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Death Spiral, Debunked: Facts Undercut Major Argument for GOP Healthcare Plan

Death Spiral, Debunked: Facts Undercut Major Argument for GOP Healthcare Plan

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

Republicans have spun a lot of stories in their desperate attempt to sell the repeal of the Affordable Care Act (ACA), or Obamacare—and among their favorites is the narrative that the law is "imploding," in a "


Ryan, a vicious little man.


http://therealnews.com/t2/story:18665:GOP-Health-Care-Plan%3A-Massive-Wealth-Transfer-to-Corporations%2C-Military%2C- and-the-Rich


Ryan Must Resign! All he is doing is selling lies. He was not elected and sent to Washington to deceive his constituents. He is not a public servant, he is a public disgrace and a waste of flesh.

Next to the Liar-in-Chief, Ryan is the second biggest pathological liar in the Republican party.


Nicely put.

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My letter to Senator Patrick Leahy:

I will be calling again soon–just to let you know I am calling every single public library in Vermont to host single-payer healthcare events and so far many are coming on board. There will be one in Montpelier soon.

If Single-Payer did not get the traction it deserved during Obama’s first term it was entirely the fault of him and his party. President Obama, less we forget, had the bully pulpit and chose not to advocate for single-payer. The Democrats went along . Shame on them.

Now, after doing their best to hand over the presidency to Trump by ignoring the better candidate in the form of Bernie Sanders–you included because you did not endorse him–millions of people will loose healthcare. The Democrats owe it to these human beings to come out strong for single payer.

Will you remain on the fence or will you show Bernie’s courage and co-sponser his soon to be released single-payer health care bill? I am not so naive to think it will pass the current administration but we must think ahead to the future.


Giovanna Lepore


Great letter. I have called legislators in MA. Instead of health insurance, people need healthcare. We know that doctors should not be asked to work for free however. It is complicated. In the meantime, many people hate us boomers and call us irresponsible infants.

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May I add- younger generations are accusatory because some boomers had a good time and did not save for retirement. I guess they forgot about VietNam, and the fact that many boomers are retired.

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Democrats invented capitalism I suppose. From which you imagine you abstain. Your vow of poverty appears to have some loopholes.

Despite a market capitalization
among listed companies approaching 80 trillion dollars and 15 trillion in all corporate sales corporations paid 400 billion in tax last year. Individuals paid 2.7 trillion in income +payroll tax on 14 trillion in income

To put both in context, we pay 3 trillion a year for health care (over half on medicare and medicaid) and over 1 trillion on defense and homeland security (include veteran benefits) yet collect only 3.6 trillion in Federal Taxes

Seems to me taxes should be going up. But instead of income and profit tax I suggest scrapping both and replacing it with a wealth tax.

Household net worth is close to 90 trillion which includes corporate ownership of citizens/residents. There is another 30 trillion in US assets owned by foreigners.

Tax that 120 trillion at 3% w/o any income , cspital gains or profits tax and introduce 5% sales tax on 5 trillion in retail sales plus a 0.5% transaction tax on property, stocks and bond sales and 0.1% on any financial transaction over 10,000 dollars while keeping in place the payroll taxes (medicare, ss, unemployment) and this will increase tax revenues from 3.6 trillion to 5.6 trillion.

Then set up a national insurance company , owned by the individual insurance companies like the Fed is for banking. Efficiencies in rolling over all health care into 1 agency and the negotiating power of 1 company representing 300 million customers will drop total HC costs from 3 trillion to 2 trillion. Allow the NIC to keep 6% paid out as dividends and the total cost should be no more than 2.1 trillion. So now the Fed government is left with 3.5 trillion in revenues but no health care burden (SS is self funded)

No premiums or out of pocket expenses for consumers (citizens and legal residents) . Free healthcare for all. Congress has oversight and approves the budget that is allocated to the NIC to control cost increases.

Those wanting better care like single rooms or platic surgery can buy supplementary insurance coverage. Companies and most individuals will have more disposable income for expansion and spending into the real economy (not spending into the fictitious economy which helps nobody but a few rich folks)

Charge a 10% luxury tax paid by the employer on any salary (compensation) in excess of 1 million to reign in HC costs. Heck, apply it to any industry. Thats about 60 billion, enough to build a a couple of more walls

Never happen, but it would work

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It WOULD work if the US was not facing another round of too-big-to-fail bank (TBTFB) bailouts costing tens of trillions. The TBTFB controlled 25% of US bank assets when they crashed the economy in 2008. After Congress put US taxpayers on the hook for $20 plus trillion to bail them out, they now control 50% of US bank assets, so the next round of bailouts will be far bigger than 2008.

Ryan is gutting domestic programs to make sue there is planty of bailout money available, Trump is increasing military spending to make sure there are enough soldiers to neutralize the “domestic disturbances” that will occur after domestic programs are gutted and TBTFB are being showered with more than enough dough to fund a decade of medical care for every Murkin.

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“…insurance companies to whom they are beholden.” In case someone doesn’t know, the insurance companies leave the state entirely like in Kentucky. Then the Republicans say that it’s impossible for “companies” to afford coverage. Slight of hand is the name of this game. Add trurh to the lie.

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Yea. I read about it a few years ago. EPI.org had a great article about that showed Kentucky insurance firms leaving in mass, assumed to be in protest of tha ACA. It was then used by Republicans to “show” the system failing. Insurance companies can do as they wish as any other company. Michael Moore made a documentary that showed they hire ex detectives to look at insurance claims as a murder case meaning they hunt down anything that can give a company any reason to not pay out. There was even a case that a woman died from breast cancer because she had a preexisting condition of having breasts…seriously. Welcome to America.

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If you were any more full of shit, you’d explode.

In my area, a lot of churches host health fairs. Those can also good opportunities for educating people about Single Payer.