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Dear Politicians: Lower Drug Prices Now

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/08/20/dear-politicians-lower-drug-prices-now

Not gotta happen UNLESS a Warren or Sanders become President AND we get an actual House & Senate that represents US.

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We choices on so many other issues as well.

Maybe the CEO who raised prices on insulin, should be facing a manslaughter for all those who died because the price of their medicine was too high for them to afford. Or,
maybe the Congress people who voted to give Big Pharma so much—maybe they should be held responsible too.
Of course, what Trump and Co, are doing to he people of Venezuela and even Puerto Rico, maybe this too should be held accountable for deaths when the price of medicine causes people to cut use or to go without.
I wish the UN would take on this issue—because when drug makers make medicines impossible for the People----they should be held to account, which would include fines and jail. After all, without meds aren’t those people essentially living in medical concentration camps----?


Rationing insulin and dying of diabetes. The victimization of diabetics in a century when there’s no excuse for denying anyone insulin. I’m not diabetic myself, but I have intimate acquaintance with the disease. Nothing degrades and damns USAmerica more severely than arbitrary death sentences for diabetics. Nothing makes me more angry.


That is, it won’t happen thru voting!

The government can supply free flu shots so doesn’t that seem to be the way to go for life or death medications across the board? Humanity needs to be more humane.


For imprisoned migrants: no flu shots. That’s hate so powerful you’re driven to put everyone at risk.

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Hi Aleph_Null:

It is horrifying that measles has come back. It is horrifying that some are saying vaccines kill, and It is horrifying that health care is so expensive, that people die from lack of money, or from not being able to out run mosquitoes, or the Nile Virus insect bites. But then, when people are dying from visiting the ocean in Florida and Texas, and die from the flesh eating disease-------- it’s amazing that the ocean can kill us—but then we have to look at all that governments have done to the oceans. : (

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We need healthcare centers in every neighborhood-----------I’m not sure about these medications-----are they just part of the corrupt healthcare system in this country.

It’s funny how every politician supports lower drug prices but it never happens-----just shows how gullible people are----how many people die in this country because of the crappy healthcare system----I know many—and many horror stories.

It cost $2 to produce a vial of insulin, and now the public pays $10 in Canada and $300 in US.
Discovered by Dr. Banting in 1923 in Canada, here’s a few sentences from a story about him that should piss everyone off today: “Discovering insulin could have made Banting very rich, but he decided to give the patent away for free. He wanted insulin to be available to everyone, not held out of reach at exorbitant prices”.
Nationalize Pharmaceutical companies NOW.