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Deb Haaland: ''I'll Be Fierce for All of Us'

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/12/18/deb-haaland-ill-be-fierce-all-us

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Deb Haaland…!!! GREAT Appointment…! Fabulous…!!!

Now…, can someone tell Me why Biden has NOT appointed, or is NOT considering other FABULOURS Appointments, like Robert Reich to be his EXPERIENCED Labor Secretary? Reich is a Committed Progressive with Massive Labor Dept Experience…? And, why is or was Tulsi Gabbard NOT considered, or NOT being considered for the VA Secretary? She got more support as a President Candidate than Kamala Harris…? Tulsi has Commendable, Honorable, Military Service in IRAQ, whereas Buttigieg’s was minimal, safe. Rather…, Denis McDonough for VA Secretary…?? Whaaaa…?? Tulsi is articulate, informed, knowledgable, and has incredible integrity, and literally destroyed Pistol Pete Buttigieg in the “So-Called Presidential Debates”, and similarly disposed of other Candidates like Kamala Harris, who soon dropped out after dealing with Tulsi…??? What is the Dem Establishment going to do for Tulsi, or has HRC put the Kibosh on Her, since Tulsi also “Called Out” an embarrassed HRC, and took to task…???


Sure looks promising !

One step at a time - so far so good.

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Deb Haaland is the real deal, but must be an anathema to the environmental, fascists called the Republican party who will probably do everything in their corrupt, political, power to stop her confirmation. I do not like Biden but have to give him a lot of credit for nominating her.