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Debate Detector: Trump's Top 10 Tricks

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/09/27/debate-detector-trumps-top-10-tricks


Those numbskulls who believe Hair Hitler The Flaming Orange Satan tRump are mindless cretins, just like their parents!


Why wouldn’t Trump continue down the same road?
Being a bullshitting grifter has paid off for him to what was once an unimaginable extent.
The media reports his every tweet – no matter how childish.
And his base loves every minute of it.
The Trump slogan going around, “Make Liberals Cry Again,” encapsulates their glee.

I wish the Democrats could generate that kind of enthusiasm instead of settling for noseholding.
Of course, they’d have to actually offer real solutions to accomplish that, so…


Ever since Watergate the GOP voters in my workplace have tacitly confirmed that “dishonesty is the best policy” for the GOP. They never hesitate to express how proud they are that the GOP gets away with ever more egregious lies with each passing year…its what keeps them loyal to the GOP.

The last time “presidential debates” resembled anything close to a debate was when they allowed Ross Perot to show up with his charts and graphs in 1992. Ever since then the “debates” have been 100% reality TV having minimal substance.

Although I am a lifelong Nader supporter, after he was arrested for showing up at the “debates” in 2004 and 2008 Ralph should not be dignifying or validating anything about the 2020 “debates” other than to tell us that anything else we were planning for September 29 is a better use of our time than watching the “debates”.


Liar Trump’s pacing and charisma is superb and his presentation is often an hypnotic series of banalities. His absolute top trick is to masterfully fake sincerety and competence while planting innuendo, character assassination, distraction, and self-promotion.


Ralph, Donald has publicly and repeatedly called Joe a dummy, so Nothing is off the table!

I would offer this Strategic Advantage to our future president:

When (not if) Donald opens his personal insults, wait politely until you and all can see the hate in the “whites of his eyes”, then fire non-violently saying:

“Since 1620, and for 155 years, ‘we the American people’ as colonial imperialist ‘subjects’; oppressed, tyrannized, and taxed by the nearly global British EMPIRE.

‘We the people’ tried peacefully to Declare Independence as a democratic Republic. When attacked, fired upon in Lexington, and defending our hopes for independence on that rude bridge, overcame Empire and created the first modern democratic Republic in a 'New World’.

Donald, you have been acting, and are now acting like an insane Emperor — trying to control all under your power — but you, Donald, are not a democratic Republican, nor a President, but an Emperor!

‘We the American people’ 244 years ago, with our founders, framers, farmers, and Minute-Men fired a “Shot heard round the world” on that bridge, but today ‘we the American people’ only need to hew to our Constitution and history in now firing a; loud, public, sustained, ‘in the streets’, but totally non-violent “Shout (not shot) heard round the world” to ignite, continue, and complete a Second American people’s peaceful “Political, economic, social, cultural, and racial “Revolution Against Empire” and against ‘posing’ Emperors like you, Donald."

According to Mary, his niece, calling Donald just Donald infuriates him.

And, BTW, Joe, if Emperor Trump tries to interrupt your reply to him, just say: “Shut the hell up Donald, this is my time, not yours”!

And yet, those “numbskulls” and “mindless cretins” hold the Presidency, Senate, Supreme Court, and a majority of Governorships and State Houses. What does that say about the Democrat Party (not Democratic because it isn’t), capitalism, and the liberal fight for social “equality” versus equity?


Charisma? of a dried turd.


Charisma definition is - a personal magic of leadership arousing special popular loyalty or enthusiasm for a public figure (such as a political leader).

I dislike Liar Donald immensely, but can acknowledge that he has considerably more charisma than Liar Joe (who I also dislike immensely) who’s main selling point is that he is not Liar Donald. Interestingly much enthusiasm has been aroused this election, but almost all of it is either for or against Liar Donald who generates considerable popular loyalty in his base.

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For without truth there can’t be trust and without trust civilization can fracture and collapse.

Just how is it that a career racketeer for the banksters, who fell flat on his face during his first run at the presidency because he lied about his academic credentials, plagiarized entire speeches, who contradicts himself EVERY time he chokes on his own brain-addled word salads, AND who is being thrust upon us by the security state, 24/7 lie machine, is some kind of example of trust?

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Yes, why wouldn’t Trump? Trump has proved that lying, cheating and corruption have paid LARGE dividends with his base. The saying: crime does not pay is not true when it comes to Trump because with his fascist, base: CRIME DOES PAY!

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