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Dear Mr. Donny Deutsch: Please Come to "F***ing Denmark."

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/11/01/dear-mr-donny-deutsch-please-come-fing-denmark


F***ing brilliant! Well done Mister Shalchi!

Too bad diseased tools like Donny Deutsch will never stop their incessant self-congratulatory preening to listen to anyone who calls them to reason.


In other words Deutsch’s grandfather and his mother worked for the government where the pay is good and steady, you almost can’t get fired, your benefits are generally much better than average with great healthcare, and you have a guaranteed pension often with benefits. SO they worked very hard so he can be born into wealth, be handed money and position, and make enough money that he can live better than 90% of the country. Deutsch Bag!


I love this piece from the resident of F***ing Denmark. I visited Norway two years ago, for a month, hoping to study their healthcare system and bring back what I learned to home in PA. Turned out, I couldn’t get interviews with Norway’s Medical Assoc. or their national healthcare administration, but I traveled all over, and asked everyone I met about their feelings about their health system and care. TO a person, they were pretty satisfied (with a few small issues). I must have talked to a hundred or more folks, all walks of life. So, yes thank you for this rebuttal and sharing your experience as a citizen of one of those Scandinavian countries Trump and his ilk are always on about. Hope we can get a healthcare system like theirs in the next few years–save lives and money. Americans of every economic level deserve no less. The rich can go live in Saudi Arabia if they like; their sense of citizenship is more like the royalty there have.


Obviously Donny Deutsche does not know what he’s talking about here, but as an American that has lived in Denmark for 2 decades I can safely say that one’s mileage may vary. I actually prefer living in the US for its openness and opportunities. Denmark is in fact one helluva xenophobic state ands it’s social safety net has been gradually chipped away at in recent years, mainly the effect of the country’s neo liberal politics. It’s actually getting more and more like the US in that respect. Sure, healthcare is paid for via payroll taxes and higher education is very good, but it’s a system built for and designed mainly to benefit mostly ethnic Danes themselves.

Thank you for your incisive response to Mr. Deutsch’s crude, arrogant and smug comments. His are the kinds of sentiments that we have come to expect from the growing legions of entitled individuals in this country who have no regard for the large numbers of people who live without any hope of achieving the vaunted “American Dream.”


Deutsch the douche, close friend of Michael Cohen. This ass hole is scum of the earth.


If Denmark, Sweden, Finland, and Norway are such miserable places to live, why are they listed in the top 10 “Happiest” places to live ?


So what you’re saying is that Denmark’s biggest problem is that it’s becoming more like the US. I hope you’re complaining and not using that to say how good the US is.


Pronounced “Donny Douche”


Beautiful f***ing response, extremely well done, restrained, perfectly sarcastic and oh so true. Gotta love it.


Absolutely beautiful rebuttal to your typical American selfish millionaire, who got where he is because of his family.What an idiot. Your country sounds amazing. Lots we could learn from you!!!


Now that’s telling him!


And fking Denmark took part in the 2003 invasion of Fing Iraq and f***king Denmark is cracking down on asylum seekers and migrants with a quarter of Danish people actually want muslims deported

While I thoroughly enjoyed reading this piece, and find Mr. Shalchi’s rebuttal comprehensively spot on, I am most impressed with the organization, Human Act, that he founded and promotes here.

… an organization dedicated to making a “difference in the life of the millions of people living in extreme poverty.”

And from their website:
Human Act is a world-wide development organization. We are determined to prove that extreme poverty is not a natural state to accept, and that the goods of the world can be differently distributed.

Now that’s something we could certainly use more of, especially from those who are at the other end of our socioeconomic strata.


Dear Donny Douche: Please euthanize yourself.


At least Cohen told the truth and implicated The Donald in felonies.


Donny Douche would probably be even more scathing about the land of my birth with an ‘expensive’ healthcare system that rivals Denmark’s, Belgium. Unlike him and other deliberately deluded American plutocrats who like having a desperate workforce to choose from and exploit; I am grateful to hold a Belgian passport. I made sure of this after witnessing my mother become an adult onset diabetic (which she found out about by going into a coma) while living paycheck to paycheck in the USA. If not for her Belgian citizenship that allowed her to return (where she gave up green card in the process) and access a healthcare system that allowed to live with a measure of dignity without crippling expenses: she would’ve died at the age of 47 instead of 72.


My thoughts too while reading this beautiful response commentary from Mr. Shalchi.

Denmark took in 20,000 Syrian refugees yet has a population of only 5 million so that’s one for every 250 people, the USA took in less than that, just 16,000 even though the US was instrumental in starting the war there so more responsible for them, yet has a population of 327 million so that’s one for every 20,437 people, so I know between those two countries which is the one I think is the most ‘xenophobic.’ The one that walks the walk rather than talks the talk. If the USA had been as ‘xenophobic’ as Denmark it would have received getting on one and a half million.

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