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#DebateWithBernie Created GOP Television Worth Watching


#DebateWithBernie Created GOP Television Worth Watching

Jon Queally, staff writer

Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders found another opportunity to spar—at least indirectly—with the Republican field of candidates on Wednesday night as he participated in their debate hosted by CNN via his Twitter account in a display of sharp jabs and critical commentary that lit up the social media network throughout the night.


Of course, all of Sanders' criticisms of Republican warmongering could (and should) be directed at the Democratic flavor of Neocon pigmeat as well.

But no. "Bernie" won't "go negative". Especially he won't denounce Barack Obama, nor his "good friend", the regime-changing murderess whom he will eventually endorse.

Bernie Sanders is many things, but a principled socialist is not one of them.


The politics of the Republican Party are responsible for 99.9% of the woes of the people of the USA.

Why should anyone, not a millionaire and mean as a rattlesnake, give these bozos the slightest attention, or their vote?


Bernie doesn't have the name recognition to even think about a shift to criticizing Her Royal Clintoness at this time. With luck, he won't need to do it.


Your pragmatism before principle argument rings hollow. Sanders is not criticizing the two most malignant Neocons in the Democratic Party because he agrees with them. For him, Neocon regime-change and the murder of innocents is just fine - as long as a Democrat is pulling that trigger.


Bernie doesn't have the name recognition to even think about a shift to criticizing (HRC)...

Calling the Megathatcher out as the war criminal that she is (Libya) would instantly boost Sanders' name-recognition at the national level, and establish him as a principled socialist. As an added bonus, the American public would, for the very first time, be exposed to the idea that the Democratic and Republican Neocons are two heads of the same monster.

But then, Sanders is not at all serious about becoming President, as his role is simply to shepherd naive liberals back to the Democratic fold.


Captain of the junior high debate team, eh?


I watched some of that 'debate'...

I'm going to cancel the cable. If any of those boobs win, god help you.


I'd still rather vote for Sanders 'cause none of those Rs are getting my vote unless I'm serious about contemplating suicide.


Modern day conservatism is the problem.


Trump made Bush seem nerdy and ineffectual. It was almost like a 'Debate Bush and Trump' event as they seemed to talk the most. I hate to say it but I think Trump won the debate mainly because he punctured the bubble of the Bush mystique. Bush looked and sounded like one of the pack rather than an alpha.

It is too early to imagine a near epic Oligarch vs People's Candidate (Trump vs Bernie) presidential race but heck after this clown car debate ... such a match up seems possible.


Bernie was playing the issues that matter to him, and that's not going personal. He didn't bother to criticize Donald Trump's trademark hair piece, for example. I guess that Bernie could cover up his own bald spot with a blonde wig but that wouldn't jive with his personal feelings about authenticity.

Bernie is no fan of the war in Iraq and he doesn't like the national giveaway. Those are issues.


Watch the David Brock dirty tricksters try to get Bernie banned from the Democratic debate for participating in an unauthorized debate. Without Bernie the poltical landscape is a barren wasteland, sere, California forest fire destructive, and banal, all of it.


Bernie's brilliant tweets against twits, puts him in the lead! Look out!


It would be nice if the Democrats actually HAD a debate.


So...who are YOU supporting? (Not that I expect an answer.) Please don't say Jill Stein and look like a complete fool; although, you ARE halfway there by your bile-spewing assault on an honorable man and candidate.

Unable to address what I wrote, the standard authoritarian response: attack the writer, and demand that I put up solutions.

WHY?! That is a simple question for those who come on here and piss all over any positive article about the only PEOPLE'S CANDIDATE running? WHY?!

To wake the rubes the fuck up. So that they are fully prepared for Sanders' promised sellout next Spring, and don't then go support the Megathatcher, as he will suggest that they do. Also, calling Sanders a "people's candidate" in caps doesn't make him, you know, an actual people's candidate.

Is it a pay check from the DNC? Is it out of a one-item agenda that you aren't sharing?
Or is it just out of a NASTINESS inherent in your psyche? Well, whatever it is, anyone with a BRAIN and an open-mind will laugh at your whiny attempt to discredit "THE SOCIALIST" no matter what it takes; no matter the SPIN you must create; no matter the one-sided assault with no INTELLIGENT facts to back the assaults.

Of course, to the tribalist dupe, reacting upon actual leftist principle is an impossibility. Hint: neither the DNC nor the RNC pay their posters to attack the capitalist system and the MIC from the Left.

You want perfection? Come primary time, write in GAWD! And, personally, I wouldn't expect you to think THAT was a perfect candidate either.

“The perfect is the enemy of the good”... the standard in DNC misdirection defense in fealty to rightist power since Bill Clinton sold us out.

Go wash out your mind of the hate and anger and NEGATIVITY and THINK! You MUST know what the alternatives to other-than-Bernie are? Or maybe not; I can't figure you NEGAHOLICS out..

And, of course, the personal attack, complete with schoolyard taut, in CAPS. Just like the Republican rubes do.


The mass of those Americans who are ignorant tend to be conservative. That is why these bozos get attention, without such widespread ignorance we wouldn't have this discussion. The majority tends to be just slightly less ignorant but can be convinced by fireworks, killing, and threats of violence/harm to their person. We may have to ride it out...


Whatta horse race!
Will the people choose pink eye, or would they prefer a root canal?
Okay, severe hemmoroids it is!


Voting for Sanders will not help you either. He will not be president. You will just have to vote for Hillary, which will not be that different than voting for a Republican.


I seriously thought Bush would have been more formidable but he wasn't and were it not for his name recognition he wouldn't be a front runner.

Yeah they all seemed incompetent and out of touch with things. Their world view belongs back in the Bush /Cheney era.