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Debate Moderator Distorted Syrian Reality


Debate Moderator Distorted Syrian Reality

Robert Parry

How ABC News’ Martha Raddatz framed her question about Syria in the second presidential debate shows why the mainstream U.S. news media, with its deep-seated biases and inability to deal with complexity, has become such a driving force for wider wars and even a threat to the future of the planet.

Raddatz, the network’s chief global affairs correspondent, presented the Syrian conflict as simply a case of barbaric aggression by the Syrian government and its Russian allies against the Syrian people, especially the innocents living in Aleppo.


Are the MSM, banks and other corporations too big to exist, or is their money-power concentrated in too few hands?

Direct democracy


It's so obvious. The Zionist controlled MSM. Are using the same play book as they did with Iraq and Libya.


I've spent considerable time and effort trying to sort out the Syrian mess. The players change almost weekly and it's hard to keep things straight even a little. The average American doesn't have a clue on the human costs of the US government doing business, let alone the monetary waste now in the trillions. Getting rid of 50% of the military would yield a far safer earth on which we all live. Also as far as greenhouse gasses go the US military again is one of the biggest contributors on the planet. There is an entirely different vision of a peaceful sustainable world but it doesn't include the psychopaths running things. But alas I've always been a bit of a dreamer.


Most of the modern institutions a just too damn big and should be broken up. Instead we see merger after merger resulting in a few entities running things. The world is becoming a corporate military controlled dystopic nightmare.


The situation in Syria is so complicated that it probably deserves an entire debate by itself. In the big picture, which is hard to see, it is a proxy war between Iran and Saudi Arabia with Iran on the side of the Shiites and Saudi Arabia on the side of the Sunnis. In that respect it is similar to the war in Yemen although Saudi Arabia is directly involved in Yemen while the role of Iran is less clear. In Syria the US is on both sides of the war. It is against the Shiite (Alawite sect) government and it is against the Sunni jihadists who are fighting each other. The role of Turkey also gets things even more complicated because Turkey is against the Kurds who are opposing the jihadists and Turkey is likewise fighting against the jihadists. It does seem unclear who the rebels are but most likely they are Sunnis who have been oppressed by the Shiite government of Assad. A conflict of some sort between the Sunnis and Shiites has been going on for about 1,400 hundred years so I doubt if it will end soon. George W. Bush got the US caught up in the conflict and nobody seems to know how to get the US out.


Thanks, Robert Parry for challenging the propaganda that conceals the terrorist aggressions in Syria. Gen Wesley Clark has revealed the US plan to take out seven Mid Eastern countries. It has nothing to do with anything except the decision to dominate and put in the US's pick of leaders. Russia has done the Med East and the World a favor by stopping this aggression that has resulted in horrible death and misery.


"Big" has economies of scale. Isn't the problem we blame "Big" for the unequal distribution of the wealth (and power) it produces?

Suppose its wealth/power was distributed more equally among all citizens? Then the problem would not be "Big", but wealth/power inequality.

Therefore by attacking "Big" we may be attacking the wrong target.

In a direct democracy, We the People could decide to share the wealth and power "Big" produces instead of having it concentrate in the hands of an oligarchy, a monarchy, a hegemony, or other right or left wing dictatorship.


Martha Raddatz has always had a soft spot for the neocon warmongers and their warmongering ways.
As Trump said "she even looks like a warmonger, look at that face."


'So, Clinton was not pressed on her war judgments regarding either Iraq or the Libyan “regime change” that she championed in 2011, another war of choice that transformed the once-prosperous North African nation into a failed state.'

Prosperous? One hundred and forty odd tonnes of gold, approximately the same amount of silver and reserves of some 200 billion $US.

This, according to the invaders, was a 'failed state'.


I know. It would be easy to do, but difficult to swallow for those who believe that the U.S.A. is the indispensable nation because it is so exceptional, for those who expect the U.S.A. government to provide for Israel, and for those who need the U.S.A. military to insure that the Corporations' business is not impeded by silly things like other people's desire to control their own resources.

What is it?

WE GET THE HELL OUT OF THERE. We just do it. Stop funding puppet governments. Stop selling arms. Stop machinations of the CIA or State. Stop having the military in foreign bases. Stop having troops in foreign nations. Stop trying to control what happens in other countries.

Unfortunately the elites don't agree and they will keep trying to convince us people that things are complex and complicated and convoluted and only wonks have any idea how to deal with all the details.

No. Just cut the Gordian Knot.


IF voters ever did care about Syria they are now being so distracted by sensational Trump legacy media that they will definitely not be thinking about Syria before November 8, and probably very little afterward.


The US has never been concerned with the UN Charter Laws or the Nuremberg ones.


The level of manipulation of news and politics in this country is truly frightening. We have to do something to create some real push back against the Neocon Warmongers and their minions in the press, business and politics.


Well maybe you should start looking a little deeper like I have.


It has never been more important then Today! to thoughtfully pass on information and truthful analysis of this Syrian situation on all social media outlets. I however beg that it is presented in as nonbiased and gracious a form as possible. The public is at 198-percent melt-down from this media and establishment created hate fest. I have had multitudes of people tell me that it is so hostile an arena that they have gone offine and will not be voting at all. This is the desired environment to kill truth and democracy.


How is what the Syrian army is doing to drive rebels out of Aleppo war crimes and what the Iraqi army did to drive rebels out of Fallujah (and other cities) liberation?


Yes, it has been this way for a very long time. However I fear, we have one shot at this before our voices are muffled forever. There will be a move to censor/ban internet sites like Wikipedia's in the near future. (Loss of internet address control) We have seen censorship from social media sites as well, which predicts a growing trend in the future. A new administration will insure less embarrassments (releasing of truth) will happen in the future. From this administration coming in on out, it could mean greater difficulties getting information out to the masses. What we are seeing is a play for control of a global market.(Eurasian Pie) This has been emerging for many years. What I am unsure about is if the US is using this current escalating situation as a fear cover to bring in a more manageable/controlable leader/ puppet, or if they really are this insane to risk a heightened war for control of the region. Whatever the reason, the public deserves to have the ability to be well informed.


wake up everyone this propoganda used on the American public was legalized in 2013


Martha Raddatz has been nothing but a cheerleader, a presstitute, a whorespondent, and a sycophant for the war mongering elite for a long time; otherwise Martha would not have been paid millions of $ to support the warmongers and their war profiteers!