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Death by Inequality: Poverty and Racism Are Killing America’s Children


Death by Inequality: Poverty and Racism Are Killing America’s Children

Richard Eskow
The deaths of hundreds of thousands of kids should have dominated the media. They would have been, if terrorists had killed them.
A child born in the U.S. is 76 percent more likely to die before reaching adulthood than a child born elsewhere in the developed world. (Photo: Fibonacci Blue/Flickr/cc)


My hand–Paul Ryan’s head–Ayn Rand’s crotch.


The system that is called “The Free market” under the umbrella that is called Capitalism shows itself as being an inefficient and inhumane system most when it comes to things like Food, Shelter and Health Care. In these three areas especially , the “Free market” rewards what is Anti-Social behaviour.

1>Housing. Seen by most of the middle class as a storehouse as wealth, the homeowner and developers do NOT want to see prices drop. For the Homeowner , once they own a house , a falling house price tranlsates to a loss of wealth. This sees them protesting things like low cost housing in their neighborhoods because home prices might drop. Self Interest sees them opposed to any measures they feel a threat to their wealth. For the developers and bankers, the higher the prices of homes , the greater the return on profits.

This has led to many places being unaffordable to live in. Here In Vancouver many strores can not find people to work for them because the persons who would work for the wages offerred have to commute many miles to work. Highways and bridges are congested as people move further and further away from their place of work so as to get affordable housing.

2>Food. I linked to a passage by John Steinback from “The Grapes of Wrath” outlining how growers would burn or poison food rather then give it away for free as “free food” would depress food prices and lower profits. In the USA as much food is thrown away as is consumed and as others have indicated much of this thrown away food is deliberately spoiled so as to ensure people could not access it for free. During the 1930’s the USA was embarassed by the images of thousands of people lined up at soup kitchens as this gave the appearance of shortage which was supposed to happen only in Communist Countries. Food Stamps were determined to be a way around that wherein those households that could not afford food could be rationed the same with the extra payback that large grocers like Wal Mart would see substantial revenues from the sale of the same (they get full price for the stuff they sell whether to those that can afford it or those that can not). This , in turn with direct subsidies to farmers, would maintain higher profits without leading to food riots. Cities now pass laws that make it illegal to give free food to the poor, not out of concern for the peoples health , but because this a threat to the for profit model.

3>Health Care. The simple truth is that in a “for profit” health care system , the sicker the population, the greater the profits. What has motivated many Governments and the FDA and like agencies in other western countries to make certain drugs like marijuana illegal , is that these homeopathic treatments are seen as a threat to drug industry profits. Even as they rail against marijuana just as example, The Drug Industry moved to patent treatments using the same chemicals found naturally in that plant. With Hospitals TREATING a person sees a greater return on profits then does curing them. Things like Medicaid are in fact a boon to the Health Care industry as once again this allows them to escalate prices and be payed in turn by Government.

Another singular example of the “waste” this system produces (as opposed to efficiency) is something like the Light Bulb. These CAN be made to never burn out but that would affect industry profits so they MUST design in failure so as to ensure a market for the same.

While this at the macro level for each of these industries , the entire system is corrupted by blindly following this model. There no INCENTIVE towards things like cheaper energy, healthier environments and food supplies, more affordable housing and so on because much of industry is built around PROFITING on bad societal outcomes. The prison industry profits more when there more crime. The MIC profits when there more wars. Lawyers profit as the legal system becomes more complex and inaccessible to the Public and the more of Societies waste that is dumped into our Seas for “free” the greater the return on investment to those that produced it.


If the declining US life expectancy since the dawn of the 21st century is any indication, poverty and racism are killing more than “America’s children”.

During the same time frame, life expectancy in most of the wealthy nations and some third world nations has increased.

Perhaps just another example of American exceptionalism ?


Shame…Shame…Shame and a Big dose of Guilt included.

We must fight for and get the Second Bill of Rights as proposed by FDR in 1944. I have addressed this issue with many in office and get no reply. Shame!!!


Now add in the even larger numbers of adults and you’ll get the true nature of what is its own little capitalist holocaust right here in the good ol’ US of A. Killing is profitable. So it will be done. Until or unless we stop it.


One other thing I’ve noticed of late are all the healthy young people dying of the flu. The poor yet again are affected more as they don’t have the funds to see a doctor in time to save their lives. We are having an epidemic yet they want more funds for military when these funds could be used to save lives instead of killing them.


To many in USA, these deaths are not an unfortunate side effect of the corrupt capitalism. They are a desired outcome, because the dead do not vote very often, although they did so occasionally in times past.