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Debunking Industry Lies, Analysis Finds Medicare for All Would Cut Costs, Boost Efficiency, and Save Lives


Debunking Industry Lies, Analysis Finds Medicare for All Would Cut Costs, Boost Efficiency, and Save Lives

Jake Johnson, staff writer

In an effort to address and debunk the "disinformation, fearmongering, and straight-up lies about single-payer" spread by its deep-pocketed opponents, Public Citizen on Monday published a comprehensive analysis detailing how Medicare for All would significan



OK: We need Expanded, Improved Medicare For All as in no co-pays, no deductibles, no premiums, we pay into it according to our income.

Here in Vermont we are looking into how we can connect and mount joint events with all our climate/environmental activists. Consider doing the same where you live.

Healthy planet needs healthy people and, obviously, people will have an impossible task in regaining and maintaining their health on a sick planet.



Hopefully, we’ll see a few liberal politicians with the guts to call out the lying liars spreading lies about MFA. Bernie, you ready to pull the gloves off?



Ridding ourselves of the health insurance boondoggle wouldd save untold billions.



Crazy as it sounds, many still think insurance companies provide health care. Thus the false cry (loved by the industry) that, “I don’t want the government handling my health care.” Neither government nor insurance companies provide health care - doctors, hospitals and clinics, etc do. Both entities merely collect premiums and pay out the medical bills. But insurance companies have the added incentive of denying coverage in countless bureaucratic ways. The old profit motive.

Cost savings is an irrefutable no-brainer. With single payer, you don’t have to pay sales personnel, management hacks - who do virtually nothing except design new ways to screw you, actuaries, all those office buildings, advertising and paper pushers that the poor doctor’s office workers have to individually wade through. It’s massively inefficient and wasteful.

And for what? How does the average citizen not comprehend they never have to worry about health coverage ever again if we switch to single payer. Like global warming, the defense industry and taxation, the think tanks and captured media orchestrated by the rich have been mind-numbingly successful in damaging the commons. How can the general public make an informed decision if they don’t even comprehend the tenets of the discussion? As always, education is the key.



The deep-pocketed opponents to a Medicare-For-All system of Healthcare, have been banking on squeezing every last penny out of us Baby Boomers, as they know many of us have been financially successful in our lives.

If they could pull that off, they most likely believe they could hold the next few generations hostage with inadequate healthcare, as they will have less savings.



How indeed?   Well, for starters, about 1/5 of our “average citizens” voted for Krooked Hilliary in the DamnocRatic Primary, and about 1/4 of our “average citizens” voted for Tweetle Dumb in the General Election, and about 3,000,000 more than that voted for Krooked Hilliary but not in the right places.  And don’t be an optimist and say that leaves more than 1/3 of our “average citizens” who are smart enough to not vote for either of those liars, 'cause a good number of them didn’t bother to get out and vote in the Primaries where they might have made a difference.  When it comes to “average citizens”, I’m not real optimistic . . .

Oh, great — with Betsy DeVos as Secretary of Education?  Now I’m REALLY bummed!!!

What you mean-um “might”, Kemo Sabé?



HI Goodtimes: Thank you for this as drugs can be very scary and that’s just the legal ones. I certainly learned a lot from a bi- polar neighbor, but he really seemed to get that way after he was prescribed some “new drugs.”

One good place I looked for help was from Ralph Neighbor 's Worst Pills Best Pills-----they do show drugs that are black box drugs that people should not be using… after this movie, it really- does seem like there are a lot of doctors who aren’t really doctors— because they don’t have much time for doctoring – just time seem to write prescriptions, : (



It will cut costs for everyone who actually has a decent insurance, actually uses it and pays deductibles.

For someone who just gets the lowest priced option and is healthy the rate is going up.

Math is pretty straight forward. Lets say we get the price down to about $7000 per capita (from $10,000). With 325 million people to cover that’s about $2.3 trillion. $1.3 trillion is already covered by medicare and medicaid. So we’ll have to come up with another $1 trillion. Either thru payroll or income taxes. AOC was right when asked how to pay for it, “You just pay for it” .

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If we can’t get the Same Medical treatment Rich people do, then it doesn’t matter what they wanna call it or give us. Even if we were given what we wanted, it would only last a short time as the Planet is dying and so are all of us.



And together we’ll cross the river…



You drastically cut military spending. That’s how.



We pay for it the same way we pay for wars on the world peasants or perhaps we pay for it with less wars on the world’s peasants …



So we cut it by 50%. There’s about $350 billion. Gotta come up with with another $650 billion.

I’m just joking, BTW. IT’s gonna be covered by payroll and income taxes just like everywhere else. Once people realize that we’ll be on step closer to universal healthcare. Floating around cockamamie plans of “drastically cut military spending”, tax on wealth, tax on financial transactions is not helping.

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Get the insurance companies out of the loop and that will go a long way to trim the fat and cut costs.



It’s not about evidence and it’s not really about ideology; it’s not about having a better argument and changing minds - it is about profit! Everything else is a distraction.



Absolutely. How you propose doing that? Politicians are bought.



The ironic thing is that the US government already has a fairly well-developed form of universal health care. During my 20 years in the Navy, I never paid a dime for my or my family’s coverage and received great health care no matter where I lived in the world. I had to pay about $10 once when I had my appendix out, which covered the three days of meals I was served. Since getting out of the service, I’ve continued to benefit from subsidized health care as I pay around $540 a year for family coverage under the Tricare Prime option offered to retirees.

In the hypocrisy department, the president and members of Congress get the same type of coverage but so many members of this elitist club continue to resist such coverage for the rest of us.

In addition to saving us trillions over the years, universal health care would be a shot in the arm to our economy as people would have more discretionary income to spend.



Healthcare for all would be a good deal for the American people. However it would be a bad deal for the Healthcare industry who have invest so much in purchasing politicians to prevent this from happening. Any guesses as to which group will win?

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I am sick and tired of hearing the lies about single-payer insurance and Medicare for All that just whiz by the Media unchallenged.

Point 1: On July 27, 2017, after the “skinny repeal” of the Affordable Care Act failed to pass the Senate, Majority Leader Mitch McConnell referred to single-payer health care insurance as Socialized Medicine. The Media was silent.
Single-payer insurance is not Socialized Medicine. Under Socialize Medicine, the government owns health care facilities and employs health care providers. Under single-payer insurance, the government offers health care insurance only; all facilities and providers are private.

Point 2: Medicare for All is not free health care for all, contrary to what Howard Shultz said on January 30, when discussing his possible run for President as an Independent. I did not see or hear anything in the Media about his saying that, let alone correcting his lie.

If we are going to have a discussion on health care - and I assume there is going to be a YUGE one - can we agree on the basic concepts? Could our much-vaunted Free Press help us with that, instead of letting gross misstatements be the starting point for discussion?