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Dear So-Called President Trump: Where’s My Protest Paycheck?


Dear So-Called President Trump: Where’s My Protest Paycheck?

Peter Dreier

Dear So-Called President Trump:


Peter Dreier-For President! Impeach Trump Now!


I'll second that!


Trump figures that seeing how he has been paying shills to attend his campaign events for nearly two years, that somebody must be paying protesters.

From the time I first protested at Sproul Hall in 1964 through the current Trump protests I have always considered my efforts sweat equity in the eternal fight against fascism.

Recall the scene in the 1974 movie Godfather II where while riding through the streets of Havana in 1958 watching cops and soldiers fighting Castro's revolutionaries, Michael Corleone comments to the Murkin "investors" riding with him that "the cops and soldiers are getting paid while the revolutionaries are not and that means the revolutionaries can win". Within days Batista left Cuba and Castro took over.


That quote brings up two thoughts
1. We are out there to protect democracy and future generations. THAT is our paycheck.The police (and soon to be military?) are out there because they are 'just following orders". Which brings me to my next thought.
2. What side will the police and military take when they are ordered to shoot on peaceful protesters? Or will enough cross the line to our side and join us in the protest against the rumpublicans hateful agenda, or at the very least put down their weapons and walk away?


Let's keep these protests up for all neolibcon policies!


New Party of the People! Let's all put People, Planet, and Peace over Profit. March towards a Green Revolution. The 'Reds' and the 'Blues' have betrayed the majority. The Ethically Challenged Elites have betrayed the majority. It is time for the Majority to Rule!