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Death of a Supreme Court Justice Famed for Consensus-Building Is Used to Sow Divisions

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/09/22/death-supreme-court-justice-famed-consensus-building-used-sow-divisions

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Upon the 1985 Democratic Leadership Council (DLC) formation the definition of “consensus building” and “bipartisanship” quickly became CAPITULATION TO THE GOP. We are now witnessing what 35 years of that has wrought.

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That 1985 DLD formulation was the party’s trembling response to Rev. Jackson’s impressive 1984 run for the Dem. Pres. nomination. Another tragic turning point in US history.

We need to cope with climate change. We barely acknowledge that climate change is happening. To cope with climate change we probably need to keep most fossil fuel in the ground and get energy to keep our economy going by using sunshine, wind, flowing water, and underground heat to keep electricity flowing along our power lines.