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Deaths Reported as MSF-Linked Hospital Bombed in Yemen


Deaths Reported as MSF-Linked Hospital Bombed in Yemen

Sarah Lazare, staff writer

A Doctors Without Borders/Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF)-supported hospital in northern Yemen was bombed Sunday morning, killing at least four people and wounding eleven—marking the third attack in as many months against a facility associated with the medical charity.

MSF said in a statement that it "cannot confirm the origin of the attack" on the Shiara Hospital, which is located in the Razeh district. But the organization noted that "planes were seen flying over the facility at the time."


MSF--I love you and am so sorry! Stay strong and know you're loved.


i sense these attacks are deliberate, that they know exactly what they are doing.


The attack on the on the MSF hospital was in fact orchestrated by the Shadow Government which includes CIA black ops. It will be interesting to see what comes out of the next message from the galactic forces.


As Deep Purple said in child of time ,, watch out for the ricochet


The president shed tears for victims of "gun violence" in the US to gain support for restrictions on easy access to "guns". Those innocent victims surely deserve our tears and their families our empathy; violence and depravity are abominations regardless where committed, in my view.

Innocent victims of military violence in other nations also deserve our empathy but do not receive such from our leaders or this president or administration apparently. The Saudi regime/theocracy/dictatorship is committing acts of "gun violence" with our weapons, our support, and apparently our encouragement in Yemen, as well as intentional provocations to inflame tensions with Iran. Was the bombing of the MSF hospital in Yemen, almost surely committed by Saudi aircraft another intentional bombing of an MSF hospital like the US hospital attack in Afghanistan? There is a stench in today's world so powerful it should affect every thinking person, yet atrocities both domestic and in other nations continues without any end in sight.

The agenda of the US and our proxies, contrasted with "concern" for innocent domestic child victims of "gun violence" and what may be seen as "crocodlie tears", by Prez Obama does not compute; one cannot truthfully feel empathy for some and simultaneously encourage or ignore or commit deadly violence and attacks on others that obviously lead to killings and atrocities of children - the essential morality, or lack of it, is a dysfunction that cannot and must not be ignored, we must confront violence itself regardless of where or why or how.


One horrific strike in Afghanistan, now two in Yemen. What is it about MSF that our shadow government and the Saudis don't like?


Andrew, I think the belief you express is a fallacy. I think most people concerned with cruelty to animals either wild or domesticated, are also concerned with cruelty and atrocities committed against humans. You have written similar before and I do believe some people don't care about either humans or animals or their suffering, but when a person wakes-up to cruelty against life, whether against humans or animals they must by and large morally sign-up for the whole package. Some people focus more on cruelty against animals because animals cannot speak for themselves and must have advocates; some people focus on cruelty, violence, war and atrocities against people, some both, but the two are not mutually exclusive and because some focus on one or the other they must be, I believe, concerned with both crimes. Any person concerned with "chickens" or any animal, is far more than likely to be also concerned with human suffering.


Bomb first, then ask for forgiveness. That way, you eliminate the intended target (for whatever reason) and can pretend innocent error. Repeat over and over again, ad nauseum, because those in charge never hold you accountable.


Most likely bombed with U.S (Great Satan) smart bombs. The U.S. just sold to the Saudi's thousands of these bombs., worth over a Billion dollars.


USA and Saudi Arabia, joined at the hip, it seems.


for one, MSF is largely composed of intelligent, caring, discerning people who aren't afraid to use what platform they have to voice dissent and call it as they see it. arrogant, self-serving powers who are devoid of empathy find that threatening to their agenda, and they, predictably, will do their level best to make examples out of those that do not bow or cower to them. regards.




And the Corporate State Media otherwise known as MSM gives those directing such bombs as much cover as needed.


The Empire wants no western witnesses to the crimes being committed.


I will venture a response: MSF is a culture of Life--they save lives, US and Saudi Arabia are a culture of death which includes power.


diana, that answers jem's question very well; speaks for me.


thank you--and regards.



What a empath to do? That's a hard question to answer. We can only hope for a better world in a long run.