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Debating Democrats, Please, No Fighting in the War Room

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/08/02/debating-democrats-please-no-fighting-war-room

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The most spot on observation of these “debates” to date is yesterday’s CD post comparing them to reality TV show Survivor wherein there is a daily exercise of voting a player off of the island.


Well, that was a pointless article. But since he brought up the old line about, you aren’t allowed to criticize others because then you “play into the hands of the GOP,” may I point out that everyone who says that is a right-wing Democrat who uses it to stifle criticism of themselves from left-wing democrats? They always leave themselves permission to criticize progressives.

Evidently the message to progressives is, “since it’s already rigged that a right-wing Democrat will get the nomination, it’s wrong to criticize right-wing Democrats, because then Trump will use those criticisms against us in the general, and you DO want a right-wing Democrat to win–DON’T YOU?”


Actually, I thought the heavy counterpunches that Sanders and Warren landed on the corporate Dems, and Gabbard’s riff on Harris’ abysmal record as DA, were the highlights of the debates. We need more of this, not less.


Ah, if only we were getting one fewer candidate each week instead of one being added like it seems lately . . .     But then what will the DNC do once Bait-Oh, Buy-Done, Booker, Buddy-Geek are gone?  Try to stick us with Harris??

Serve no-one other than CNN’s ratings, you mean.  And with the second “debate” facing heavy compe­tition from ‘Young Frankenstein’ airing on TCM at the same time, CNN just HAD to keep things at least a LITTLE stirred up . . .


I am going to suggest to Mr Winship that is this nomination process does in fact select another Bill Clinton to lrun for President on the Democratic ticket it will not lead to a happer life and it would be a time to panic.


My thoughts exactly.


Impossible to stifle headstrong political debate among candidates.

Winship wrote, “For those confused by the discussions of Medicare for All and the cascade of candidate proposals, the debates continue to illustrate how complicated and frustrating the issue of healthcare is – just ask Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton, . . .”

I agree on this point, it was a confusing, complicated and frustrating issue for Obama and Clinton because the ACA is complex, convoluted, and confusing. It was intentionally written to confuse so that in the confusion, it could be made to appear as though the ACA was written for our health while actually serving only to preserve the current corrupt system and increase the insurance cartel profits.

Even though Winship clearly doesn’t want his readers to comprehend, National Improved Medicare for All is very understandable. As Sanders and Warren demonstrated it is easily explained: Everybody in, Nobody out, No co-pay, No deductible. Comprehensive coverage including vision and hearing from birth to the grave. Keep more of your hard earned money in your pocket rather than helping blotted insurance cartel executives buy their third and forth mansions.

As Jayapal in her follow up comments the following days has come out and explained, there is one bill in the House (HR1394) and one bill in the Senate (S1129) that will deliver a National Improved Medicare Program for All. As she explained, all the other proposals using the name Medicare for All continue to maintain the broken system for the purpose of insuring that the insurance and pharma cartels will continue to be excessively profitable while health care access for millions will still be out of reach

Nothing complicated about it, unless confusion is what you are trying to create.

If, however, you are confused these are the best sites for clarification: healthoverprofit.org and PNHP.org.


The corporate duopoly is the enemy, and it and its unwillingness to do what’s necessary on climate, health care, inequality, money in politics and most other issues have to be gotten rid of.


I guess in the midst of it all you just sprinkle some keywords.


In 2016, America was offered the choice between a Wall Street speechwriter and an insane racist clown. Let’s not offer them that same choice again.


Frau Blücher (NeHheh), I’d be proud VOTE for! I managed to sleep through this cage match (though, I’ve watched Tulsi, etc. since). The notion that everyone’s aware that they’re not even bothering with subtrafuge any more (how to privatize Medicare, Social Security… GND, a leisure service of Spectra & Williams) it’s not really enjoyable to watch these dead-eyed lizards spew perfectly applicable & accurate venom at each other, as K Street jackals feed them silly-ass 60’s Rick Berman tropes, from Hill+Knowlton Strategies’ old Asbestos & Ciggy playbook? Tag-team Kleptocracy via Reality Infomercial, peh!

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It is absurd to restrict debate and criticism amongst ourselves.

We must weed out the Republican Lite Democrats.

Only a Progressive Agenda can prevail against the Maniac in the White House.

The reason Trump is President is because we abandoned a Progressive Agenda and adopted Republican austerity programs that penalized the poor and middle class and rewarded the super rich.

We MUST Criticize candidates like Biden who is at heart mind and body a true Republican Warmongering Wall Street Puppet.


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Why no mention of Gabbard?

Is it because, despite her 130000+ donors, she is still polling below 2%?.. say, you don’t think the democrats are trying to rig another primary, do you? this time they’ll do a better job rigging the polls before they force a corporate imperialist (like biden or harris) down our collective throat.


What do you think of Tulsi? She’s the only one I like…


Let’s try again:

In this parallel reality Tulsi Gabbard doesn’t exist and so Ghoulmala wasn’t revealed to the world for what she is.

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I think, it’s academic. Anyone honestly on OUR side, has no chance, right? Tulsi’s courageous truth-saying has destroyed any career she’d had in the DNC LCC. She’d sided with Sen. Sanders’ absolutely critical proposals, over the Kleptocrats (and bettered everyone about our Imperialist wars). Now, she’s speaking the TRUTH about jackals like Harris; knowing, it’s really the most she can accomplish. Thank you for your unrecognized, unreported and vital service, Representative Gabbard!


Yeah, your take sounds pretty accurate… depressing, but correct.

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