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Deb Haaland Attacked by Fossil Fuel Industry

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2021/02/22/deb-haaland-attacked-fossil-fuel-industry


Daines and Barrasso, colluding thieves of the planetary future and sycophants for the demonstrably genocidal industry, are snarling from their own graves, as yet insensate to the dynamics “externalized” by that industry. The algorithms based on centuries of denial of science and REAL COSTS, just run like melted butter through a financialized sieve. If a fisherman tried to use the net so systematically untied and frayed to keep the fossil fuel industry afloat, the family would starve. You see, the industry seeks the holes, not the knots and sound cords… as Texas has so clearly shown.

I can’t help but think that part of the industry rational, as played out in Texas, is that the world is overpopulated and that the polluting industries therefore be allowed to cause deaths that figure into a population level reduced by billions. To recognize that our future, in an ethical restructuring, where we build from the ground up, will need all of these people in communities regained from equally poisonous CAFO/agribusiness structures and become talented, skilled and dedicated restorers of biomes, ecological balances and re-greening of the Mother. It needs to be said endlessly for generations until we break through the Bernaysian / Freudian swamp of ideology.

Models exist all over the world. But if you want American Exceptionalism to be the order of the day, look no further than Texas this month, in 2021.

The wisdom and skills of Deb Haaland are precisely what the nation and planet need right now. Being able to individually (note her freedom from status as industry syncophant is also a treasured form of ‘individualism’) serve to address the pressing concerns, based on embrace of the history of all the costs denied by the likes of grave digger politicans focused on their rear-view mirrors.


Texas Republican Senator John Cornyn tweeted “Interior secretary nominee has joined pipeline protests and opposed fracking,” he certainly didn’t mean it as a compliment.

LOL! John may have not meant his pejorative, demonization of Deb Haaland as a compliment…BUT TO ME, MR. FOSSIL FUEL STOOGE, JOHN CORNYN, JUST PAID HER THE HIGHEST COMPLIMENT! My accolades and compliment to Biden.


Well said mentally… young goat!


Barasso is supposedly a doctor, but maybe he should be a dentist because he seems to love to EXTRACT resources like pulling teeth with no thought or care for Mother Nature or people.


I hope she wears the fossil fuel mongers’ attacks as badges of honor !


“Deb Haaland Attacked by Fossil Fuel Industry”

Well, then she’s clearly headed in the right direction.


If the GOP and the oil industry is against her, you know she’s the right choice.


Like Greta’s comment “if they are trying to devalue me and the friday school strike, it means they are afraid.” not the correct words but similar
And yes we need to make them very afraid!!!


I live in New Mexico. Deb Haaland, from NM, seems to actually have a clue about our current predicament, which, through constant exploitation, and use of fossil fuels, has put us on the brink. Any mitigation, at all, will buy humankind a few more years here on Earth. I hope she gets the spot. As a Native American, for many generations-going back centuries, she has a sense of land and human interconnectivity. The abyss awaits. Let’s do all we can to delay the inevitable. Screw the energy corporations and their murderous ways.


Just like when Facebook bans me for a week or two when something true and caustic, and highly dissident, touches an AI’s sensitive nerve(whatever that is), I feel I’ve earned my place in Universe for a few more weeks. I write on Medium. I just put my work on Facebook in case it gets seen by a few more curious beings.

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I love that’s its called the FOSSIL FUEL industry as there appear to be many in that industry with FOSSILIZED brains.I guess that GAIA is not done with the dinosaurs, as what remains of them is killing us.


Let’s see if Biden puts as much effort into getting Haaland confirmed despite opposition as he is putting into supporting Sneera Tanden into the OMB.


I wish Deb Haaland would be POTUS and all the politicians voting against her confirmation would be voted out of office. Biden and everyone else that’s been in the “Ehud” Barack Obama and Clinton Administrations would be out of work.

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…Sorry, phk ALL OIL Co’s…period, full stop. Have THEY Ever been honest? No phking NEVER!!!..

My prediction, Haaland won’t be confirmed, not because I don’t want her to be, but because she is a good person for the job. Hell it’s looking like nasty Nera won’t be confirmed, and she stands for most of what the gop embraces.
Here’s another reason, Haaland is “clean” and not corruptible, DC can’t have that.

“Let’s Talk About Biden, Haaland, And Extra Scrutiny…”
Beau of the Fifth Column

The fossil fuel mongers are sooooo STUPID! That they have absolutely no clue their ad hominem attacks on Deb Haaland are the best advertising she could ever hope to get.

Hi ReconFire:
What if the GOPers say no—but what if Biden puts in someone else that the Gopers like. If that person got sick and had to retire, would Biden have to go through this stupid Congress choice? I never knew how hard it was for a president to get people. Why does the Congress decide? And where was Congress when Trump put in all those awful greedy people?

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Hey stardustIBID,
As far as I know all Cabinet level appointees have to be confirmed by the Senate, there are exceptions like temporary appointees (Trump used this method), so I’m pretty sure your scenario wouldn’t work, especially since Biden and the dem party refuses go against his cousins in the gop. It normally is that hard, in the past only extreme nominees are refused conformation, but these aren’t normal times. Congress decides so a mad man/woman doesn’t take our government off the rails with insane Cabinet members, who basically run the day to day operations inside government.
To your last question, most were right there supporting Trump’s nominees most of the time, there were a few, like Betsy DeVos, that most dems voted against, but being outnumbered, it made no difference.

Hi ReconFire:
Thank you for that. It just used to seem that people seemed to be accepted because they were qualified —but now---- congress has turned into a lot of little kids arguing over nothing except who has the ball in dodge ball! I am wondering—is this the dumbest congress ever?

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