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#Dec19 Protests Target Electoral College to Block Trump


#Dec19 Protests Target Electoral College to Block Trump

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

Protesters are expected at state capitols across the country on Monday where the 538 members of the Electoral College are gathering to ultimately decide who will take up residence at the White House.


These electors need to understand the details as well as the gravity of our situation. They need to cast their ballots for Hillary Clinton. A simple majority when one candidate has 270 or more electoral votes, is all the constitution requires. If the faithless electors vote for Kasich, or whomever else, and Trump is still in the lead; even if he is below 270 votes; or nobody gets 270 or more votes, than this whole mess goes to the House of representatives (sic).
So they gotta hold their nose for our country and vote Clinton


A better solution would be for the Clinton delegates to vote for Bernie Sanders. Then the House would have a real choice for a decent President. The House choosing between Trump, Clinton, and Sanders would be a no brainer.
Never gonna happen of course.


Minnesota elector refuses to back Clinton

A Democratic elector in Minnesota has become the first "faithless elector" of Monday's nationwide Electoral College vote after refusing to vote for Hillary Clinton.

Muhammad Abdurrahman, a former Bernie Sanders delegate to the Democratic National Convention, attempted to vote for a presidential ticket of Sanders — an Independent senator from Vermont — and Rep. Tulsi Gabbard (D-Hawaii), according to The Associated Press's Kyle Potter.

Abdurrahman's vote was declared invalid and an alternate elector was appointed, allowing the state to go ahead and deliver its 10 electoral votes for Hillary Clinton.


Congratulations Faith Spotted Eagle for receiving one electoral vote in Washington.


Jeebus H Christ, if someone is going to go to all the trouble to type this article then please, for Goddess' sake, proofread the damned thing and correct the myriad mistakes!
1. as a last-ditch effort [TO] block the real estate mogul from becoming commander-in-chief.
2. exercise their ability [TO] vote for Clinton, even if that means going against [THE] "faithless," or [against] their state's own vote.
3. A Change.org petition to all electors calling on them ...
4. In the post on his Facebook page, he writes that if they are in the five states that would target such "faithlessness" with [it] a fine, he'll pay it:
5. I will personally step up [and] pay your fine which is my legal right to do.


The Electoral College system goes back to the late 1700s, with some changes since then. There have been a number of major efforts to end it. I was first old enough to understand the calls for ending the Electoral College process back when I was a school kid, some 50 years ago...

There is no (good) logical reason to maintain the Electoral College system today. The only way we can end it is via those legislators who benefit from keeping things as they are.


From CNN, this evening: "Donald Trump surpassed the necessary 270 votes in the Electoral College on Monday, taking the next step in the official process to become President.
Trump received 304 electoral votes to Hillary Clinton's 227. Seven "faithless" electors voted for other candidates, costing Trump two votes and Clinton four. Hawaii's votes -- three for Clinton and one breaking from the state's results and supporting Bernie Sanders -- were the last to be counted. "


No, today's Americans don't support the New Deal ideology or agenda. To explain: What came to be called AFDC was actually first included in FDR's Social Security Act (pt. of the New Deal), separated years later to focus on the specific needs of young families in poverty. We got rid of that, throwing the poor off the cliff, back during the Clinton administration. Public response?

Social Security itself provides retirement, disability, and survivors' benefits. The Clinton administration took the first steps to similarly "reform" Social Security, targeting the disabled. This was met with a public reaction of flat indifference. Dems in Congress kicked off 2015 with virtually ending food stamps to the elderly poor and the disabled (cut from $115 per month, down to $10). Now add in all the other aspect of the New Deal that have been reversed or reformed away. The public response shows that Social Security is ready to go down.


The electoral college as well is an archaic system. Sure maybe it was designed with good intentions but now it is used primarily to entrench the oligarchy and deny the will of the people. You are right though, the U.S. isn't a democracy, and this whole election cycle proved it.


The last main chance to avert a Trump presidency has passed. People were hoping that the Electoral College voters would deny the expectation, that they would go off message. But they have decided to go ahead and certify that Donald J. Trump will be sworn in and will assume the presidency a month from today. Once that happens all old bets are off. A new kind of government will hold the reins and will steer the runaway stagecoach that is the present day U.S.A. as well as possible down this bumpy rutted new highway to hell. Will it crash and burn killing all aboard, or will it careen ahead barely dodging most obstacles and giving all aboard a scary death defying heart failure inducing ride combined with a hope that things will smooth out somehow up ahead?

There will be an intense desire to blame and punish somebody for getting us all into this mad mess. But the ride will not be any smoother if we are all in a state of panicky rage, hitting each other and screaming out hate filled curses. It must be kept in mind as much as is possible that no one is in the driver's seat, nobody is in control at least as of right now. Anyone who claims to be is dangerously delusional. Anyone who says that if they are given the reins they can guide everybody through this trail of tribulation is either lying in an effort to acquire power, or is crazy, or both.

The only remotely sane thing to do is to try as best we can to slow things down and try to figure out how best to work together and see how the damage can be best minimized, to see how much survival will be possible.