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Dear Wendy’s: I’m Boycotting You, but I’m Not the One You Should Be Worried About


Dear Wendy’s: I’m Boycotting You, but I’m Not the One You Should Be Worried About

Greg Kaufmann

Dear Wendy’s,

In the summer of 1988 I worked in Lowell, Massachusetts painting houses.

The pay was lousy, the heat oppressive, and the work was exhausting. Many nights I would collapse, fully clothed, on my mattress on the floor of the dingy, mouse-infested apartment I rented.

But before I hit the sack, there was one thing I usually looked forward to: your Superbar (now defunct). For about $3.00 I could get my fill of salad, fruit, Mexican food, and pasta.


An excellent address and well directed. I too SO miss the chance to eat at Wendy's, which has the only chicken nuggets I've found worth eating. I learned about CIW through my faith community, the Presbyterian Church (USA), and a couple of years ago published my own review of why Wendy's needs to wake up.

By Adityamadhav83 (Own work) [CC-BY-SA-3.0 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0)], via Wikimedia Commons


Sweet!! Gotta love it when people take on the don't give a damn companies.
Wendy's has gone downhill for so long I don't even know anyone that goes there anymore.


Rather than pleading, hat-in-hand, for the capitalists to "be nice" with things like "codes of conduct" and other mostly meaningless stuff, why don't the Immokalee Workers in conjunction with the workers in Mexico, organize a union. Only a union, with thousands of workers united, with the the power to withdraw their labor, and thereby bargain with the capitalist's from a position of strength, will get the goods.


Love when people take back their power!


To think that a penny a lb. can help make this much difference...wow.


Read the article, and maybe look into what the CIW has indeed accomplished, and see how silly your comment is. Workers in Mexico (and elsewhere) could indeed benefit from a coalition with them, but a great start would be for Wendy's to join every other fast-food chain and multiple grocery chains in Fair Food.


True Wendy's drive thru story:

Wendy's squawk box: Welcome to Wendy's. May I take your order?
Customer: Just a minute.
Wendy's squawk box: Okay, one chicken. Will there be anything else?
Customer: No, No, I said just a minute to decide.
Wendy's squawk box: Okay, that is one chicken and two fries. Please proceed to the takeout window.


Lately I liked Whole Foods Orange Chicken Nuggets.


Might try 'em, but I can't scoop 'em up via drive-through when I'm exhausted and famished, with a caesar salad or cup of chili as the side, according to the season, to be eaten after I get home. Sigh.


Sorry, but your complaint is really not what they should be worried about.


I stopped eating there not too long after the founder passed on. The burgers weren't as good and the fries were horrible. Whatever they did obtaining food really changed and not for the better. I know a lot of parents who refuse to take their kids to Wendy's or MacD's (a very good thing). This is an even better reason not to support Wendy's operations.


I can't avoid Wendy's because I would never ever eat the junk served in fast food? Restaurants. Want a stroke or a massive heart attack? Eat their fried cholesterol and clog your veins. No thanks!


TPP will take care of CIW and other pesty worker organizations that try to limit Corporate Profits in any way.


What does it have to say about where restaurants and groceries get their tomatoes? What does it have to say about Florida, or Mexico for that matter?


This just means you eat crap food with little to no nutrition for the calories. Clog and clot your blood veins and find out what a stroke is all about. Good luck with that!