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Death to America: Suicide Surge Parallels Era of Economic Woes


Death to America: Suicide Surge Parallels Era of Economic Woes

Jon Queally, staff writer

Coinciding with growing income inequality, widespread economic stagnation, and a continued lack of basic health services during the same time period, a new federal report reveals a surging suicide rate among the U.S. population over the last three decades.


The extent of ALL social problems, including racism, are driven by income inequality that is driven by corporate control of government. The results of the presidential primary to date confirm that far too few Murkins understand or care about this, so don't expect trends in suicide and other social issues to flatten or reverse anytime soon.


If I had known this was the Republican Master Plan, I would have joined the Young Republicans in college. /s


Save Lives--Vote Bernie!

How much more proof is needed to understand that the status quo is actually killing us? That it is not centrist or conservative, but a very extreme set of corporate policies that are in play? And that these policies are meant to enslave or just plain kill off the 99%? Well said, EnemyofWar.


Now, we hear that the wonderful ? Obamacare premiums will rise significantly in 2017 causing more to forego health insurance. Message: just go and die. The govt has wars and weapons to pay for and "insurgents" to kill. God bless America and we thank you for your service. National anthem required at all sporting events with costly flyovers at special events.


The same thing happened in Greece as the wealthy squeezed down with austerity and destroyed democracy.


One advice I have for those who are experiencing depressing times is to not ever punish yourself, you aren't the cause of economic downturn and austerity measures. Instead turn on those who caused our miseries and fight back, demonstrate help others even less fortunate than you, hold signs, get arrested, teach others how to fight back, form friendships and alliances, go hungry, walk miles and get arrested for your efforts. Trust me there is no point in beating ourselves down, but when we channel our energies in the right direction we accomplish things we never believed we could. If you owe money stop paying, let them ruin your credit, if you have kids, there's help available not much but something, if single free yourself and give your creditors the middle finger. You will rebuild and recreate your life. And as Churchill said: "Never, ever give up!". No one can take away your integrity, we all die but never die like a coward.


Economic distress cannot be the only or even the most important explanation. Neoliberalism has certainly increased economic precarity But there have been plenty of economic precarity, and a lot more poverty, in the past - and you will generally find much lower suicide rates among the poor. Why?

But what else does neoliberalism do - it is an incredible force of social isolation and alienation from any meaningful ownership in ones creative activity. Family, social engagement, kinship, compassion, art, literature, beauty, immersion in and study of nature are all "unproductive" activities that impede the imperative of production, consumption and profit. To the extent that humans cannot entirely be turned into robots, their social activity has been redirected to profit-making commercial forms where social activity is monitored and manipulated into profit-making directions - i.e. "social media" on portable electronic devices. The neoliberal monsters like Zuckerberg now brag that they can now manipulate even elections through the engineering of human desires in their predetermined directions.

Human are simply not "designed" for this crap and the result is a deep lack of social connections isolation and depression and suicide.


Precisely, they want us to turn on each other, get depressed and self destruct, instead we should turn on them because they are the problem, not us..


Precisely why I say the Democrats' (especially Killary's) harping on reducing the number of guns as the solution to "gun violence" (the vast majority of which is suicide, not murder) is bogus.

The underlying issues in both cases (suicide and murder) are societal. Each of us could own 1000 guns, but without the inclination to use them no one would be killed, either way.

The principal cause of gun-suicide is despair, not guns, as this article points out (without mentioning guns even once). The principal cause of gun-murder is the mistaken belief that killing another human being will solve some problem, a belief instilled in us from childhood by our media and the politicians who routinely sell war and killing as a solution to problems in other countries.

Absent despair and absent the belief the killing solves problems our suicide and murder rates would plummet, regardless how many guns each of us owns.


Totally agree. The value of a person is so much more than a monetary figure.


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In my view, this situation only highlights what should be criminal negligence in passing Obamacare--Single-Payer not even on the table--before addressing the lack of jobs for all. And then the fact of inequality, and the endless wars that suck trillions from social needs. This was a huge mistake by Obama.


My son is in the same situation as your niece and I fear every waking moment for his well-being. He has worked three jobs at a time and now works two...seven days a week. I should be retired but cannot as I need to help him keep his head above water: he owes on student loans, does not have a car (cannot afford one) and relies on public transportation, and barely has enough to pay rent and utilities. There are times that he is so depressed and/or stressed out that he calls and sobs on the phone while saying it just is not worth it and I talk him off the ledge (as it were). He is a highly intelligent, talented, educated, politically active young man with so much potential. His credit is ruined as a result of not being able to keep up with his student-loan payments, which makes it particularly difficult to get hired by companies although he does get the interviews...come credit check time, he gets the reject call/letter. One parent died when he was three and the remaining parent never remarried.

I am a Sanders' delegate for the upcoming county convention in my state and I truly believe that his presidency and the election of progressive candidates to both the U S House and Senate as well as to state legislatures will turn our nation around and put us back on course where ALL people are secure in their lives, the environment is saved, the pollution problems and climate change will be resolved, and corporations will be forced to pay their taxes and their workers. Pie in the sky? No, a definite reality that we the people can bring into being!


All 'front end loaded' by that popular hate group, the G(reedy) O(bnoxious) P(ricks).


That is true but only if we allow it, we still have choices like ignoring face book and twitter, TV and all other distractions, I know because I do it all the time. I use social media on command, when it serve a common good. Those tools BTY can also be sued by us to propagate common good causes. But if we let the waves carry us we will get what we deserve. The elites have made it harder for the average man to have much control over their lives but there are ways to get back at them, chip away one bit at a time and over a short time things begin to go more our way. We the people possess enormous powers but it is a collective power, it is a potential energy. One person can occasionally bring about big change, however many men will often accomplish bigger tasks.


This was a huge mistake by the GOP. Do you think that Obama could have gotten 'single payer' through when the ReThugliCon asshats filibustered him continuously!? Yeah, right......It wasn't on the table because he knew it would NEVER fly. From the GOP y'all were 'lucky' enough to get ACA........ROFLMAO


Keep dreaming donkey dupe. The Dems held all 3 branches of government when the UnAffordable Care Act was created and passed in Congress. There were 0 (count 'em......0!!!) votes from any Republicans in the house or senate for the passage of the Un-ACA. This stinking pile of corporate excrement was fully delivered by your beloved blue asshats--so stop blaming it on the Pubs. The Obama administration and his big Pharma/Insurance corporate overlords are fully responsible for giving Republican-based RomneyCare to America at large.


I had a old college friend who committed suicide by gun shot a few years ago. I always felt that there must of been something I could have done to prevent that tragedy and I am still saddened when I think of him.


Wow, donkey dupe, I'm really impressed!! Still....ROF, etc.