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DEA's "Project Safeguard" Latest Salvo in Failed US War on Drugs

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/10/21/deas-project-safeguard-latest-salvo-failed-us-war-drugs

The stupid greed heads opened Pandora’s Box. The WOD is yet another multiplying pile of shit.

At least people now see that oligarchy breeds animals that rape, rob, pollute, torture and murder.

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The DEA should rename it, “Project War Against The People.”

No point in lying about it.

The only thing being safeguarded is, the wasteful spending of taxpayer money to prolong a system of militaristic oppression.


The WOD is just an excuse to spend money. While you might not agree with the Libertarian Party"s view on many things, I think their platform on drugs is spot-on. ~https://ontheissues.org/Celeb/Libertarian_Party_Drugs.htm

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People need to stop trying to escape this life through chemical engineering and work on something that doesn’t destroy their life and the environment. In some cases their soul as well.

Drugs are a dirty business, even the legal ones.

DEA is using the same old heavy-handed tactics to address a public health issue.

The old adage about when all you have is a hammer …

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Martinza Perez is wrong. The DEA has always had corruption. Even during Jimmy Carter time in the white house, But - murder is the mexican cartel game here. A confessed killer of six gets into the witness protection racket. Three years later, another boss gets in saying he never murdered anyone himself but did order a murder. This guy only stepped forward because competitors found out his home address after too many years.

Police infiltrations taking many years need to be rethought. Too many lives are lost while the police management tries to gain info. Heck, we have every eaves dropping technology readily available. We have under the table communications intercepting large shipments - and - the vehicle gets stopped for a turning signal light,by state police. The dog arrives, sniffs, and gee.