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Dear White Supremacists: There Will Be No Race War


Dear White Supremacists: There Will Be No Race War

Steven Singer

This one goes out to all the white boys.


Not ALL the white boys.

Just the ones who think being “white” and being a “boy” means the world owes them something.

"There will be no race war... Not now. Not ever."

Cause I’m white, too, and I know it doesn’t make me any better than anyone else.

But not you.


And their dear fuhrer is in the White House.


Isn’t it ironic, don’t you think. Supremacists quake at those other than pink. (Set to music by Alanis Morissette)


Bravo, great piece.
Anyone know the history of how we got here? If the beginning of mankind started in Africa, how did some come to the conclusion that they are white and above the rest of the human race?
It’s gonna be a hoot when these people get to the pearly gates and find out god is a entity of color.


The irony of all this is that human life began in Africa. All these white nationalists are black at their very core. In one sense black skin was the original purity. White skin is a mutation away from that. And these white nationalists think they were original and pure. Why can’t they see the insanity and lies of their claims. They are nothing but mutants and not very bright ones at that. The whole concept of race is nonsense in a deep and true sense. We ALL came from the same source and we are all the same human beings.


Trust me, ReconFire. The Gates of Hell are not “Pearly.”


Geez, Right you are about that, although, Trump and his KKK, Alt-Right, White Nationalist (I really dislike using that phrase) base, are pretty freaking far from being labeled “Human.”

“Animal” might be more appropriate.


Good question.

I imagine many supremacists don’t think it out. It’s probably similar to the dynamic of folk who buy into the ‘US Exceptionalism’ propaganda and the notion that the US is entitled to slaughter masses of innocent men, women, and children with impunity as part of its global wars.


OK, but what ideas are there for actually addressing the KKK when they come at us barking and reminding us that they have guns?

I’m sure most of us have the experience of some stranger coming at us in public and barking about evil blacks and liberals and that they have guns and know how to use them.

What then? This incident seemed like a good idea, but it resulted in murder. So how do we deal directly with them?


It’s easy, and it doesn’t take much effort to blame these couple hundred ignorant aggressive losers - who are not that different from the similar ones who join ISIS and the likes. It does take a whole lot more thinking and courage to dig into what produces them. As their violence may be street explicit…but its magnitude is minuscule, compared to the massive slow implicit and steady violence and racism and classism that is well built and designed into our entire system - both economic and political.


“So how do we deal directly with them?”

Our prison system is overflowing with innocent drug offenders who have harmed nobody and non-violent offenders of many sorts.

Free these people and make room for those with violent tendencies. Create legislation to punish those who would do harm to others with jail time.


Is that Jared Kushner in the picture with the sunglasses on, holding a Tiki torch, and saying “Heil Trump?”


Well said Mr. Singer! I am tempted to print out several copies, just to hand out to anyone who will read this. You have perfectly explained how a lot of us white men feel.

Just look at the photo which accompanies the article! The Nazi salute, for God’s sake! Further proof that this had nothing to do with the removal of the statue. That was just used to get the permit for the “protest”, which had everything to do with provoking violent confrontation!


Give them all DNC test that tell all your nationaluties. Nazis are really criminals using an excuse to plunder and pillage society once they have power.


Thanks for calling out the dynamics that underlie supremacism, Mr. Singer.

Thanks for honestly expressing the emotions that naturally arise in a field utterly saturated with violence.

Thanks for admitting that emotions actually ARE part of politics.

And: can we look at the violence inherent in telling people we will crush them if/when they express the darkness that is in their hearts?

We live on one round watery planet, and there is no place to throw anyone away. Killing supremacists doesn’t stop supremacy any more than killing people of color stops humanity from growing in its capacity to appreciate our diversity. Putting humans in jail is not a solution either, as the U.S.’ recent experiments in mass incarceration demonstrate.

Only when we look inside and find that the same darkness tends to plague ALL human hearts will we be on the path to a true change in our species’ persistent violent behaviors.

Just as the same basic biological materials are combined to make an infinite variety of human physical bodies, the same basic emotional, mental and spiritual elements combine in us to make an infinite array of emotional, mental and spiritual stories about why we suffer and what we can do about it.

And within all that diversity, fear is all the same. Within that diversity, Love is all the same.

No, I don’t know what to do today, on the physical level, with/for people who have become habituated to playing out the fear through physically driving cars into crowds–or raping babies.

I also don’t know what to do with/for the legions of humans who regularly mow down populations and their own children with divisive, dominating thoughts, words, and non-verbal behaviors–while denying they are subject to violence and seeing everyone else as responsible for our human problem with violence.

I do know some things we can do to head in the right direction, right now, wherever we are.

  1. Acknowledge that propensity to violence has plagued our species since its inception, everywhere on Earth.

While some people have arguably done a better job than others in addressing and ameliorating the problem, the fact is that we as a species have not yet licked our collective problem with violence. Therefore,

  1. Stop pretending someone already has the right solution to our human problem with violence, and the issue is only that “we” can’t get “them” to do the obviously right thing.

(Since, as humans, we must pretend, try instead pretending that we are all scientists engaged in a vast, long term experiment on how to transform violence into better loving…)

  1. Admit that not speaking about the darkness that lives in our hearts does not make it go away.

We’ve tried that, all over the world, for many generations in many different ways–and it hasn’t worked. It has not yet stemmed either our chronic daily violence to one another and other species, or our vulnerability to periodic acute eruptions of large-scale physical violence (a.k.a. war).

  1. Recognize that we are all now in a situation where it appears that failure to decisively transform our species’ tendency toward violence will literally kill us all, one way or another, within a relatively short time period.

Ecology speaks in our common mother tongue, telling us that our violence toward “others” does indeed rebound on us. Telling us unequivocally that we’re all in this together.

And telling us we’re out of time. Out of time for our old excuses. Out of time for putting off until tomorrow dealing with the conundrum of our violence at a root level.

Although things look really bleak right now, I see us moving–rapidly and collectively–in the right direction.

We’re watching these dynamics play out all together, all over the world. We’re all feeling the same things: fear, anger, hope, despair, grief and courage. We can see that people everywhere are feeling the same things, facing the same dilemma in an array of different costumes.

And we’re talking to each other, all over the world, about what we feel and see.

This is miraculous and unprecedented. No one knows what will emerge from this utterly novel situation next, but there’s no good reason to assume it will be more of the same old dreadful same old.

Each time one of us decides to see our situation in a deeper, more heartfelt and curious way, things change. We can always do that, and lots of us are.

Viva La Evolution !


So basically the right is forced to allow the gang-rape of 3 year old girls, while the left denies it even happening. And if the right tries to prevent these injustices (I mean please what could a 3 year old possibly have done to deserve that?) they will be starting a war that is basically already taking place. Whether the left admits it or not, whites are being butchered and called racist when they defend themselves.

But to be honest this is not the main problem. This is not persecution against white people or the right. This is persecution against Christians. It is Christians who follow the example of Jesus who did not kill anyone, in fact when one of His disciples cut off the ear of His enemy Jesus healed him. The persecution is against those who refuse to take part in the sin of this world. Those who do not want to take part in murder, homosexuality and the barbaric behavior you see today. It is persecution against the only group of people that are in fact doing their best to be 100% peaceful. But this is what you get for allowing the stranger (gentile) to rule your land. As it was prophesied in Deuteronomy and in Ezekiel. First comes the siege, then comes the war. And last but not least, slavery. Already happening in Canada. But God does not sleep, those who knowingly and willingly defy Him will burn. Those that won’t even try to bring glory to God will burn in the lake of fire for all eternity.

The left will continue down this path, but be warned. Everyone will get what they deserve.


It started hundreds of years ago when western ‘civilization’ insisted they were superior to anyone else, driven by their religion. Hundreds of years of slavery and genocide against others who were not like them. Hundreds of years of white men saying that only they had the right to rule and that others had no power and made sure they didn’t by law and force.
Throw in 400 yrs of institutional racism so that slavery could be justified in the US, genocide, and manifest destiny. And these days dominionists who think they should own the world because god say they should.
About 1500 yrs where white christians thought that god gave them the right to rule is why we are here today, listening to these people saying that only they have the right to power. After all, jews are not black and yet they are the enemy. Many liberals are not black and yet we are the enemy. God gives them the right so they believe God gave them this country, manifest destiny, and they want it back from the rest of us. It gave them the right for slavery and genocide. And if they had their way, both would return.


They would disagree that the human race came from africa. After all to them christ is a blond hair white man, which is most unlikely given where he was suppose to live.


He certainly is not criticizing the white nationalists.


I wish I felt as hopeful as you do. To me, after the fight during the 60s for equal rights, it feels that once again we have to have the same fight again, over and over. I have not seen such open hate since the 60s’. It seems we take one step forward and two steps backwards.
I esp. agree with #4 that if we don’t stop our desire as a species towards violence, it will doom us. And with climate change destroying habitats, the human race will turn against each other more.
I was more hopeful decades ago, but we are a destructive species and we are running out of time. We have only decades to turn things around and I don’t see much effort to do that.
I don’t fear N. Korea, I fear the people who object to N. Korea. Like Bush they will lead us into war and spread destruction across that part of the world. We haven’t learn from our disaster in Iraq or Vietnam about war, they will march into another one and kill many people, destabilize the region, and leave destruction in their wake.