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Dear Sen. Perdue: Kamala Is the Name of Great Americans

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/10/18/dear-sen-perdue-kamala-name-great-americans


I think we know that Republicans like Perdue, much like Trump, revert to third-grade tactics of reaching out to the lowest common denominator in their audiences because they really have no ideas of substance nor inspiration. They rattle off “jobs” and “family values” and “patriotism” expecting Pavlovian responses from the crowds. Unfortunately, it often works as our broken education system fails to challenge many to develop critical thinking skills to see through the chicanery. The last five years of the Trump shit-show have opened the eyes of many–hopefully enough–and more hopefully motivated them to get to the polls. The Republicans played their loyalty game down to almost their last soldier. I look forward to the schadenfreude of watching them eat one another–it was always their choice and they chose poorly.


I assume that “Perdue” comes from the French “perdu,” which means LOST!! His name predicts that he about to LOSE the next election!!! GOOD RIDDANCE!!!


… Pur-dee… par-doo… par-rude… prude…

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Right on; exceptionally well said.


As if Doobiescrew had not already exposed both his ignorance AND his stupidity. (That IS how you pronounce it, isn’t it Mr. Perverse?). His humanity seems to have shrunk in inverse relation to his bankroll.

The real schadenfreude for me will be when the Amerikan, Fascist, Party is completely destroyed!

Best response to his ignorance! All extremely accomplished women and all I equate him to is chicken as in the brand.