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Dear Us and Dear Bernie: A Few Notes on Our Revolution


Dear Us and Dear Bernie: A Few Notes on Our Revolution

Michael Albert

Left commentary berates mainstream media for serving up ‘too much Trump.” Fair enough, but left writers also flood us with endlessly repetitive Trump coverage.

Left commentary claims that at election time an endless stream of writers overemphasize the ephemeral and ignore the serious. True, but left writers also continually repeat what people already know while offering few usable lessons for the future.


Skimmed and will return to it, but it looks Excellent! Thanks. :O)


Sorry not to see talk of Dr. Jill Stein, but the gist is true enough. We have to keep the OUR in "Our" Revolution.


I couldn't keep up the energy to read all the detail. There was already so much about organization and structure, and waiting for someone to create it. Some of us have simply been carrying on, being the revolution, and refusing to feel betrayed, even when we've been actively rejected by some of the organizations that have already sprung up. That is the revolution that I've observed and that I expect to see continue: a revolution that just. plain. happens.


When Bernie was campaigning he made sure to point out and include groups like Black Lives Matter, Occupy and many others fighting for equality. To me, the first thing Our Revolution should do is get the endorsement and cooperation of all of these groups with an agreement they would stand together and support each others activism, marches, and so forth. They could remain under their own group but also be under one banner, one voting bloc. The Green party could be the new party of the groups, all voting together. I hate to use the term cause Killery uses it, but it's true, we are stronger together.
The amount of people that make up all the active groups out there voting Green and protesting under one banner makes each group stronger and gives us a viable political party, we'll need both if the revolution keeps moving forward.


Insightful as always, Michael! I think that we can have our cake and eat it too, though. Trump is such an object lesson in the toxicity of American politics and the cancer in our body politic that we can fight against him while building consciousness for future issues.


Sorry, the revolution I'm engaged in isn't about a party, and it certainly isn't about some designated decision-makers signing "endorsements" and "agreements" to bind each other's resources (membership) to vote en bloc. You also seem to assume that there's no overlap among the groups. As far as I can tell, there's deep overlap, because that's what the revolution is about.


Why reinvent the wheel? The Green Party platform articulates rvery progressive goal espoused by Bernie and many, many more. THe Green Party could have benefiited by a big name, popular candidate joining Jill Stein and the sizeable number of true progressive who have already begun building a structure. Unfortunately, Bernie has chosen to work within the Party which he had never belonged to previous to this election. He owed nothing to the Party which blocked his candidacy in every possible way. He is behind the eight ball. People are leaving the Democratic Party in droves. The revolution Bernie talks about can never be accomplished within the Democratic Party. It is a facade on the national level. Only works on the local level and sometimes on the state level if the state is small enough. Trying to start a Revolution only diminishes the work that the Green Party has put in these many years by splitting voters who would generally agree on everything. Progressive action within the Democratic Party will be spun as support for Hillary or she can hide behind the revolution and do what she pleases. EVerybody has one piece of political power, his or her vote. It would be truly revolutionary to give it to the Green Party


I beg to differ, it is very much about a party, a third party that will give all the voices a platform in the government. There is a great deal of overlap as Bernie pointed out so the ability to come together and work for the benefit of each is productive.


Complacency......The Democratic Party welcomes you in......Reminds me of the Clown Grinning from the Stephen King's It movie.....Come on in to our Democratic Party.....

The more house parties, the less action....
IF you are sincerely Progressive, think of the only chance that you have, the Green Party.
things will not change from within the Democratic Party, it's too corrupt, just look at HRC as the chosen one. Good luck to you.


Spoken like a true organizer! Unless the local Green Party meeting is at the same time as these house parties, it seems like a perfect platform to meet other likeminded individuals and potential allies. A revolution is not getting to everybody to agree to everything; it is to find the common issues that bind most folks to a set of shared demands. The more multi-partisan and diverse the grouping is, the better the outcome will be.

A good organizer should be able to persuade a few of the attendees to come to the next Green Party meeting, too.


I am deeply thankful for Bernie having de-stigmatized the expression "democratic socialism."

Frankly, I wonder if Mr. Albert isn't already overthinking and setting up for paralysis by analysis.


OK. A revolution for what, and for whom? The US has been racing backwards for years, back to the years leading into the Great Depression. The US shut down/shipped out a massive number of jobs since the 1980s, ended actual welfare in the 1990s, and still pretends there are no consequences. The past 20 years have been focused on maintaining a pep rally for the middle class. In real life, not everyone is able to work (health, etc.) and there aren't jobs for all. We have a poverty crisis out here. The US has fallen well behind the modern nations in virtually every respect, and can no longer adequately compete in the modern world economy. The overall life expectancy of the US poor has continued to fall, and the number of Americans in deep poverty has soared. Nudging up the minimum wage is like putting a piece of duct tape on a widening crack in a dam.

On the commentary of the left, we haven't heard it in years. It was drown out by the liberals' pep rally for the middle class. If the US had an organized left, they would have been shining a spotlight on our poverty crisis -- the proof of the failures of our deregulated capitalism. Our own 20th Century history shows why it's impossible to save (much less, to rebuild) the middle class without shoring up the poor. I think we've reached the point where it's no longer possible to pull the masses together to push back (against financial and corporate powers) for the common good.


Ah, but there's the catch: democratic socialism includes a legitimate welfare system. When was the last time you heard liberals call for restoring the basic food and shelter to America's poor?


But, dear us, what if whoever is working on “Our Revolution” instead establishes a structure that will, if not altered, obstruct the virtues we desire? Will we then dismiss “Our Revolution” and ignore or even attack it? I hope not. Will we passively accept its initial definition without seeking corrections?

I also hope not, and "Our Revolution" will not persist any sense or within any political party as long as it is associated in any way with the rotting, corrupted body of the US Democratic Party. In his current state Sanders can only, as an independent, help you occasionally but he can no longer lead you. Follow the lead of Kshama Sawant or join the Greens.


I got an invitation by email. At first, I was tempted to go, but then I got to thinking that it would probably just be a plug to get behind Killary. For now, I'll stick with the Green Party Revolution. Come November, we'll see what direction my revolutionary attitude is going!


Revolutions don't just plain happen. They require involvement and participation.


I think that many of you have really missed the main thrust of Michael Albert's essay. The revolution we need has nothing to do with electoral politics, elections, or political candidates - ANY political candidates.


If Bernie wants me to continue with him in ''Our/His Revolution''
-- he will have to endorse Dr. Margaret Flowers for U.S. Senate from Maryland.

All the rumble about ''lesser evil'' -- Hill v. Jill isn't going to change anybody's mind
at the Presidential level.

But it's not going to hurt ''Our/His Revolution'' one iota to get a few Greens into Congress.

Yo Bernie, the ''Our/His Revolution'' should be a BIG TENT, endorsing Greens and socialists
like Kshama Sawant --

OTHERWISE, it's just another SHEEP-DOG ploy dear leader Bernie.


I think you're missing the point. This "revolution" is not about Bernie anymore. It's about what we who engage in it want. It doesn't have to be accomplished within the Democratic party, at least that's not my desire. My desire is to solidify what our goals are and what we think would make this country work for all of us.