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Death Toll Soars in 'Unbelievable' Pakistan Heat Wave


Death Toll Soars in 'Unbelievable' Pakistan Heat Wave

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

A deadly heat wave spreading through southern Pakistan has killed nearly 800 people in just a few days—a number that threatens to rise as temperatures remain unusually high this week.


To paraphrase >>> “The heat is out there!”

The truth of our future beckons and while Pakistanis may not believe it yet, they surely will in a few years. I don’t know how good is their news media on global warming but then again … how good is ours?

The fact is that the world is in a state of denial BECAUSE news media do not cover the issue as known fact but persist in downplaying the dangers we all face. In other words we are being coddled as well as conned.

We should be so damn scared it isn’t funny. Even worse is the thought that someone will abrogate to themselves the option of unproven and potentially catastrophic geoengineering schemes rather than administer to the problem in less invasive ways like shifting off the use of oil.

Is that the unspoken plan? To have people scream loud enough so that some geoengineering scheme will be a gamble that people will then accept? I don’t believe in conspiracies (well not all that many anyway :slight_smile: but is the plan to keep using oil no matter what even in the face of rising heat fatalities with the idea that geoengineering will save us?

You kind of have to wonder if oil not only causes global warming but whether it is the cause of so little being done in the face of the increasing danger.

How to keep using oil in the face of global warming? Is that the plan?

There is only one worldwide conspiracy and that is “The Conspiracy of Greed!”. Two people who don’t even know each other will cooperate if they’d each make a lot of money at it. They literally trust in each other’s greed and know how the other person will act and think.

Too big to fail is not saying that nobody knew what was going on all the while. The conspiracy of greed wants to keep using oil no matter what.

Think of that when you wonder why so little is done about subsidizing alternatives. Rather than subsidizing oil (which is still being done BTW) you’d think a few billion to place solar on every rooftop in Arizona would make so much sense. And it does make sense but not if the plan is to keep using oil no matter what.

Heat baby Heat!!! 114 is hot but damn it will get hotter and hotter… like we would never believe possible… so maybe the Pakistanis don’t ‘know’ like they should but then neither do we… do we?

.08 degrees rise in worldwide temperatures? Lets round it off and say 1 whole degree… and then think of what things will be like when it is a 5 or 6 degree rise which is predicted by the end of the century. How hot will it get then in twenty years?

Heat baby heat!!!


Warm blooded animals, including humans can adapt to very cold temperatures - as they do in the arctic and had to do over much of the world during the last glacial epoch as recent as 12-15K years ago.

But the survival margin for hot temperatures is much smaller, especially when combined with humidity which renders sweating ineffective. All it takes is a wet-bulb temperature of 35.5C (96.0F) - which would be the case for 36C (97F) at 100% relative humidity or 40C (105F) and 75% relative humidity, to kill a healthy human in less than one hour - even if they are naked in front of a fan in the shade. A few years ago, there was a fatality in a deep Alabama coal mine (a rescuer almost succumbing too) due to the combination of heat and humidity in an inadequately ventilated “bleeder” passage at the mines 3000 ft. depth. In such conditions air conditioning becomes as vital as life support in a spacecraft.

There are no documented cases of such weather conditions yet, although eastern Saudi Arabia and the gulf states have come close. But continued warming will make such heat and humidity some day likely some hotter (and poor) parts of the world, and when it happens, it will be a natural disaster of unprecedented proportions.


This is only the beginning. We’re now entering the phase of “abrupt climate change”…so say many climatologists. This is the price we pay for pumping 38 billion tons of industrial carbon into the atmosphere per year. Did we not expect any consequences? Really???


Exactly. Only “unbelievable” in fantasyland… where many of us live. This outcome is entirely predictable, and has been repeatedly predicted.

Time to STOP the activities that are feeding climate chaos… no but seriously folks.



Faux News will inform them that it’s a natural cycle and that it’s their own fault for being too lazy to get a job inside a nice cool skyscraper like Bill O’Bully and Shawn Insanity do…

Poor people deserve to cook, you see, since they just want too much “free stuff” like food, water, shelter and air that doesn’t burn their tonsils when they inhale it

(never mind the fact that they contributed cash into Social Security their whole lives, now that they need it back, it’s categorized as Free Stuff by the dummies on the Right.)


Yes, the fact that the climate change is in the far-lower-tolerance hot direction instead of the higher tolerance cold direction is something that is ignored by the denialists but also not sufficiently appreciated by those advocating action.

But regarding sea level change - that is one of the effects that should not be emphasized so much. Even the fastest rate of sea level encroachment on built areas is slower than the built areas have expanded. Sure, it will agricultur too in low lying coastal plain and delta areas like Bangladesh, but don’t see sea level rise as anything life threatening in the way increasing heat waves, superstorms, droughts, floods are.