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Death By a Thousand Tax Cuts


Death By a Thousand Tax Cuts

Kaitlin Sopoci-Belknap

Every year at this time, US taxpayers (who bother to read news) are treated to a parade of stories about taxes and tax policy. We learn about the citizens who work multiple jobs and pay their taxes, while falling farther and farther behind in an economy that clearly exists to redistribute wealth upwards. We also learn about corporations, the real “welfare queens,” which have used the courts and legislatures to legally avoid paying their fair share of taxes, while demanding subsidies, tax breaks, and the dismantling of labor unions.


The “real” Welfare Queens are those Corporations getting “Yuge” Tax cuts from Trumps Tax Scam.


Thanks, Kaitlin, for this cogent and succinct and compelling article that needs to be
heard by the 99%. I will do my best to disseminate it. One single page is all you needed to say it all.


The falsehoods that are supported by the 0.1% in economic policy, what we know as mainstream economics is the tool used by the wealthy to advantage themselves and disadvantage the rest of us.
For them tax cuts will reduce the ability of a federal government to fund it’s welfare etc programs. A death by a thousand cuts .

In reality we have Modern Monetary Theory to explain that the federal governments do not use taxes as revenue, not one cent. Instead the currency comes ex nihilo when the government spends to buy its debts, pay it’s bills, etc. It is, by virtue of being the monopoly issuer of the national currency always able to buy debt without going bankrupt. So the much welcomed tax cut does not have the burden of taking away from spending on welfare. Both are affordable. Even now your welfare check is not shown in the government budget figures. So no inflation either to mess things up.


At what point do we not have enough money for war?