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Debunking Pundits and Corporate Democrats, New Poll Finds 'Unabashedly Left' Agenda Extremely Popular


Debunking Pundits and Corporate Democrats, New Poll Finds 'Unabashedly Left' Agenda Extremely Popular

Jake Johnson, staff writer

As the corporate media and centrist Democrats continue fearmongering over the alleged pitfalls of running on a bold left-wing platform in the 2018 midterms and beyond, new


Often how voters perceive a candidate is more important than the specific agenda. Also, many candidates have voting records that matter (particularly when it comes to negative ads) and certainly personality and trustworthiness matter. And the campaign itself matters. Finding good candidates isn’t easy. The idea that any candidate can simply become a Bernie Sanders clone and win an election anywhere seems like a dubious proposition. And Bernie wasn’t that successful being Bernie Sanders in the presidential primary.


Whoever these “pundits”, DP talking-head propagandists, and the so-called “strategists” are, they have been wrong (or right and complicit to destroying America) so long and lost so many seats, especially in mid-term elections, NONE of them should ever be taken seriously again! Its total rubbish that those idiots are the ones usually invited to the Sunday talk charades. They are clearly shiteheads and self-serving idiots!

The people generally and the progressive/left/ radical movement in particular, has had a belly-full of the DP establishment Clinton/Obama/Pelosi/Schumer wing of corporate/banker/Wall St for-profit health care scam sellouts, and war- budget supporters, they want and demand true reform and a new direction!

For love’s sake that sellout wing of politics have gotten it so wrong for so long, and lost so many Congressional and state seats, any new direction could hardly do worse!

The shift from obscene military budget and tax-cuts for the wealthiest, that both steal from civilian priorities and programs that benefit the 99% resonate with people…not the BS craven complicity and DP defense of business-as-usual! Frell them ALL!


What have the disposables got to lose? Kissing white male butt does not seem to help.


Started off 60 points behind, was massively outspent, had little name recognition, had the media and the Democratic Party strongly favoring his opponent, ran as an open socialist, and won 23 states. She won 20 states versus the most unpopular major party nominee in history. Bernie had a better chance of winning, it was obvious then, more obvious now. Policy wise, his policies are incredibly popular and he has been the most impactful politician as far as moving policies in a particular direction in a long time, doubly so for a politician on the left, cause most politicians since at least Reagan have been successful in moving us to the right. Clinton and her husband were instrumental in that rightward shift during their time. You know this stuff though, and it hurts.


“such as a federal jobs guarantee, ending cash bail, and manufacturing generic versions of life-saving drugs”


I want an UBI, not a jobs guarantee. Make-work jobs waste time and resources. An UBI will let me work at whatever I’m good at without having to worry about food, shelter and medical care. And crime and the need for bail would fall.

I also want to stop the War on Drugs so that people and doctors can access whatever drug works without protectionist laws.


Every district is going to be different and candidates can’t change their stripes overnight, much as they might try. But Establshment Dems better start moving left to a lesser or greater degree if they want to energize the base, GOTV, and ensure wins in November.


If the Democratic leadership repressed this sentiment (i.e., Sanders), why should we expect this to be heeded by the Corporate Owners and their Congressional representatives?


That might not be entirely accurate. People on UBI are gonna have a lot less than the ones that do actual work and some will still want to have other people’s stuff.

That being said, who doen’t like free stuff? I love my job and most days i look forward to going to work but sometimes i just feel like doing nothing for a few weeks on top of the vacation i get. I with UBI i’ll be able to get that. Plus, with UBI the worker pool will shrink considerably, with lot of people prolly opting to stay on the dole, so no issue sreturning to work after a longer absence.


Thus begins the deep states Hegelian dialectic. Over the next three months you and I will see this"fascination" turned to “revulsion” and the constant nagging of “how do we pay for this?!!” (Stop the wars and start taxing stock market transactions are two examples of good answers that will be ignored) as well as manufactured “polling data” that will emerge just in time to maintain the Republican majorities in the House and Senate on election day.


And if he was the real deal, he would have jumped ship after losing (stolen?) to Hillary and ran Independent. He might be President today if he did. But that was never in the cards from the get go.

And now he’s all onboard with the only thing the Dems have to offer…Russiagate.

Until a true Third Party is formed and supported, talking about the Democrats is purely an exercise in futility.


In all polling, including those on the conservative side, the majority of Americans want
Legal abortion
Legal marijuana
Single payer healthcare
A much higher minimum wage
Election reform
Public schools
Expansion of social security
Higher taxes on the rich
Higher taxes on corporations
A lot more infrastructure spending
Prison reform

However, because we are a republic and not a democracy, those things will never happen, as the People will never be able to hold a referendum on any of these important and critical issues. Please everyone, put your reverence for the Founding Fathers away for just a second and realize this single fact, this nation was designed to LIMIT the liberty of the masses and subsequently keep the power in the hands of the wealthiest few.
Remember, we are a republic, not a democracy.


Come on, people. You can’t all support some of these purely socialist nightmarish ideas. A guaranteed jobs program is a disaster. Reparations? For what? From whom to whom? Who arbitrates? A 90% millionaires tax is evil. Plus completely illogical. I can support some concept of a UBI in replace of our incredibly duplicative welfare state, but not in addition to it.

But these ideas of a 90% tax, a guaranteed jobs program. History has shown these ideas to be the precursor to the pure evil we have seen in legitimately socialist countries (in not referring to the predominantly capitalist/market-based Nordic economies). Pure socialism is the worst evil this world has ever seen. Please don’t support its purest aspects.


The corporate owned media knows that the ideas of progressive Democrats are popular that’s why they keep the political debate at the level of name calling and labels. “She’s a socialist,” they cry. Keep the debate at that level and people will never ask, “what does she stand for?” “What policies is she advocating?” Instead, we’ll hear endless talking heads debate whether ‘centrism’ or ‘socialism’ is the future of the Democratic Party. We are all manipulated by this media which keeps us at the superficial level of toddlers squawking at each other over social media and never addressing the real problems and possible solutions for our country.


You obviously have no grasp of history. The marginal income tax rate for Americans in 1960 was 90% and it kicked in before $1 million in earnings. That tax rate allowed the US to pay off the debts incurred during WWII (spending at 120% of GDP) and helped lead to the creation of the largest middle class in human history.

Reparations are proposed for black Americans whose ancestors were enslaved and then repressed in the south for decades via discriminatory Jim Crow laws and other more violent methods. The rest of the white population of the US was uplifted by the GI Bill after WWII, but what about black war veterans? Nada.

Either guaranteed jobs or a Universal Basic Income are inevitable. Even with the minor job automation seen today and the more common job outsourcing to the cheapest wage countries in the world, we have enormous numbers of people unemployed and underemployed. That will have to be fixed and one or the other of these solutions will need to be adopted.


You do know, the USA had a 90%-plus top tax bracket for many years. Led to a thriving middle class. You’ve heard of Eisenhower? Yeah, those years of pure evil in the USA.

Your knee-jerk hatred is laughable. Your ignorance is astounding. Your ideology is poison.


Neither guaranteed jobs, basic income – or much of anything else that could lead to a decent life for the 99% is “inevitable.” All of that must be fought and worked for. Things that don’t happen very much in the U.S., where capitalist repression is less than most other places.


Both you and bfleury continue to spout the same nonsense about the 90% tax rate of the 1960s. Nearly no one paid it due to an insane number of loopholes. You should know that by now. What I’m referring to is a true 90% tax rate with no loopholes (essentially your ideal true implementation of the rate hike). That scenario would look nothing like the 1960s. Throughout the 20th century, we had various top marginal tax brackets, and yet the share of tax revenue as a percentage of GDP remained relatively flat. These are well-known facts.


Who do you expect to pay these reparations? Just white Americans? Are only blacks allowed to receive the reparations? Do Asians have to pay reparations too, because, well, they weren’t discriminated against in the 1800s? Who is the arbiter of this process? Clearly there are serious problems with implementing this idea. You’d literally have to racially profile every single American to categorize them by race. What about mixed race people? I’m white, but my ancestors weren’t even in America during the 1800s. Why should I be paying reparations? I certainly haven’t explicitly discriminated against blacks. Why am I targeted?


All of the things you list should be available and in force in a republic because of the "charter it was founded under - the Constitution and Bill of Rights in this case. It often seems that the vision of the founders they expressed in those documents, those words, to secure the rights to the people, has been ignored and subverted to narrow special interests…wealth, power, wars of aggression, economic and financial war, a police state, vanished habeas corpus, and much more that stand those documents and their essential meaning on their head. The so-called “originalists” among jurists claim only the words in those documents - that charter - used at that historic time, carry any weight are a problem - rather than a living reading of those same words meanings included into the modern age and times…so many highly controversial…is the Constitution a living or a dead document? We are a republic that has as its foundation words protecting the common good (in theory) rather than a democracy manipulated by wealth and voted-in by the lumpen mob…the current subversion of our republic has been accomplished via the manipulation of democracy dominated by the 1% and voted-in by the mob.

The ability of “the mob” in a "democracy’ to vote in or out anything regardless of its morality, wisdom, common decency, religious dogma, or domination by big money interests and power to subvert a “democracy” via great accumulated wealth and complicit subverted media is, or can be, a new form of tyranny…it all depends who buys their way into power, and how ignorant the mob is…crap education, “religious” brainwashing, the Fourth Estate’s bought-up and its critical role in any system subverted to - again - big-money and the powerful, rather than to fully and truthfully inform the public…one way produces the mob and one the common good public.