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'Death Sentence for Local Media': Warnings as FCC Pushes Change to Benefit Right-Wing Media Giant


'Death Sentence for Local Media': Warnings as FCC Pushes Change to Benefit Right-Wing Media Giant

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

Free press advocates say rule changes are "massive handout" to broadcaster Sinclair that would have far-reaching and negative impacts in communities nationwide

Federal Communications Chairmain Ajit Pai


Ajit Pai is a corporate stooge.


Sinclair news looks to me like Trump news. No more fake news?


Aw, Pai’s just doin’ his job. Don’t want to let down Don and Bannon now.


I hope someone with standing sues the FCC. Agencies do not have unfettered discretion to make rules. Not being an expert on the rules of broadcasting, I seem to remember that licenses could not be issued if they were contrary to the public interest. It is possible that the FCC could be enjoined from making rules that courts would find to be contrary to the statute that established and guides FCC rule-making. I know that the Social Security Administration is subject to lawsuits that challenge the validity of their rules. I assume that FCC rule-making is similarly subject to judicial review. Hopefully, a legal challenge will hold up the FCC long enough to see a change in leadership.


This week I attended a lecture by a Northwestern University journalism professor and former writer for the Washington Post. I am not a big fan of the Post, but this speaker seemed credible and he was very disturbed by this development. He said this right-wing Sinclair stories will be forced on us and we will not have any idea that is the source of the slanted story. Local affiliates will not be able to decline running the biased story out of Sinclair.
What bothers me is, WE own these airwaves. Yet they have been co-opted by corporatists for their own use.


We used to own the airwaves until Bill “Bubba Doc” Clinton auctioned them off wih the telcom act of 1996.


Yes…and in fact, this looks like a coup! Pai is a trojan horse.


Just like the film “Suppose they gave a war and nobody came?” “Suppose they gave a media and nobody listened?”