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Debunking Trump's Racist Myth, Study Shows Immigrants Are a Boost, Not a Drain, on US Healthcare


Debunking Trump's Racist Myth, Study Shows Immigrants Are a Boost, Not a Drain, on US Healthcare

Jake Johnson, staff writer

With the Trump administration reportedly close to unveiling a xenophobic proposal that portrays immigrants as leeches who exploit government healthcare programs at tremendous cost to U.S.


What a load of crap. These uneducated, non-English speaking, impoverished, immigrants from drastically different cultures are a drain on the country. They are bringing diseases into the country along. We need to build the wall. Deport them all.


This is not Trump’s racist myth. Two of the original qualities of the colonies that made up the U.S. (via their imperialist masters in the UK and Europe) – and then the U.S. – are white supremacy and it’s cousin, xenophobia.

These qualities of collective character continue to have critical mass in the fabric of the U.S. body politic. Trump is merely one of the ugliest manifestations of this shit. The fact that he’s been (s)elected President says more about this nation than him.


I actually think that you don’t mean this sarcastically. While this sick perception is probably true among the majority of U.S. citizens and residents, this post is flat-assed factually (and morally) wrong.


Of course, you have no facts to back up your xenophobic nonsense.


Exactly !


Wake up to reality – their diets are healthier, they have common wisdom and
intelligence which doesn’t necessarily come with a college diploma.

Remember when the “invaders” brought “diseases into the country” and made
the native American ill? You should.


Are we talking illegal or legal immigrants here? I really doubt it illegal immigrants get health insurance and/or pay taxes.


Several studies have shown that immigrants, even from Africa, are better educated than the average American in that they have higher level degrees. In addition, they are much more likely to be vaccinated against communicable diseases than Americans are. So if we are deporting the undesirables, it would be American citizens being deported, not immigrants.

Also, the right wing has long been parasitic on other people’s work. Immigrants, both documented and undocumented, are paying a lot more to the tune of several billion dollars a year into SS and Medicare than they will ever get out. In a just world every deportee would be given the money that they paid into those programs when deported, but the right wing (remember who supports the red states) basically live off of other people’s work. They aren’t about to let powerless people get the benefits from their work.


If illegal immigrants are working in occupations where they are on a payroll (construction, restaurant, landscaping, agriculture, …), then they have taxes withheld from their pay. And since they aren’t documented, they get none of it back. In addition in states like TX with no income tax, all undocumented immigrants, on or off a payroll, are paying sales tax just as much as anyone else, so they should get the same benefits as anyone else. They even are paying property taxes either directly on property they buy or indirectly through rents.


And all that happens because they have social security numbers and a bank account they get paid thru. Their employers also provide affordable healthcare and each and everyone of them purchases that insurance.

BTW. in Texas illegals get to pay in state tuition at colleges. Good luck if you are a US citizen and just moved to Texas. You’ll be paying full price.

Hook’em horns.