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Debate Schedule Is Allowing GOP To Frame Election Narrative

Debate Schedule Is Allowing GOP To Frame Election Narrative

Dave Johnson

There’s just no way around it: the Democrats are intentionally hiding their presidential candidates from the public.

The last Democratic presidential debate was buried on a Saturday night up against the opening of Star Wars. Naturally it drew a fraction of earlier Republican debate audiences – and even of the earlier Democratic debates. The next debate is scheduled, astonishingly, on a Sunday night, January 17, the middle day of a three-day weekend. But just in case that might still draw an audience, it is also up against NFL playoff games. What is going on?

The more people see Hillary, the more they prefer Bernie. Wasserman’s DNC is in the bag for Clinton.


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Why are the Democrats hiding their presidential candidates and potentially sabotaging their 2016 election prospects?

Because item #1 in the job description of Democrats is to lose to Republicans.

Item #2, when they fail to accomplish item #1 above, i.e., they end up getting into office, is to find a rationalization for why they need to adopt Republican policies. This is another way of losing to Republicans even though Democrats are nominally in power, and it sets the stage for the next election when they can again lose to a Republican literally (item #1 above), as a consequence of the expected low turnout among disaffected Democratic voters.

Most of the last Democratic debate was on foreign policy. So what did the public learn? All three candidates had pretty much the same policy. We learned Clinton knows more about foreign policy than any other candidate in either party and all the candidates in both parties have about the same policy except Lindsey Graham who called for sending in US troops. We learned that according to Bernie Sanders “there is no magical solution” to the mess in the Middle East, but who didn’t know that. We learned Clinton advocates a no-fly zone in Syria but Sanders and O’Malley do not, We learned Sanders thinks the soldiers to fight ISIS in Syria should come from Sunni Arab countries like Saudi Arabia but we did not learn how to make that happen. We learned that Sanders thinks defeating ISIS should be the first priority while Clinton advocates defeating ISIS and working on a political solution to deal with Assad in Syria at the same time. This argument between Sanders and Clinton about priorities in Syria probably confused people more than anything. One thing we learned on domestic policy is that Sanders wants to slightly raise taxes on middle class voters to pay for family leave while Clinton says she would not raise taxes on anyone making less than $250,000 and O’Malley refused to say he would not raise taxes on the middle class. We learned Sanders advocates free tuition at public colleges while Clinton and O’Malley advocate debt free college. We learned Sanders wants a single-payer healthcare system while Clinton wants to improve Obamacare. With next the Democratic debate on during the NFL playoffs I may opt to watch football.

Discrediting Mr. Sanders is your job description… so of course you’d opt for football.

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Bernie, at the next debate, should ask Hillary, and the Governor, to agree to more debates. What would Hillary say? Put the “overwhelming” favorite on the spot for all to see.


Sounds to me that you are not a football fan.