in the Pittsburgh Seam that extends for miles under the hill and has been abandoned since the 1920s. There is nothing that will ever stop this pollution for at least 200,000 years, at which time the entire landscape will have naturally eroded down hundreds of feet and the old mines exhumed and washed to the sea. The acid drainage can be treated, but the treatment must continue forever on a human time scale - so the state government and legacy owners of the mines can only afford to treat the very largest of the acid springs or along particularly valuable rivers and streams.

A bit further south of where I live, extensive mines underlying whole counties operated until the 1980s which extend right up to and only a few tens of feet below the bed of the Monongahela River. These mines are continually filling with enormous volumes of acid water - ultimately, if allowed to, more water than a large dam and reservoir on the river would. The building pressure of this enormous pool of poisonous water probably would have broken out through the river bed or banks and rendered the river red and dead and destroyed the drinking water supply for millions of people down the Mon and Ohio river far downstream - except for a system of treatment plants pumping and treating the mine water and will have to do so forever on the human scale of time. Who will pay for this treatment (which relies on a steady supply of ground limestone and electricity) for perpetuity is not at all clear.

This is just one of the lasting legacies of coal mining.


“Clean Coal” – like “Honest Politician” – is an Oxymoron.

Tweetle-Dumb is simply a moron.



The beautiful think tanks that get paid by the industry produce gems like this:

I would love for my fellow CDers take on the article.


“Beautiful, Clean Coal” is an oxymoron and Trump is a narcissistic horse’s ass. Why would he say otherwise? Does anyone regret not voting for the Queen of Darkness yet? I haven’t.


A truthful US mainstream media would result in a far better country for the vast majority of most Americans. Unfortunately most Americans do not own the mainstream media so lies that protect the 1% are the norm and have been for decades.


New ideas for special X-mas gifts for Gov. Jim Injustice and The Mango Mussolini, stockings full of coal. Merry Christmas, pricks! Stay warm above ground for you’ll soon feel the blast furnace.

Stay out of North Korea and Iran. Oh Ya; Syria, Somalia, Honduras, Venezuela, Iraq , Yemen, Turkey and Afghanistan, also.