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Dear Tony Blair: It’s Not the Pitch, It’s the Product


Dear Tony Blair: It’s Not the Pitch, It’s the Product.

Richard Eskow


With all due respect, Mr. Eskow, it's not what these scoundrels BELIEVE, it's what they must state in order to cover up their Crimes:

"Whatever their differences, Tony Blair and Nigel Farage certainly share a belief in the innocence of bankers. “The right attacks immigrants while the left rails at bankers,” Blair complains in his op-ed, describing both as “the venting of anger at those in power and the addiction to simple, demagogic answers to complex problems.”

This is an important and accurate portrait:

"Both men employed social liberalism and personal charm to turn their parties rightward and expand the power of the global financial sector. They and their associates shared a common inclination to dismiss the left – once the heart and soul of their own parties – as the vestige of a dead age, a nest of shrill and clueless extremists no better than the right."

Prior to Blair and Clinton, Margaret Thatcher and Ronald Reagan both sang from the same hymnal whose lyrics largely demonized government. What better way to set into place the ideology that would replace government functions with far more costly (albeit, profitable to elite interests) private ones that reciprocally lacked accountability to the public, i.e. those actually picking up the tab!

Two things are possible: Either the agendas influencing both nations are set in Deep State enclaves, or both are subject to the cyclic trends of time.


Right on, Mr. Eskow! And of course, this is precisely what Mrs. Clinton is tasked with sustaining under the perfect-pitched, audience-tested P.R. pabulum.

"But the problem isn’t the sales pitch, Mr. Blair. The problem is the product.

"The “centrists” in Tony Blair’s New Labor and Bill Clinton’s New Democrats might disagree with their electoral opponents about certain policies, but they agreed with them on some key principles: the power of free markets, the privatization of government services, and a global economic order that emphasized corporate control over trade.

"This shared ideology led to bank deregulation, weakened unions, stagnant wages, soaring inequality, personality-driven elections and the undermining of the social contract – all executed with “bipartisan” comity.

"The public is tasting the fruit of these centrist successes now. Turns out they don’t much care for it."

And the same shit sandwich is served up to the U.S. public under the guise of having a "choice."

"Blair unironically laments the public’s loss of respect for “experts.” He fails to note that the experts in question repeatedly failed to predict the effects of their own policies – and paid no price for their failures. But then, neither has Blair."

In her chronicle on "The Shadow Elite," author Janine Wedel explains that those within this network "fail upwards." In other words, they are rewarded for their loyalty to a very specific agenda.

In the same way that the military's upper echelon is rewarded for wars that are never won while their authors (of the doctrines of mass destruction) hide behind the "mistakes were made" meme, the same innocence is portrayed when no mistakes were made. These are deliberate acts whose consequences WERE known in advance.

Just as NAFTA's reduction of jobs sets a precedent that surely the TPP and TIPP will follow; the evisceration of the wall painstakingly built to protect investment banking from Wall St. (Glass Steagall Act) had results that could be predicted given that the wall was put in place after the Great Depression to protect against the very thing MADE to happen once it came down!


Great documentary... and helps to explain the Blairs, Trumps, and Clintons of this world:


Around 60% of the British youth vote couldn't be bothered to get of their backsides and go vote. Not remotely a hardship in a country where all polling stations are within easy walking distance.

They're complaining now, blaming their parents and grandparents when they are a large enough demographic to have made the difference!


Ah come on, Glastonbury was on! They wanted the selfies and to tweet about how muddy it was.


"Nigel Farage, head of the far-right UKIP party"

CORRECTION Common Dreams. NIgel Farage, head of the neo-nazi UKIP party.

Otherwise the article is correct about Tony Bliar and how following Thatcher's maggoting of British social democracy he continued her work avidly. As has done since 1984 the New Zealand Labour Party and since 1982 the Australian Labour Party albeit to a lesser extent, until 1995, than the New Zealanders. Funny how the Murdoch press controls the newspapers in the UK, New Zealand and Australia.


I wish the Brits would do more than just leave the EU. They should also leave NATO. If the UK really wants independence, it should break away from the USA & Israel.


Legacy of empire is that the UK has a huge population of Indian, Pakistani, Caribbean, Irish etc. This has been wearing down many white working class people since the 50's. The NHS is a sacred cow there - a wonderful result of post WW2 optimistic socialism.
Clinton supporting neo-liberals should heed the UK result and DNC super-delegates should be looking over their shoulders at a Trump presidency. The wise choice is still Bernie.