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Dear Trump Voter


Dear Trump Voter

Robert Reich

If you voted for Donald Trump, I get it. Maybe you feel you’ve been so badly shafted by the system that you didn’t want to go back to politics as usual, and Trump seemed like he’d topple that corrupt system.

You voted to change our country’s power base – to get rid of crony capitalism and give our government back to the people who are working, paying taxes, and spending more just to survive. Lots of Americans agree with you.

But now, the president is turning his back on that idea and the many changes he promised.


Great good sense from you, Mr Reich. But I fear that only those of us who agree with are seeing this. If only we could get this on TV…
Thank you!


They are getting the change they were promised or at least an attempt for change. The change was to the turn the US into a white nationalist country. Bringing Steve Bannon on board to run the campaign was clear sign that this is what change meant. People may be disappointed because overthrowing democracy in the US and replacing it with fascism is proving not be that easy. The free press has not yet been subdued. The courts are still operating in a normal manner. Many state governments are trying to resist. And liberal activists are out in large numbers nearly everywhere. Plus there there are investigations of Russian connections that Trump has been unable to halt. Part of the country is working toward a white nationalist fascist country and part is working to save democracy and the constitution. It is not clear at this point which side will suceed.


It is not a free press it is corporate media and they spin the story to their benefit and don’t tell news that should be reported.

Corporate media is part of the problem here in Amerika but Trump just wants to shut it down and be a dictator where corporate media wanted status quo not endangering their profit flow which Trump has been obliging.


Many US voters have been lying to themselves for so long that they either can’t or don’t value truth…its simply not on their radar.

During the 2016 campaign Trump was spot on when he said he could shoot somebody on Fifth Avenue and not lose a single vote.


Yes, a real measure of how extreme Trump is is that I find myself, after years of supporting anti-corporate media activist organization such as FAIR and with a bookshelf of works by Herman, Chomsky, and McChesney, I suddenly find that I must now actually side with the corporate media. I cannot even wear my old “Don’t Trust the Corporate Media” T-shirt without getting mistaken for a Trumpist!

But I am not surprised. I explained again and again in the run-up to the election that the left would be forced to ally itself with its own enemies in the corporate liberal establishment Trump, instead of Clinton, is elected.


This article is a fine example of trying to talk sense to a brick.


Wouldn’t it be nice to send the nationalist morons to their own “country” as in the deep South. They’ve wanted to secede since the civil war.


The US has one of the freest presses in the world. I think when our press is compared with the press in other countries our free press can be better appreciated. Denying there is free press just plays into the hands of the right. They are claiming the press is completely biased against Trump and actually lies all the time. The most important job of the press is to tell the public what the government is doing despite the government trying to keep what they are doing from the public. I think the press does a reasonably good job of it. I don’t see why it matters who owns the news outlets as long as they are doing their job well. But I will grant that there has been too much consolidation of ownership. This is not healthy in a democracy.


“You voted to change our country’s power base – to get rid of crony capitalism and give our government back to the people who are working, paying taxes, and spending more just to survive. Lots of Americans agree with you.”

By voting for Stein, I knew I was helping Trump win but it was a way to get back at the neoliberal Democrats. I could not vote for the warmongering Democrat and neoliberals that sabotaged Bernie. I was gullible enough to believe Trump about getting out of the wars. At my age, I should know a con man when I see one.

I think the best revenge now is to take the Dem party back from the neoliberals. With many progressive candidates now, that is a distinct possibility.


Agree to disagree, they do what is best for their bloated bottom line and profits for owners.


So have you

An odd statement from someone who sided with the “corporate liberal establishment” push for war crimes on Syria.


Yes. The Man of the People Assad!

The murdering, torturing thug Assad has always been a friend of the USA save for a few rough times when the US had to hold its puppet at arms length - like the US did with its puppet Saddam in years past. Or does the illiterate-idiot US -left regard the late Saddam now a “Man of the People” now too?

I presume that you are cheering all the Syrians dying under the US bombs in Raqqa for Assad’s benefit right now, right?


If by “free” you mean access to wide range of viewpoints from the political spectrum particularly to the left of the “elite consensus” of the business interests, in the print, and broadcast media, then no… just no. The US does not have a free press compared to Europe or Latin America. This lack of diversity of of viewpoints an alternate opinions from any direction except the extreme right is one of the first things that a visitor to the US notices.

How much traveling have you done? Do you at least spend any time talking to visitors from other nations?

I strongly suggest that you read “Manufacturing Consent - the Political Economy of the Mass Media” by Herman and Chomsky.


You forgot to mention how he skeet shoots babies and then drinks their blood. Don’t worry Yunzer, one of these days those WMDs are going to turn up and your guilty conscious will be assuaged.

And those Syrians, like the Libyans, are being massacred thanks to you and your coalition of deluded humanitarian interventionists. Pat yourself on the back pal, you deserve it.


They make their money by being good at journalism. Good journalism means more readers or viewers. There should not be a conflict between good journalism and profits. Where there is a problem is that many readers or viewers want “fluff” and that results in a lot of lifestyle stuff which really isn’t news. And don’t forget the journalists are very competitive in getting stories to enhance their own reputations. This leads to good journalism and more information for the public.


The politics in some European and South American countries is much further left than in the US which is why you will see more viewpoints on the left in their major media. We do have a left wing alternative media which is part of the free press and people can get left viewpoints there. The right also has its own media. My feeling is the big problem is the people not the media. There are people who limit themselves to the left wing echo chamber or the right wing echo chamber and do not expose themselves to the other views. Also there are people limiting themselves only to the mainstream media which is also limiting. We have free press but it is up to each of us to take advantage of it. Just limiting ourselves only to the views that we agree with is not a good thing for a democracy. Social media like Facebook is making this limiting of views to only those a person agrees with worse.


For the many Trump voters on CD.


Are you saying you have actually done that comparison? (between US press and those in other richer industrialized countries). My french is pretty bad - I’ve tried to read Le Monde in the past but not enough to give an opinion. When most people in the US are critical of the “press”, I think we are referring to the TV media as well and in the limited amount of time I’ve watched network TV news, I have to say that BBC is way better and if I understood other languages, I’m guessing German, Danish, etc. media is better too. Did you see the Reporters without Borders ranking of the US at 41st in press freedom last year? I really don’t have much respect for most of our press/media in the US and I refuse to back off from that assertion on the idea that I’m helping the Trump bandwagon. Please make your case for the US press being the best or near best in the world.

And on your first post - I realize you think it (Trump winning) is all about racism, but I and many others here still reject that as well. Reich is making a convincing case to many of Trump voters who wanted to a change from the Clinton wing triangulation that brought them many of the downfalls of the middle class economy that they are experiencing. I’m not saying the anti-immigrant of anti-feminist, anti-gay pandering didn’t help Trump among many voters, but it is the economic populist message that he succeeded in getting across and to which Clinton failed to counter that is the thing that pushed him over the top that he should have never had the ability to capitalize on so well. As Thomas Frank points out, why the hell didn’t Obama publicly abandon the TPP and do whatever it took to prevent an ACA premium rise right before the election? - is his post presidential income more important than getting Clinton elected? Democrats can’t match Trump on being anti-immigrant (though I’d say we can advocate for rational policy that will still speak to people’s fears of unbridled immigration) and of course we don’t want to move the clock back on women’s or gay rights but we could certainly not cede the populist aspects to the Republicans - that’s just moronic.


Did you know that Jill Stein is a person of interest with the FBI regarding Russian meddling?